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PETA’s Response to Gore’s Nobel Prize Win

Written by PETA | October 12, 2007

Photo Credit: Star Max Inc.

Congratulations to Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to spread awareness of the global warming crisis. The award was announced just this morning, and PETA Prez, Ingrid Newkirk, immediately sent a letter to Gore offering congratulations on his great accomplishment, but also asking Gore to do more. Gore is Chairman of the Board for the Alliance for Climate Protection, where he will be donating half of the $1.5 million prize money. They have created a 7-point pledge that offers a list of steps people can take to help reduce their negative impact on the Earth. We would like for Gore and the Alliance to add an 8th point—to go vegetarian.If you’re a regular reader of this blog you already know that going vegetarian is the best thing one can do for the environment. According to the U.N. itself, Gore’s partner in winning the Peace Prize, raising animals for food generates almost 40 percent more greenhouse gases than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined.Follow Ingrid’s lead and send a letter of your own to Gore, c/o the Alliance for Climate Protection, and ask him to add this essential 8th point to the pledge. Write to Gore now!

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  • carolbrigid says:

    I am very proud of Al Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He has done so much to teach others about global warming. But it is entirely Mr. Gore’s decision not ours to decide what to eat. I don’t eat red meat but I am not a vegetarian. It’s my decision to make not everyone elses. Maybe one day I will decide not to eat any meat but that’s my own decision. Please let Mr. Gore be recognized for what he has done so far in such a great way and perhaps one day he will become a vegetarian.

  • Zonah says:

    Gore is an idiot. He has “people” who write his book research his material and get it together. Big Deal. His biggest tip is to change lightbulbs to more efficient. duhhhh like we didn’t know this. He is a hypocrite and enjoys his meat. Look at him. What a shister just like the rest of the “public servants”….servants ha. They care nothing for animals so quit handling him with such a soft touch. He is out of touch with whats going on and needs to be informed!

  • Javier says:

    Hi Im from Argentina South America. I think that this veg life shouldnt become something radical for ages humans have been eating animals and using fur as coat. Because they were hungry and cold. I think in time well all learn that animals have feelings but for example a lot of people that works in meat business they dont have any other job. For example I eat meat really often and I love my dog I wouldt kill my dog unless I was starving but I think that this takes time and we cannot obligate people to go veg its somethins that each person will learn in time… or never. But lets not turn this in a matter of life and death something that could put people agains each other. I prefer loving people more than animals because a dog cant be my wife my father my brother my son if i was left only with my dog i would say… im alone! I how many ways I can love my dog? The thing is that “people” are dying around the world in so many ways… for example in my country young and poor kids dies by smoking something calles “paco” a drug made with cocaine trash and we cannot do anything about it. First we must save ourselves and then maybe save animals. Besides many times this veg thing sounds like fashion I think that I will keep eating meat until I find in myself the true of all this. Have a good day love and peace for everybody

  • Carmen says:

    I was vegetarian for 2 years and just recently went vegan because i’ve done my research and seen its not only better for me but for everyone. Now if everyone else would just try that instead of making excuses for stuffing their faces with meat and ruining the planet maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. Ha anyway congrats to Gore and he needs to go vegan… or at least vegetarian if he really wants to do something good for the enviorment. To the people making stupid comments on here Go f yourself. Carmen.

  • miro says:

    HUMANS EVOLVED FROM APES THAT WERE HERBIVORES!!! Our digestive system is 98 the same as them. We DO NOT have meat eating teeth. It is totally unnatural that humans eat meat. Note that the populations with the highest cancer rates are those that eat meat! Beyond that. It’s bad for the environment because of the completely UNNATURAL amount of cows that are excessively produced because we plan to eat them and that is what is causing global warming! Can anyone see how incredibly logical it is to be a vegetarian?? We are killing animals and killing ourselves at the same time. However most of the world is vegetarian. I’m only speaking to the “western dieters” who think the whole world eats meat so uneducated.

  • Dana says:

