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PETA’s Response to Gore’s Nobel Prize Win

Written by PETA | October 12, 2007

Photo Credit: Star Max Inc.

Congratulations to Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to spread awareness of the global warming crisis. The award was announced just this morning, and PETA Prez, Ingrid Newkirk, immediately sent a letter to Gore offering congratulations on his great accomplishment, but also asking Gore to do more. Gore is Chairman of the Board for the Alliance for Climate Protection, where he will be donating half of the $1.5 million prize money. They have created a 7-point pledge that offers a list of steps people can take to help reduce their negative impact on the Earth. We would like for Gore and the Alliance to add an 8th point—to go vegetarian.If you’re a regular reader of this blog you already know that going vegetarian is the best thing one can do for the environment. According to the U.N. itself, Gore’s partner in winning the Peace Prize, raising animals for food generates almost 40 percent more greenhouse gases than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined.Follow Ingrid’s lead and send a letter of your own to Gore, c/o the Alliance for Climate Protection, and ask him to add this essential 8th point to the pledge. Write to Gore now!

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  • Ray-O says:

    Christina Torture is not a natural part of life? Yeah I’ve seen “Meet your Meat” and know how much these animals suffer. You know what else hurts? Getting strangled by a lion’s claws! Watch Animal Planet sometime. And don’t tell me that story “If you wouldn’t eat a cat then why would you eat a chicken?” There is a huge flaw in your thinking and it’s that the cat WOULD eat the chicken. I eat meat for two reasons because it is much tasty and savory than that soy B.S. and because even being an animal lover I realize that even animals themselves eat other animals. I don’t eat dogs because they are lovable and they are at the top of the food chain. Chickens on the other hand are meant to be eaten be it by a lion a wolf a human being or a panther like me! I realize humans are meant to be vegetarians. When I saw that fact I immediately thought “Put that in the list of reasons I hate the human body.” Yes hy00mans are meant to be vegetarian. I however am not meant to be human. You guys think about my reasons to eat meat. The truth is this is the first time somebody’s said “So humans shouldn’t eat meat? Well I’m done with humanity! I’m a bipedal carnivore!” You say you’re tolerant of meat eaters but in reality you will not rest until every proud meat eater is force fed bland tasteless tofu.

  • Renee says:

    Dear Animal Friend You are not a friend to animals. The animals you listed in your post are carnivores. The lion number one. Humans on the other hand have a choice as to what to eat. They are also meant to be vegetarians. We process plantbased products more efficiently than meat. MEAT just rots in your colon causes cancer and is cruel to most animals that are being produced to eat. Just go to FACTORYFARMING.COM. Do some research? YOU CANNOT BE A TRUE ENVIORNMENTAL IST OR ANIMAL LOVER AND EAT MEAT OR USE ANIMAL PRODUCTS.

  • christina says:

    I agree with all of this about how eating flesh is a natural and “needed” part of our diet and how fur and leather are natural and effective ways of keeping one warm and protected. But not the way in which they are being produced in this day and age. Yes death is a natural part of life but torture is not. I do not support the way these animals are born in to this world or how they are confined for their entire lives in such horrible conditions or how their lives are ended in such a disgusting way. That is not natural.

  • Ray-O says:

    Dr. Cochran you are so right about overeating being the main cause of obesity. If meat indeed were the problem the US wouldn’t be the fattest country Argentina would. Those guys eat a lot of beef and they’re proud of it.

  • Ariel says:

