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PETA’s Top 10 Funniest Videos

Written by PETA | July 10, 2009
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Laughing lion

Inspired by the recent release of Carol Leifer’s vegetarian testimonials, here are the 10 most knee-slapping, gut-busting, laugh-til-you-cry PSAs that PETA has to offer:

  1. Musician Kevin Eubanks—former World’s Sexiest Vegetarian—is as sweet as strawberries.
  2. The king of improv, Fred Willard, struggles to name our spay-and-neuter campaign.
  3. Jewish, lesbian, or vegan? Comedic genius Carol Leifer is all three. Watch her gush about the pluses of a vegetarian diet.
  4. Legendary tennis champ John McEnroe shows his awesome sense of humor—and the importance of spaying and neutering.
  5. See “Brad Pitt” star in funnyman Kevin Nealon’s veggie testimonial.
  6. Our scorching veggie vixens have a fetish for broccoli in “Veggie Love.” Are you laughing or just blushing?
  7. A zucchini gets an “X” rating? It’s hard to believe—until you see our “Sexy Sausage” ad.
  8. Phew! See what really stinks in PETA’s “Litterbox” ad.
  9. Sex and the City’s saucy Samantha Jones, played by Kim Catrall, seems like a meek kitten compared to the stars of “Sex and the Kitty.”
  10. Our “Milk Gone Wild” ad was nixed from the lineup of Super Bowl ads. I suspect network executives didn’t want breast-fixated male viewers to stress about their own milk-induced “doobs” (that’s short for “dude boobs”).

I admit that the order of this list was subjective, so why don’t you leave a comment to tell us which PETA PSA you think is the funniest?

Written by Karin Bennett

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