    Ariel I have not been on in few days and deeply thank you for your nice comments. I see more on a daily bases that compassionate people are few and far between especially when it comes to animals. Most people I encounter still do not understand why we as people should not use animals to benefit our taste buds or entertainment. I really get upset with people who insist that they love their animals be it dogs cats horses or any small animal but do not find one thing wrong with eating and torture of cows pigs or chickens. How can you look at your own animals and the thought of eating them never cross your mind but continue to make other animals flesh a part of your daily meals? I also still can not believe that even though there are now more vegetariansvegans than any other time in history people still lack any knowledge of the lifestyles and lash out at us just because they dont understand us. I honestly believe that one day the world will be forced to eat a vegetarian lifestyle regardless of if they want to or not this will have nothing to do with the existing vegetarians or vegans it will have to do with meat being a luxury item like it is in so many other countries. I come on the peta website to join other people who care for the well being of all animals because that is what this website is suppose to be all about. Unfortunately people who share extreme lack of compassion for animals find there way here as well only to name call and show hate. I have no problem with a meat eater coming here with an open mind willing to learn something they never knew before for in fact that is vegetariansvegans main goal to show people why we are who we are and give them the opportunity to learn instead of judging us with very little knowledge of what we all stand for. I am glad however to know that there are a few good people in this world that post on this forum it shows me that there is hope that one day compassion and values may again become the main part of society again. For anyone reading this that is considering ditching meat on their plates I know sometimes the facts get a little overwhelming and sometimes you just need to see examples. I did not become a vegetarian for any health benefits I did so because of extreme compassion toward animals only after my husband and I stop eating meat did I see the health benefits staring us right in the face. My husband has been overweight for many years now we have tried all the diets you can ever imagine nothing has worked as quickly and easily as dropping all meat most dairy. He will soon be back to the size he was 10 years ago!! I have never slept as well as I do now…as odd is it may sound my husband actually has dreams again…IBS was a problem for my husband that is not even an issue anymore. My husband is on 2 types of blood pressure meds never once before becoming a vegetarian did we ever check his blood pressure and it be PERFECT…now it is perfect each time it is checked and the doctor has said if this keeps up for a few more months he will drop the blood pressure meds….this will safe us more money than we will know what do with even with insurance. To me results speak volumes!!! I as well will say thanks to everyone on here who stands behind their beliefs and is not afraid to show it!!!!

  • Kim says:

    Anyone who comes on here and critizes vegans needs to think about how they would feel if they were a calf who is taken off their mother from day one and put in a crate where it cant turn around for sixteen weeks. If you critize vegans whatever you do dont call yourself a nice person call yourself a nice person to other humans but not to the enviroment or animals.

  • David says:

    When one of you folks at PETA receives a Nobel Prize then send me email so I can dump on you too just like the Republicans and now PETA For God’s sake is doing! Get a life dudes. Gore did his bit now you do YOURS. Make a difference instead of making fools of yourselves and the rest of us.

  • halo snipe says:

    Ariel THIS STORY HAS NOTHING TO WITH ANIMAL RIGHTS ! A blog site IS a place for debate. Us anti’s are just as sane If not more as you bunch of human hating tree hugging softies. Your campaigns for the banning of meat and other traditions has hate and BS in it too. Shrugs It’s hypocrites like you that are promoting such a dangerous world With your ALF terrorist buddies over there. Plus I AM immune to religion.

  • jeet says:

    hi its better to veg then killing animals and eating . go veg and the earth abetter place to live

  • salty says:

    She sent a letter to gore because she wants the money to build a bigger headquarters. hahahaha You people that believe this organization is out to get freedom for animals are completely ignorant to the fact that this is an organization playing on peoples emotions towards animals to gain money for themselves. Next thing you know there will be an organization for the ethical treatment of apple trees because we use fertilizers to promote more growth. I don’t really know if they do use fertilizers to do that. But that is controlling the environment that they grow in. I believe trees are living things. Ah and one step closer to a dinner that consists of pills.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars The quote you posted was NOT written by me. In other news you said “thanks for proving my point that in todays world animals are impacted and controlled by humans.” Agreed. “Yep global warming is a fact. A fact that it has been going on for a few millenia and long long before humans where into factory farming.” A millennium is a 1000 years so “a few millennia” is at least 2000 years. What about the Little Ice Age of 15001700? Factory farming contributes to global warming but it is not of course the sole cause.

  • phisou says:

    some people just see the bacon. others can see the suffering of the living creature which produced it. a question of conscience probably… yes everybody is free. of course. including pigs… what some of you call “lobyists” are just conscious people who try and act before it’s too late whether we’re talking about climate change humanity or animal cruelty.

  • noah says:

    most of the “debate” going on here seems filled with great anger from both sides. i understand feeling hurt and upset that others dont share your view on this issue or any other for that matter. but i must say shoving opinions down others throats will never work especially when coupled with snide personal comments that fat comment was just plain mean. everyone can justify their actions. everyone. the stock you put in morals ethics biology etc with always be slanted in the direction of your opinions. its just the way humans seem to function. advocating for a cause is admirable but the dogmatic slant surrounding these debates perplexes me. and as far as al gore is concerned stating that because he flies in planes or uses electricty negates the great strides he has made for evironmental awareness is just plain ludicris. if someone knocked on your door to examine how environmentally concious your actions were i am sure there would be a few issues to bring up. lighten up and fight the peaceful fight. loving animals and hating humans doesnt make sense. p.s i was a vegan for eight years and now dable in organic and biodynamic dairy. so sue me.