    I’ll just make this short enough will be said My post 101307102pm “…eating meat is A highly condusive cause for arteriosclerois all the way through to having the need for cardiac bypass surgery.” per med. science or per ANY one who has been dx’d with any dx or diagnoses with meatanimal fats being the main contributing factor as told to them by their physicians. Post from “Christoper CochranMD” 1014071240pm. “Meat does not cause atherosclerosis. Obesity and over eating does. If you eat too much meat you will get fat and you may get DM2 HTN and artherosclerois.” Questions 1. then what accounts for average weight or thin people who eat meat to be dx’d with cardiacrelated dx providing that they do not either smoke or have diabetes or have any reason to have a high blood pressure? 2. how much is considered “too much meat” for each individual? is “arteriosclerosis” and “arthersclerosis” related conditions? The last I heard a colorectal surgeon is not a specialist in cardiology or radiology or pathology or neurosurgery or med. nutrition or vet. med. So let’s move down to the “editorial comment” to address the milk issue and the PCRM. Medical staff at Harvard U. conducted a lengthy study and in conjunction with worldwide studies proving that milk actually promotes illhealth with such dx as osteoporosis cardiovascular disease cancer diabetes Vit D toxicity and lactose intolerance although initial mild symptoms can lead to other illnesses and ailments. Next “The AMA and the American College of Physicians do not recognize the PCRM at all. Most of this is because they do release unsupported statements but also because they are not a physicians group.” well no kidding the AMA and ACP wouldn’t recognize the PCRM to be a physicians’ group “Physicians groups” are doctors or surgeons who form teams to conduct their practices with patients. The PCRM is a separate type of org. that is focused on veg. nutrition and banning vivisection done for med. research in med. colleges and universities because of it being highly known for inaccuracies. and they have been very successful at banning The PCRM panel of physicians are recognized by the AMA. Nonmedically related volunteers are members as well. The highly prominent Neal Barnard MD pres. of the PCRM IS recognized by the AMA as a physician clinical reasearcher and is an adjunct professor of medicine at the Georgetown U. School of Medicine. So with all of his approved credentials why would Dr. Barnard release unsupported claims as well as allow his panel of physicians to release any from his PCRM org?

  • Heather says:

    A comment on ethanol It takes more energy to produce the corn and then refine it to produce the fuel than it does to use gas. The real reason it is being pushed comes from government subsidies already in place for large scale farmers. It also leads to increases in funding for genetically modified crops. By the way you can tell whether produce is gm by the sticker those starting with the number 9 are always organic those starting with 4 are conventionally produced and those with 3 have been modified. Good to know! Go PETA and all you supporters! Let’s stop the cruelty.

  • Ben says:

    For saving the earth reducing meat consumption is good but it needs to be combined with other things like birth control. If we stop eating meat so 9x the crops are available for human consumption but then people previously starving have large families we’ll be worse off. I’m for animal rights but do not agree with ‘extreme veganism’. Even Jains who will literally not step on bugs and refuse honey have milk. I’d be more for a great reduction in meat consumption combined with an insistence for ‘free range’ animals slaughtered humanely. In addition more research needs to be done on nutrition and meat extenders and alternatives.

  • Stephen Mansley says:

    ok first off humans are animals so enough of this doing things the animalistic way because humansanimals enough said next point seeing how we’re stuck on lions when a new lion takes over a pride he kills all of the offspring of the former lion so i guess if we’re all supposed to be like “natural” animals single mothers beware now i have no problem with vegans vegatarians and so forth what i have a problem with is al gore is doing something productive and he gets bashed i really took offense to the fat comment because honestly you ever see an anorexic cow???? how about an elephant that needed to put on a few pounds??

  • marc says:

    If we don’t eat the animals it will still require the same amount of water still do the same amount of polution. We shouldn’t mix evironnement with veggitarian goals and thats why AlGore didnt mention it. Well unless PETA does with cows what they did with the dogs.. google it up peoples they were on trial. Why would PETA have a huge walkin refrigerator usually used for meat go figure! For my part i dont mind if anyone is veggitarian but PETA is not an organism i support. Also the 7 steps list Al Gore presented was easy steps for everyone whereas turning fully veggitarian is quite alot more complicated im writting here because one of my friend had to go to the hospital. She saw all the graphic violence that PETA shows. She turned veagan basicly she wasnt eating anything after beeing shocked of the propagandic material we find here to show impressionable children. She is 15 and alot younger kids gets told what to do by PETA. One cannot dictate someone to defy dictature. And by the way those who criticize Al gore of poluting to prevent it should also critisize PETA for showing graphicly animal cruelty in order to prevent it. Thank you for reading and i hope i could enlight you to question yourself before seeing stuff.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher said “Keep in mind in the US more people will die from diseases contracted from their house cat than CJD.” From the net “In 1989 a Yale University team performed autopsies on the brains of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and found that 13 percent had CJD. A similar investigation found three of 12 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to actually have a TSE disease. A larger University of Pittsburg study “found a misdiagnosis rate of 5 percent and estimated there may be 200000 cases of CJD in the U.S. each year which are misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s.” Maybe a case of don’t look don’t find… “Humans are most certainly not carnivores they are obligate omnivores.” Christopher how do you then explain the success of some athletes who follow a strictly vegan diet? Mars said “They did realitivly well but many species died out in the process.” What “process” was that?

