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PETA’s Road Warriors

Written by PETA | November 24, 2008

Our fearless campaigners have been hard at work exposing cruelty to animals—and sometimes quite a bit of themselves—all across the country!

A Lowe’s in San Diego received a visit from a bikini-clad “mouse,” who lay in front of the store on her own glue trap. In case you didn’t know, Lowe’s still sells hideously cruel glue traps— the kind in which animals can suffer for days before succumbing to starvation, dehydration, suffocation, and shock.


San Diego glue trap demo.JPG


Meanwhile, PETA demonstrators have been visiting cities in Iowa and Nebraska to show the eating populace exactly what factory farming means for animals with these eye-catching gestation crate sculptures. It’s hard to buy ham and Spam when you are crying!


Waterloo, IA 017.JPG


Finally, our “tiger” visited some cities in the southeastern U.S., where she sat in a cage to demonstrate the cruelty of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Shreveporters were especially interested to see our tiger, because the last time PETA came to their town, the demonstrators were dragged off by the police! This time, law enforcement officials behaved themselves. Our tiger also captured a lot of attention in Little Rock!




And, while we’re on the subject of Ringling Bros.—we heard that Hansons Windows, a home repair company in Michigan, was offering free circus tickets. No, that’s not the great news—the great news is this: When we wrote to the folks at Hansons Windows and explained to them how animals in Ringling circuses are beaten, forced to perform tricks, and kept in chains or tiny cages for most of their lives, the president of Hansons ended the promotion!

Kudos to Hansons Windows for making the compassionate choice—and kudos to our campaigners for the great demos!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Blu says:

    Belle you are right to a certain degree. Some people either don’t care about a mouse dying horribly or would never think of the idea that a trap could cause so much pain and suffering. At least maybe some idiot might be like “BOOBIES!” and wander over and one of the girls can talk to him and make him informed. THAT’S what those demonstrations are good for. As for other ideas PETA implements tons of billboards roadsides large protest groups and so much more fully clothed. Aside from fullbodied mascot costumes which can cost thousands of dollars a piece I think PETA is just trying to get as much attention for the smallest amount of donation dollars that they can. To those of us that already pay attention and see it everyday it is tiresome I agree fully on that one. To someone who’s never seen it before it’s one of the best attentiongetters there are. And ANY publicity is good publicity… I think?

  • Belle says:

    Blu I see where you’re coming from and I personally don’t condone glue traps terrible things they are but isn’t animal abuse a huge attention seeker itself? Nudity is irrevelent in many ways it can be only used for shock. I think that animal suffering is shocking enough and will turn my head if I see it. I wouldn’t even care to see a naked woman on the ground of I saw a sign that depicted abuse. Then again nudity is good for attention and maybe useful for relevent campaigns like fur but it is SO tiring when it is used over and over for campaign after campaign after campaign. I see enough nudity in the mass media I don’t need to see it for charity as well. I’m sure if Peta representatives sat down for another 10 minutes they could think of a better ad maybe a less controverial one too the Tim Mclean ad is the perfect example. Controversy breeds contempt and contempt breeds distrust and anger. And angry people won’t support your cause no?

  • Blu says:

    Sad thing is if mice DID wear bras and panties I bet EVERYONE would use humane traps When I was a bit younger I used to think PETA used scantily clad girls just to get people’s attention. I now find myself knowing that is EXACTLY why they do it… I don’t care HOW we get attention to these subjects as long as PETA is turning people’s attention to these atrocities towards our animal friends. Also props to Hansons for making the right decision after being well informed.

  • David says:

    As for Hansons Windows Thank you for having the integrity to discontinue the Ringling Brothers promotion! I hope you receive many new clients and lots of business as a result. As for PETA campaignerslook closely one and all! Here are some of the finest examples of compassion and intelligence that you can ever hope to find!

  • Belle says:

    Hey wait a minute mice don’t wear bras and panties!