  • Michele says:

    Lions tigers bears wolves cougars etc are not the ones who are destroying the earth and its inhabitants. Humans are the ones who are destroying the earth with their greed and gluttony. Lions tigers bears wolves cougars etc are not capable of fixing this messedup world. Humans are the only ones who are capable of fixing the mess but this will not happen as long as people continue to be ignorant and arrogant. Fortunately most youths are not psychopathic snipers and are capable of recognizing what changes are needed before this earth is completely destroyed. Imagine dinosaurs managed to live for hundreds of millions of years and the only reason they are extinct is because of something completely out of their control. Fish have been around for more than 500 million years and birds have been here for more than 100 million years. Humans have only managed to be around for a couple of million years and just look at how much damage we have done in that relatively short time. Pathetic! And humans think that they are a superior species?

  • john pickering says:

    fuck this propaganda. if we used the methane produced from pigs as energy we could power entire states off of only a few farms. so what if you want to be a vegetarian just don’t push this bullshit onto other people. people aren’t cruel if they eat a burger and they aren’t less healthy they’re just being humans. humans by the way are omnivores which means they eat both meat and vegetables hence the canine teeth. i’m all for animal rights and protecting abused animals but this left wing propaganda offends me as much as anne coulter does and as far as i’m concerned peta is just as ridiculous and just as ignorant as anne coulter.

  • April says:


  • rojo says:

    Dana E coli is not exclusive to meat. With 153 cases of variant CJD worldwidefrom eating infected meat of which 143 were in the UK I would say your worry should be incredibly small. Just be careful crossing the street. Now that animal by products are no longer permitted in the cattle food chain the incidence will be much lower still.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars The quote you posted was NOT written by me. In other news you said “thanks for proving my point that in todays world animals are impacted and controlled by humans.” Agreed. “Yep global warming is a fact. A fact that it has been going on for a few millenia and long long before humans where into factory farming.” A millennium is a 1000 years so “a few millennia” is at least 2000 years. What about the Little Ice Age of 15001700? Factory farming contributes to global warming but it is not of course the sole cause.

  • Ariel says:

    Mars needs to start hisher own ws that would be appropriately called hatefilledignorant Then heshe could be the head writer and main contributor on hisher blog site called venom files. Heshe could have “educational” topic headings like 1. how to spew out hatred 2. how to be the most ignorant thing alive 3. how to be obnoxious ad nauseum Heshe could also occasionally have hisher followers cast votes on which blogger says the most stupid things and which blogger expresses the most hate and which blogger comes closest to being like the allencompassing venomous Mars. LOL

  • Filipe says:

    I just can’t believe that there are people that still use stupid arguments such as “lions do eat meat” “what about our canines?” “the bible says we have the right to exploit animals”. First the same people comparing them to lions when defending the consumption of meat are always the first to say that humans are “much better” than nonhumans. Sounds a bit contradictory. Second the fact that we have canine teeth or that we are used to eat meat blablablah does not prevent us from using our brains learn that we do not need meat and choose not to eat death. Third the Bible is accepted by some and have many interpretations. I personally don’t believe in the bible or religion. By the way many muslims believe that it is written in the Koran that they have to kill those who are not muslims. There are many ways to interprete. What I find must disturbing is to see how people learn and know that we don’t have to kill and eat nonhumans to live but are always looking for some stupid argument to keep doing so. Arguments to defend animal exploitation will be always selfish nonsense. This is absolutelly one response to questions like “why there’s so much violence hate and suffering in this World?” By the way you PETA supporters should be reading more Gary Francione. “The animal rights organization” come on “The animal walfare organization” fits better. RayO you’re so fking disturbed…

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Thomas I think the canines in primates are used more for a defense mechanism. Jessica the Hippo in another blog has monstrous canines and she’s a vegetarian. Canine teeth don’t always equate to a carnivorous diet. Besides a common house cat would laugh at our puny canines.

  • Mars says:

    ” Carnivorous animals have not created poisonspewing factories” You mean those poison spewing factories that use chemicals to make fake fur and or the ones that make and package vegetables? Mike Q thanks for proving my point that in todays world animals are impacted and controlled by humans.Yep global warming is a fact. A fact that it has been going on for a few millenia and long long before humans where into factory farming.

  • Ariel says:

    I would like to give a great BIG “THANK YOU” to Dana Michele Mike Q. the ar’s activists with whom I am more familiar THANK YOU for your exceptionally welleducated comments! I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from them! With so much insane offthe wall hatefilled nonsensical comments from the anti’s which I only skim over I SINCERELY appreciate your REALITY and HONESTY on this forum. I don’t consider this forum to be a “debate” forum because I don’t believe that the rights of animals is a debatable issue. So I consider it an educational forum which is more productive and positive and it enhances our very deep irreversible convictions for the animals. And I also SINCERELY thank you for being such compassionate selfless people for the animals. Reading comments from people like you who have those virtues and attributes is a rare pleasure in this vicious world. THANK YOU!