  • EAS says:

    Susannah S I’m not discounting his other achievements. I think he’s done a great job bringing the issue of global warming to forefront. However if you were the one to come up with a list of things to do to solve a problem I would think that you would do everything on that list yourself. I don’t expect everyone to follow the list to a T but I do expect it from the administrator. On the other hand I understand what you’re saying. I guess it’s hard to travel around spreading the message without having to break some of your rules given the fact that environmentally planes have not been built yet. Certainly he needs to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to the one thing that is the main cause of global warming. As you say “Go Veg Gore!.” Thanks for your comments. EAS

  • dolphin boy says:

    animalfriend thanks for your excellent spiritual insight! furthermore i would like to add the following thing it’s very interesting that the three ‘hunters’ appearing in the bible namely ‘nimrod’ ‘esau’ and ‘ismael’ are not accepted in the line of gods heritage! these facts have not to be ignored! but your pointing out of biblical numerology is excellent and there is also an affinity to the spelling of the names i just could recommend you the books of ‘the golden dawn’ ‘annie besant’ and of course ‘the lord of the rings’!

  • Mars says:

    “How did all the species on Earth ever survive before hunters came along to “manage” them?” They did realitivly well but many species died out in the process and they didn’t even have to cope with human incroachment on their habitat that is the main reason for extinction today.

  • Mars says:

    “But human beings can definitely live without eating meat. ” You can also live without eating plants from factory farm raised veggies. “. We now have the intellegence and the capability to protect the earth” Yep and that means using renewable resources like fur and leather instead of stripping the enviroment of nonrenewable resources used to make your fake fur.HHHMMM fake fur fake meat products seems everything vegg heads condone is fake and unnatural.

  • Ariel says:

    “hunting’ trapping fishing are all noble to the health and self sustaining populations of species.” “noble”? to go out of one’s way to kill and inflict pain on nonthreatening animals who have a natural instinctive desire to survive and want to live? “noble” to shoot or trap animals not kill them immediately and then they linger in excruciating pain? “noble” to see fish toss in agony before they die? “noble” for some of mankind to interfere by challenging nature and deciding what is best for the direction and health of the wild animal kingdom? And wouldn’t “hunting’ trapping and fishing” contradict “self sustaining populations of species.”? This type of “noble” concept gives me the impression that it would be more consistent with a lame excuse to fill a need to have dominating superiority in order to ignore dealing with having an inferiority complex.

  • Ray-O says:

    All right I guess it’s time for comebacks. Yes I’m happy to say that meat is tasty. I’m sure Leo and Knut agrre with me. Soy meat isn’t. That Bible mumbojumbo about Noah works for a lot of people and I respect that… but not me. I’m a skeptic. Oh by the way don’t go telling me humans shouldn’t eat meat either. I wholeheartedly agree that the human body isn’t made to eat meat but I gave up humanity a long time ago. That’s right. I’m a furry. A jaguar furry who eats and enjoys meat and know that cruelty to ungulates is part of the natural cycle of life. Yes some cruelty is unnecessary. Killing little foxes for fur is totally trivial it’s pure vanity. Fauxfur is the only choice for insulation in my book. But meat on the other hand… Sorry but trying to look like an animal product is not the same as trying to taste like an animal product. Taste is a huge priority for me and for most people. Soy meat sucks period. You guys asking “why do make so many remarks if you don’t support us…” Well sometimes people need to give their sincere opinion. I’m a cynic. Like a dog. Who eats meat. I’m totally sapient but hell if I’m gonna give up my delicious steak for some yucky soy knockoff. I despise my humanity to begin with. My reduced ability to eat ignites my selfdenial and selfloathing even more. It really makes me wish I had teeth and claws to really tear through that porterhouse… rrrreeooowww!!!

