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PETA’s Top Five Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Written by PETA | April 14, 2009
silverbearcafe / CC

Digging through tax records, deciphering difficult directions, and struggling with simple math totally sucks. What doesn’t suck? The tax refund that results from this headache. Whether your tax refund is already in the bank or somewhere in the mail, here are some cool and cruelty-free things to do with that extra coin:

  1. Take the tribe on a trip. Nothing says “Thanks for being such an awesome deduction” like taking your dependents (er, kids) on a little family vacation. Getting great rates on hotels, cruises, and travel packages is as easy as joining the PETA Member Advantage Program. Plan your animal-friendly vacation by clicking here.
  2. Buy a house. A doghouse, that is. Think the housing market is bad? Try being an outdoor dog. Every year, PETA builds and delivers hundreds of sturdy doghouses filled with straw for dogs whose guardians won’t let them inside. Help us help dogs by sponsoring one of these doghouses. And don’t worry—we’re all about fixed dogs, not fixed rates …
  3. Purge and splurge. Are there products that blind bunnies in your cabinets—or skeletons in your closet? Make over your make-up bag with cruelty-free cosmetics and personal-care products. Lose the gruesome garb (leather, wool, and fur) and stock-up on stylin’ synthetics instead. While you’re at it, get rid of those stirrup pants and that tired “U Can’t Touch This” T-shirt. They may not be cruel to animals, but they are cruel to anyone who has to see you in them.
  4. Plan a little R&R (romantic romp) at a B&B. Looking for something more stimulating to do with your refund or stimulus check? We’ve got you covered. From Victorian mansions to cozy cabins and oh-so-unique yurts (you haven’t lived until you’ve loved in a yurt), you’ll find your perfect getaway on our list of vegetarian-friendly bed and breakfasts.
  5. Earn your wings (and a tax deduction for next year). Resist the urge to blow your money on a butterfly tramp stamp. Help real animals instead! Donate to PETA today.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

PS If you didn’t get a tax refund, don’t worry—hugs (and copies of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit“) are still free …

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  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Thanks for the suggestions but I am not getting a refund this year. Mine is going to pay off an Unemployment Department overpayment. It was due to a mistake they made that I was unaware of but I have to pay them back anyway which is only fair.

  • Maria says:

    I know what I’m doing with my refund. Going to and going on an online shopping spree! YAY for tax refunds!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    1 Stay veganvegetarian 2 Respect all God’s creatures. 3 Avoid fur and leather. 4 Support animal shelters. 5 Support animal rights organizations.