  • Mars says:

    I’m curious since you say humans are not designed to eat meat because of some differing physical traits. Then how do you explain the Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant that also eat meat since they to lack what you think is the physical traits of a carnivore?

  • Ariel says:

    I haven’t seen any woolly mammoths as is but I have seen elephants that evolved from them. And so have other animals evolved into different appearances that we only recognize today as is.

  • halo snipe says:

    Michele You didn’t have to unwisely become vegetarian Or soft as how I like to call it!. Heard of the rural area where there are organic and “toture” free farms. I guess city slickers don’t know. I thought blogs were for debate but according to you blogs are for idiots to say how they like or support something which is pointless! Save the animals huh? When you free them we won’t be around to save them from the wolves. It is possible to have tradition without abuseSCIENCE!!! not ethics!

  • just me says:

    Hi everyone I personally am happy that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a step in the right direction because it gets people talking. My only main qualm with PETA and some of the more vocal members is this “all or nothing” attitude. I mean try telling a Texan they’re a murderer because they BBQ… but for many people this is tradition and they don’t even realize what they are doing. It’s not fair to just be mean without considering that this has been a way of life for generations. With that said way of life can be wrong. What about appealing to the middle ground? What if there as a campaign to go meatless one day a week… it’s something that people may not be terrified of they’ll feel like they are helping and they are and who knows… maybe it’ll be the catalyst to get them to do more. The US has done it in the past with Meatless Mondays I think it was Mondays for the war effort. People grew victory gardens and really pitched in. I believe America can rally behind a cause but they won’t if we have horrible PR. You catch more flies with agave nectar

  • christina says:

    RayO Please do not try to label me. It does nothing to further your arguement. If you would take the time to read my post more carefully as well as the other 2 posts I’ve written on this blog topic you might be able to get a more clear view of where I am coming from. Yes being torn apart by a lion must be terrible I have the entire Planet Earth collection which is way better than Animal Planet by the way. But these animals have a chance to live their lives naturally and their death comes in a natural way. Living in a tiny box being abused your entire life is not natural. I wouldn’t even say these animals really have a life. You seem to love bringing up lions in all of your arguements but it really does nothing to demonstrate what you are trying to say. Lions are not humans. Lions do not live like humans. Lions do not have the same effect on this planet as humans do. Lions do not treat their surroundings the same way that humans do.

  • Thomas says:

    The middle ground is being underplayed here. I am an athlete who can directly feel the quality of fuel I’ve consumed. I eat vegetables soy beef and most anything that crosses my path. Meat burns best. Balance is vital my veg. friends as careful as they are with their diet run out of fuel too easily. An accupuncturist here has read that only one blood type can effectively operate as a vegetarian without supplements. Providing for gluttony is our real problem. Not burning our last meal to obtain the next one seems to be the evolutionary flaw we are experiencing now. Evolutionary balance is the destruction of our atmosphere that will decrease the number of gluttonous animals currently using the planet. Even primates kill and eat meat occasionally that is why they like us have canine teeth.

  • Chatham says:

    We are products of nature. Therefore everything we do is necessarily natural. To claim that anything we do is unnatural is senseless even if it is counterproductive or destructive.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher The incidence of subsequent pasturella multocida infection from cat bites and the actual number of cases are two different things. Unless we start autopsying every dementia patient we’ll never have totally accurate figures. “Prion disease expert Gajdusek for example estimates that 1 of people showing up in Alzheimer clinics actually have CJD. At Yale out of a series of 46 patients clinically diagnosed with Alzheimer’s six were proven to have CJD at autopsy. In another study of brain biopsies out of a dozen patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s according to established criteria three of them were actually dying from CJD. An informal survey of neuropathologists registered a suspicion that CJD accounts for 212 of all dementias in general. Two autopsy studies showed a CJD rate among dementia deaths of about 3. A third study at the University of Pennsylvania showed that 5 of patients diagnosed with dementia had CJD. Although only a few hundred cases of sporadic CJD are officially reported in the U.S. annually hundreds of thousands of Americans die with dementia every year. Thousands of these deaths may actually be from CJD caused by eating infected meat.”

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars Here’s a statement from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources aka The World Conservation Union who have released the 2007 Red List of Threatened Species. The IUCN is considered to provide the world’s most authoritative assessment of the status of the Earth’s plants and animals. “People either directly or indirectly are the main reason for most species decline. Habitat destruction and degradation continues to be the main cause of species decline along with the all too familiar threats of introduced invasive species unsustainable harvesting overhunting pollution and disease. Climate change is increasingly recognized as a serious threat which can magnify these dangers.”