  • christina says:

    tom About the whole overpopulation thing… You seem to believe that us humans have a right to act as God controlling the population levels of every other creature on this planet. Did you ever think of what happened when humans weren’t around? Well there are other ways of population control. There are natural cycles that govern this planet’s different populations. For example have you heard of the Kluane cycle? Obviously not if you seem to think the only way of controlling populations is by killing off it’s members. The main reason why there are some major issues of overpopulation on this planet is because of us! Red tide is an example of an overpopulation due to humans. The bacteriaalgae that cause this phenomena are able to thrive in the polluted environments that humans create and in turn create mass amounts of harmful toxins. Also another cause for overpopulation created by humanbeings is the killing off whether it be direct or indirect of a certain species’ predator or competition. So it looks like I’ve done my research how about you?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Meat does not cause atherosclerosis. Obesity and over eating does. If you eat too much meat you will get fat and you may get DM2 HTN or atherosclerosis. If you eat too much soy the same will happen. The human body has evolved to be omnivorous. The vermiform appendix the offender during appendicitis is a remnant from ancestors forest dwelling apes that ate almost entirely plants. Humans are not able to produce B12 some fats and some AA’s. Evolutionarily humans relied on animal products to supply these nutrients. Now vegans rely on science and industry to produce dietary supplements so that they can complete their nutrition. Ironically these dietary supplements were usually tested on animals during development. Humans are most certainly not carnivores they are obligate omnivores. In the absence of dietary supplements we must eat plant and animal foods. Vegan or vegetarian diets are very healthy however as long as the patient is very careful to supplement with nutrients found in low or absent amounts in plants. There are some obscure diseases that humans do contract from eating neural tissues of animals. CJD is the main example as the human form of BSEmad cow. Keep in mind in the US more people will die from diseases contracted from their house cat than CJD. At one point Mr. Quinoa pointed out that CJD is not possible to diagnose in vivo. True no readily available definitive tests exist. However the brain images of a patient with CJD is very distinctive. Also the clinical course of CJD is very accelerated compared to Alzheimer’s SDAT. I can not say that no one with CJD has ever been misdiagnosed with SDAT but the relative obscurity of CJD makes studies almost impossible. Now an editorial comment… When you say things like “meat causes this” or “milk causes that” you must have a lot of good data to back that up. I must warn you if you rely on the PCRM you will fall into the same trap they do. The AMA and the American College of Physicians do not recognize the PCRM as a medical group at all. Most of this is because they do release unsupported statements but also because they are not a physicians group. A tiny minority of their membership is physicians. Be careful when you rely on them for medical advice.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    So Tom do you only seek out the starving old and sick animals? If hunters are such great conservationists that would help out a species a lot more than killing the meatier healthier reproductiveage animals. How did all the species on Earth ever survive before hunters came along to “manage” them?

  • rojo says:

    george 1 don’t forget cars and fossil fueled electricity also produce Greenhouse gases in fact at least 82 of all GHG’s are NOT produced by factory farms according to the UN. 2 consumption of meat and fat by our ancestors provided the excess energy required for the human brain to evolve to it’s current level. 3 check out CJD and kuru. Wouldn’t rush out to knock off humans.

  • animalfriend says:

    post scriptum to my exposee to mars as far as i read from your last line ’13 in the selsame…….into the ark’ i would like to inform you that Shem Ham and Japheth are Noahs sons Shem being the forefather of the Semits Ham being the forefather of the Hamits Africans and Arabs and Japhet being the forefather of the others mainly Eurasians i presume!

