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PETA’s State of the Union Undress

Written by PETA | January 22, 2007

At PETA, we’ve always subscribed to the notion that if you have something really important to say that not everyone wants to hear, you just have to persevere until your message is heard. If that doesn’t work—which, honestly, it often just doesn’t—you take all your clothes off. And, just in time for this year’s State of the Union Address, that’s exactly what one brave PETA member has done. We’re calling it PETA’s State of the Union Undress, and we’re hoping very, very, very much that President Bush doesn’t do the same thing at the actual State of the Union on Tuesday. Check it out:

PETA's State of the Union Undress copy.jpg

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  • Scarlet says:

    I believe in femminism. Considering I am a woman of course. So in this case if they are so dedicated to animal rights they want to get naked for them then well that’s their choice and right. Peta Does have men get naked too sometimes. Let’s remember the president of Peta is also a women.

  • ben says:

    she got her point across to me…

  • Angelle says:

    PETA should stop treating women as inferior to men. PETA ads in general portray women very differently from the way they portray men. Women are shown nudescantily clad much more often than men. Women are portrayed sexually much more often than men. Women are portrayed as nonhuman animals much more often than men. Since PETA defines women more for their bodies sex appeal and similarity to nonhuman animals and defines men more for higher qualities such as intellect and morality PETA is guilty of hate speech by portraying woman as inferior to men. I urge you to write to PETA at to say you want PETA to treat women as equal to men by portraying women and men in equal numbers nude sexualized and as animals.

  • Jay says:

    I know that a lot of people are going to find this controversial but even if you don’t agree with it it is incredibly brave to do what she is doing to help animals. Sadly a lot of people won’t pay attention to stuff like meat your meat but will take the time to watch this. You go girl!

  • Tony says:

    I can’t wait for the real State of the Union speech to see how it compares!

  • Arthur Berkhardt says:

    jaw drops to floor nicely done

  • thepangolin says:

    ok. I support the naked campaigns. Everything from “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” to “KFC Tortures Chicks” to “Whips and Chains…”. I even liked Milk Gone Wild. but the “State of Undress” is ridiculous. perhaps the brilliance of this video is lost on me but I just dont get it. And tacking on “Free Me” at the end does not an outreach piece make. Actually even the new “Naked Truth” demos are a stretch. how long before a “Naked Truth Dont Declaw Your Cat” demo? but at least these are actual demos on the street in which media comes and the girls talk to people about whatever the topic is and hand out literature. i dunno. maybe i’m too old…

  • Tracy says:

    While I agree with at least 90 of Peta’s beliefs and I support and am grateful for Peta the way in which women attractive young women are used to attract media attention bothers me.

  • K says:

    HAHA at last comment which I wholeheartedly agree You Go!