  • jess says:

    you people oh no! i’m politically incorrect! are completely and utterly ridiculous. being vegetarian or vegan or tree hugging is fine and all but that’s your deal. like the world really needs another lobbyist group especially one composed of animal loving waytooliberal antifur fanatics to dictate what’s “good” for us. wake up and smell the bacon frying downstairs already.

  • tom bombadil says:

    our cocky seems to have soon something in his bag the peta organization cocky baggins!!!

  • Dana says:

    Cochran I know you are part of the American public that thinks that we run with every little bit of information we obtain to make people stop eating meat. The truth in this is at one point the USDA tried to convince people that their was NO mad cow cases at all in the US….but the fact is there are cases of it does not matter how small the cases are it matters that it is in fact in the US..the USDA has worked hard to make sure that people continue to eat meat by saying meat is absolutely safe to eat Is this not the same department that said years ago that Mad Cow could not even cross over into humans? Is this not the same department that recently said on an interview that pretty much we are on top of things because we issued a recall of 20 million pounds of ground beef….hmm if you were on top of things the meat would have never gone to market and cases of E Coli would have never results to cause a recall….The USDA may have good intentions but when the meat industry that makes billions off of the sale of meat controls the market the outcome is not good when it comes to food safety. The meat industry has went as far as to say that vegetarians are hoping and praying for an outbreak of mad cows disease and that you should look out for animal activist groups that use diseases to support their cause….well let me tell you this now I am not hoping for an outbreak of mad cows disease because for one most of the members of my family would be subject to it. I also dont think that saying oh there are only a few cases so we should not worry is a cop out why is this country all about not worrying about a problem until it is way out of control and no one can fix it. I guess most of you meat eaters think that we made up E coli and the mothers that have lost their children to it are just as lame and crazy as we are??? Why do people look for anything to justify their bad eating habits? There is no safe meat anymore!!! So maybe you will not come in contact with mad cows disease or if you are lucky you will escape a child or older loved one dying of E Coli.. And if so I am glad not hoping and praying that you do…see vegetarians are very compassionate people they care about animals humans the environment..we do not wish bad things upon people because they eat meat…I only want people to realize that the meat and dairy industry is made up of lies upon lies…I want their to be the same warning labels on meat as cigarettes and if people decide to still eat meat or consume dairy I think it is their right to do so it is their bodies….but I think they should all know the truth…I think mothers need to know that some baby foods contain ground up maggots..that chicken is no better than red meat in fact when you look at it its worse. I want people to know that Cows are not meant to be grain eaters cannibals or milk machines…I want people to know that there is a little bit of puss and blood in every glass of milk. I want people to know that humans are causing unnatural things to take place in animals because they are no longer animals they are money machines!! I want the Happy Cows come from California ads removed from TV because they are misleading people..the same goes for the milk does a body good commercials. Would I like to see a world full of vegetarians yes of course I would but I dont ask that it be mandatory I just ask that people know the truth about what goes on and then make the choice of to consume or not based off of the knowledge of what is really going on. I want people such as Al Gore to put their money where their mouth is!!!! I want people to really think about meat and look at it when they purchase it in the grocery store then think to themselves would I eat this raw? Could I feel safe eating this raw? Should I have to run around washing my hands every 5 seconds after touching meat or washing my counter ever time I have meat on it so my I or my family do not get sick? Should I see something wrong with consuming something that I have to quarantine my kitchen after bringing in to it and then cook until its almost burned for it to be safe? Should I worry that mad cows disease is out there and the reality is there is no amount of cooking at high temps that will kill it? There is not amount of cleaning or disinfectant that will kill it….. America is the home of the free….I think you should be given the whole truth and not be tricked by dirty business practices into thinking that things that are in fact bad for you are good and safe!! You should be free make choices based on facts…The following article describes just how far the meat industry will go…. New “agricultural product disparagement laws” however are being placed on the books precisely for the purpose of “abridging freedom of speech.” The new laws give the food industry unprecedented powers to sue people who criticize their products using standards of evidence which dramatically shift the “burden of proof” in favor of the industry. “In them American agribusiness has its mightiest tool yet against foodsafety activists and environmentalists whose campaigns can cost industry millions if they affect consumers’ buying habits”

  • Michele says:

    Well Mars has managed to argue himself in a circle! Mike Q. had originally been responding to someone claiming that hunters are the ones who have managed to preserve numerous animal species and Mike was basically pointing out the flaws of that statement by questioning how animals could therefore have managed to live on this earth long before humans ever arrived like MILLIONS of years if what the hunter said was true. Mars then responded by saying that most animals did relatively well but then manages to help Mike to prove his point inadvertently I’m sure by saying that it was humans who were responsible for DESTROYING animal habitats. Then Mars manages to get his whole argument in a twist by attributing extinction of species to “natural starvation climate changes and other “failures” to adapt” as well as GLOBAL WARMING! so how exactly would humans be so invaluable as to be able to help the animal species combat these hardships with hunting and a meatbased diet? Hello?? Animals managed to live for hundreds of millions of years without the “beneficial” intervention of humans. And if global warming is a potential cause of extinction then humans are certainly not helping. Someone please explain with factual information just how exactly hunting and meat consumption are going to help combat global warming when meat consumption has been found to be a major factor in global warming whether or not you believe the UN report that identifies the meat industry as the number ONE cause. And please do not insult us with statements that bears and lions eat meat so they must be destroying the earth too. Carnivorous animals have not created poisonspewing factories. They have not created massive factory farms that produce billions of tons of waste that pollute our rivers and cause health problems for humans. They have not systematically been artificially breeding animals for human consumption clearing vast amounts of land for these factory farms. Gore has certainly gotten the world’s attention regarding global warming now he has to take the next step and go veg!

  • rojo says:

    to get vitamin D toxicity from milk one would have to drink 400 glasses a day. I haven’t seen a study that suggests milk causes osteoperosis only that it doesn’t fix the problem. Which is a tough call because most bone mass is laid down by age 30 and osteoperosis is usually symptomatic in older people. High intakes of animal protein can leach calcium from the bones so moderation is best. Caffeine and a sedentary lifestyle don’t help. Lactose intolerance is just that intolerance. It is not an allergy only that some people lack the enzyme lactase. In the absence of lactase other microbes take over causing digetion problems. If you suffer best not to drink milk. Milk has been linked to diabetes in susceptible infants breast milk is best but may be beneficial in later life against diabetes. httpcare.diabetesjournals.orgcgicontentabstract2971579. httpjama.amaassn.orgcgicontentabstract287162081 cardiovascular disease lowered with milk consumtion httpcare.diabetesjournals.orgcgicontentabstract2971579 httpjech.bmj.comcgicontentabstract596502 From memory and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong the Harvard study demonstrated health problems with people drinking 6 glasses of milk a day roughly twice the recommended intake of total calcium. This is something like two and a half gallons of milk per week.The study concluded that moderate consumption had no significant effect on disease risk.

  • Ariel says:

    RE post “Christopher Cochran MD” 101607 243pm Once again the above mentioned has gone out of his way to prove his lack of reading comprehension as well as not being able to fully support his claims due to not answering my questions in post 101507 422pm as well as proving he has a convenient short memory as well as not understanding that “I’ll keep this short enough will be said” meant I could have had a lot more to say. I never wrote that he was a colorectal surgeon however he claims he is a doctor who does colonoscopies every a.m. and in a post several weeks ago he specifically claimed to be a surgeon. and no not the post about vivisection With a repetitious type of comment I will say once again no one has to have medical credentials when they know they have been told to have a cardiacrelated condition which their doctor or cardiologist told them the major contributing factor was from most likely eating meatanimal fatscheeses “arterial blockage.” I feel sorry for any “smart” doctor who can’t get that through hisher head while supposedly knowing patients are dx’d as such As well as no one has to have credentials who is a family member or close friend of someone dx’d as such and can relay that info yet while respecting the dx’d person’s confidentiality. Well no kiddng the PCRM is “biased…not unlike PeTA.” Focused orgs. especially the most dynamic are solely committed to their causes with documented proofinstead of being split down the middle like hypocrits. According to Doc Coc’s logic? the org. MADD Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers should think ‘well it’s ok if some people are drunk.’ Amazing that Doc Coc has an issue about Neal Barnard M.D.’s PCRM despite ALL of Dr. Barnard’s credentials. Perhaps Doc Coc should take up his issue with Dr. Barnard. no Doc Coc would be blown out of the water with a drop On second thought I highly doubt Doc Coc would even consider challenging Dr. Barnard. Anyway once again I question the “smart” doc is “arteriosclerosis” and “antherosclerois” related conditions OR is it the same thing with a “subtly different meaning”? I could NOT care less if Doc Coc or anyone else believes me or not but… sorry to upset Doc Coc but I do have credentials nothing great but LOTS of experience. In fact because of my decades of experience working on the medical floors as medical staff and personal experiences I don’t have to find my way to work at all once again Doc Coc doesn’t recall me telling him that I am permanently physically disabled workrelated plus so therefore I am not able to be a “harvestolgist” even if I wanted to. And too bad that Doc Coc seems to have a problem with me speaking from my heart. It’s better to have sympathyempathy than to not have it while having all the knowledge in the world. Btw since Doc Coc claims to be a doctor he is giving biased medical opinion to Renee same post. careful doc! So that leaves me with one more question regarding his opinion why do doctors suggest to their patients to eat roughage fruits veggies grains etc?

  • Dana says:

    Ray0 Torture is not a natural part of life and I am concerned that you think so. Torture is something man made not animal made and when humans abuse animals for the own entertainment or for lack of compassion what ever the case may be it is very unnatural..and says a lot about a persons character. I am not sure where watching the animal planet would justify your theory of torture by a lions claw….I dont know if you are making reference to other animals being strangled by lions claws or humans? By comparing the habits of creatures in the wild and humans torturing animals still alive kicking them to death stomping on their heads I think you are way off base!! Even if you have lack of concern as to how your meat is killed you should have great concern as to the conditions your meat comes from the process it goes through before reaching your plate. I heard that someone in congress is trying to pass a law that if the USDA finds conditions unsuitable in a slaughter house they have the right to shut it down makes you wonder should that not have already been a law? Just goes to further prove who has control in the slaughterhouses the MEAT INDUSTRY!!! As for your comments on if you would not eat your cat but the cat would eat the chicken…have you read anything anyone on here has posted at all? Animals are carnivores humans are NOT! As for calling Soy tasteless you apparently have not even attempted to try it before you knock it. I do not miss meat I eat tofu and soy based meals I drink soy milk…and I eat well!!!! I think the problem you have with soy is this when I first became a vegetarian of course I had eaten meat for 30 years so it was a little different for me at first I come from a southern family that believes heavy in southern cooking so switching to the out of the normal diet was a little odd at first but within the first week my taste buds started to change along with my new diet I now eat things I would have NEVER eaten while consuming meat…I must say that there have been times I will catch a smell of chick filet which I loved when I ate meat and it smells good but you take me by the meat counter at the grocery store and the smell of raw meat is extremely foul. As for you comments of any of us not stopping until everyone is force fed tofu…that is not the case for me…eat your meat but keep in the back of your mind that you can not hide from the facts..the fact is that meat recalls are on an all time high..Ecoli is a major problem in the US your chances are greater than ever of getting deathly sick from consuming meat. CJD is in the United State this disease will make aids look like the flu one day soon. So my comment to you is to keep eating meat if that is your choice but do so with great caution that one day you may become the victim of an unregulated industry based off greed neglect and torture. As for Al Gore he is just a hypocrite he runs around trying to raise awareness on global warning as if it is his cause but only continues with his life style to add to the problem. You can not stand for a cause and be part of the problem in stead of working and trying to become part of the solution. He is a great example of people that recognize a problem but expect the rest of the world to change so that he does not have to. He is also another great example of greed over humanity. As for Dr. Cochran…Arial and Mike have done an excellent job at discrediting your comments! I would think by now you would have gotten the message and moved onto a subject somewhere you actually know something about!!!

  • Mars says:

    Mike Q asks “Mars said “They did realitivly well but many species died out in the process.” What “process” was that?” The process of life which is 100 fatal from the start.More animals became extint due to natural starvation climate changes and other “failures” to adapt then humans even know about let alone caused.See any woolly mammoths around? Global warming killed them off millenia ago.

  • Tommy the Cat says:

    How cruel to give the nobelprize to Al Gore an American who lives in a society where big fat cars pick up trucks with big engines rule the streets a country where social security is only for the rich people a country that create wars because of one terroristic attempt throws clusterboms for what?? Just to have more power in the oil industry power they can be used to spoil more oil for the big cars who drives a little car??? It is also not done to talk or judge about people who eat meat eating meat or not eating meat is a choice that every individual decides As a vegetarian i read here stuff from people who claim to have the monopoly of the truth! First step for a better environment is to get along with every human on this planet! you want to save animals but people are still starving in Africa 854 million humans go to sleep every night with a empty stomac so also no vegi burgers for them! They should give the money in the first place to them! I am getting really sick about all the Vegi crap and meat is murder respect every ones choice about it the problems YOU want to solve are little bit bigger then eating or not eating meat!

  • Michele says:

    Sometimes I miss the taste of cheese but that is because I was raised as an omnivore and that is what I was used to. However I now would much rather eat soy cheese than be responsible for supporting the dairy industry which in turn supports the veal industry and the resultant animal torture. I do not think of it as a sacrifice it is a choice that will help to save animals and frankly it is not hard to do. People who cannot take just a few minutes to read a label or come up with 3 new or modified simple recipes are not trying very hard. For those of you who think that a vegan diet is bland that is just a convenient truism as a way of avoiding actually having to make an effort to do and learn something different. I am eating a much more interesting flavourful diet as a vegan than I ever did as an omnivore. For those of you who do not want vegetarianism to be “forced” upon you stop reading this blog and take up a nonviolent hobby or something. Honestly are you really that immature?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike According to recent literature much more current than 1989 the incidence of CJD is 11.5 per million people. That would mean in the US there are about 300450 cases per year. I can’t find your Yale article in PubMed but I haven’t looked as far back as 1989. Nonetheless prion diseases are not exactly hot topics in neurology this year. I could see why evangelical vegans would grasp at this though as it would be fairly damning to omnivores. I would love to read the original article. The incidence of pasturella multocida infection in cat bites is near one hundred percent. Understand SDAT and CJE have very different clinical pictures. Also the CT or MRI of the brains of CJE patients are very distinctive.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher I believe the only supplement those vegan athletes utilize is B12 since vegetables are so squeakyclean nowadays and contain no residual B12. I have no flatulence problems whatsoever with cabbage and beans have them both everyday. New vegetarians can take Beano or some such if they are initially oversuffering from that malady. I would say of course PCRM is biased towards animal rights and vegetarianism. You will find the site though is wellreferenced and footnoted. Most of the claims they make you can verify yourself by referring to the original study or paper. So you can’t shoot the messenger. Meat and dairy boards are obviously also biased and while sites like activistcash proclaim to uncover hidden agendas and conspiracies they themselves are the biggest hypocrites of all.

  • halo snipe says:

    Renee Why do you think we have both molars and incisors? Because we are OMNIVORES! Also PETA talks about doing everything natural but is fake fur natural? How about polymers? Yeah and why can’t I get get the pesticide off my greens even when I’ve scrubbed the plant with force? At least cooking meat destroys almost all of the bacteria Oh what will some bacteria do to you? I’m healthy and I’m an omnivore. And don’t come to me with any Bible crap. I don’t believe in religion just science.

  • Ariel says:

    Two of the consistent problems with the antiar’s comments are 1. they make no sense 2. and they make outbursts without validation. For example posted by marc 101507 1248pm SOME highlights that I’m just not getting 1.what the heck does PeTA having a walkin fridge that is used for meat have to do with anything? Better yet how would marc even know PeTA has one or not? 2. marc strongly implies that a 15 yo friend of his became a “veg” had to go to the hospital because she wasn’t eating anything because of seeing PeTA’s graphic socalled “propaganda” info about animal abuse. If that was the reason then a why aren’t impressionable teens and younger being massively hospitalized for being CONSTANTLY and BLATANTLY inundated with the VERY GRAPHIC HORRORS they see in the movies and on tv shows which a lot of it is derived from reality? b applying the same question to VERY REAL life horrors that are broadcasted on the news? c and what about those VERY VIOLENT computer games etc.for which teens are the specific target? And they share with their friends? 3. aren’t teens taught about the WWII holocaust in school anymore or is that too graphic or is it considered “propaganda”? So how does marc come to the sole conclusion that PeTA’s FACTS are the SOLE cause of a 15 yo girl being alledgedly hospitalized while there could be MANY unrelated underlying reasons including being bullied in school that cause eating disorders and sometimes the need for hospitalization? and I sincerely hope that marc doesn’t support peta as an “organism.” It’s an “organization.” marc prefers to stay in a state of denial and by do so is not able to deal with reality and hopes others will behave the same. So I will ENLIGHTEN him whether he likes it or not graphic animal abuse is VERY VERY VERY REAL! Combining all how a person reponds to “graphic” is subjective. BTW people younger than 15 are ar’s activists and they make a lot more sense and rationalizations than marc.

  • animalfriend says:

    renee i’m sorry but i think your answer was meant for ‘halo snipe’! me i’m a vegetarian!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Ariel That was keeping it short? I am not a colorectal surgeon I never said I was. I am happy to go over my credentials again but you seem to always claim it is an ego trip…perhaps that is because you have no credentials to make educated comments on this or any other biologically oriented subject matter. You are speaking from your heart only. I also never said there were no credentialed physicians in the PCRM. The PCRM is a biased animal rights organization not unlike PETA so I simply point out that any medical information obtained from the PCRM should be taken with a large grain of salt. I also never said dairy products were good for you. I do feel so sorry for you that you never get to eat real mozzarella di buffalo or authentic parmigiana reggiano. The vegan equivalent I expect is palatable and tastes like cheese but it isn’t the real thing. In the English language many words have subtly different meanings. A bunch of doctors pheasant hunting physician group. A bunch of doctors in practice together physician group. A bunch of doctors combined to advance medicine and oversee policies related to medicine physician group. You are so smart. How do you find your way to work every morning? Renee If any foodstuffs “rot” in your colon it is plant based foods. Why do you think cabbage and beans cause flatulence? Because the bacteria that are breaking down the food give off gas. Going to is as much doing research as watching American Idol is watching reality. Mike In the absence of dietary supplements we are obligate omnivores. Those athletes must supplement their diets. Otherwise there is no reason they shouldn’t be successful athletes.

  • Just Someone says:

    You guys are seriously weird. Be a vegetarian to prevent global warming? Might as well go live under the sea then. Get real! It’s silly to be a vegetarian in the first place but I tolerate it because your personal choice is your own but forcing it onto others is cruelty. Save your misery to yourselves you arrogant ingrates!