  • animalfriend says:

    mars talking here about clean and unclean animals is leading us too far for this i didn’t mention it. of course the ark was open for all people but they didn’t go in! do you go in??????? i was in a hurry so i have to correct myself again noah’s doughter didn’t go in or there was no daughter at all so this makes 8! this number is even worse from nine because it’s not selective but in some way unfortunate because it indicates man’s restless life on earth! and this is exactly what happened when they let the arch when god said to noah that from now on they shall be a horror for the other living beings and then man started to sacrifice and eat meat! but this is not the end! the bible is also going through her own evolution! instead of pointing out always the same things like the pastors the people should move on to iob daniel the ecclesiastes and above all isaiah where meateating is clearly rejected! but anyhow if you are taking these text word by word you are making a big mistake! the bible is talking in symbollanguage but unfortunately many texts were taken out from people like you i presume and the socalled flood was mentioned before it appeared in the bible in the gilgamesh epic which is far older than the bible! also it’s appearing in the vedic scriptures which are even older than the gilgamesh epic! if god saved all animals and people i hope that he finally shall enlighten your brains because it’s not good to read such books just with the view on the pentateuch but on the whole scriptures including the history of the apostles which today you can find in the apocryphs and of course the life of the principal saints! old testament the father new testament the son the saints the holy ghost! because many things which are not said in the OT and the NT are said by the Saints! Did not Jesus say there are many things i didn’t tell you because you are not ready to understand them! so it’s absolutely necessary to study the lifes of the major Saints like St. Francis St. Therese from Lisieux St. Bernard from Clairvaux St. Thomas Morus St. Anthony of Padua St. John of the Cross St. Don Bosco etc. you have to check out yourself but this is a must if you are living with the gospels! So peace for today! and sorry to the others here i know this is not a religious blog but here i think it was necessary!!!

  • halo snipe says:

    Eating meat IS a natural part of the food chain. Heard of the term omnivore?! It is possible to harvest and consume meat without the abuse and health problems. All it takes is science control a BRAIN PETA definently not included some snipage and pwnage of some people and TLC to others excercize medicine and a hammer and sickle Well no but hey it worked for Russia. Eating meat is not the top contributor to global warning it’s the production of electricity to power your fking houses.

  • Denise says:

    To RayO Wow. Where does one begin to answer this? I’ll give it a shot. First RayO read this website. Start at the beginning. Second consider that humans unlike animals can make the conscious decision to become vegetarian. We don’t need to eat meat to survive plain and simple. We have evolved beyond this need just as we have evolved beyond the need to use fur to keep us warm and leather to protect our feet. Vegetarians are in essence the latest generation of the human evolutionary process. We now have the intellegence and the capability to protect the earth not rape it. Whether we use that intelligence for stewardship or destruction remains to be seen. Education compassion and a bit of evolution may be the key.

  • Mars says:

    “the situation for our animal friends looks even better ” Until Noah set foot on dry ground and sacrificed the “clean” animals that’s why he needed more of them but only 2 of the unclean animals because they would not be sacrificed. “so GOD opened the ark for ALL ANIMALS but just for 9 humans ” The Ark was open for all human believers.Of course at that time there was but 8 not 9.Noahs daughter was not on the Ark. “7And Noah went in and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives with him into the ark because of the waters of the flood. ” “13In the selfsame day entered Noah and Shem and Ham and Japheth the sons of Noah and Noah’s wife and the three wives of his sons with them into the ark ”

  • tom says:

    give it a rest people. hunting’ trapping fishing are all noble and necessary to the health and self sustaining populations of species. have you ever seen an animal starve due to overpopulation . i have its ugly so before you push this point to far you may want to do some reserch ..

  • Charles Waltermyer says:

    I do commend Al Gore for his work on getting the publics attention to climate change. But I’ve also heard that his house is not at all “green” and that actually George Bush lives in a more environmentally friendly house. Plus as PETA points out he needs to address the harmful effects of the meat industry as well as living by example. Seems like no politician is brave enough to call out the meatdairy industry.

  • Mr. Black says:

    RayO of course carnivorous animals eat meat and of course it’s part of the food chain. This planet does indeed have a balance that is maintained by plant prey and predator. However breeding enslaving and torturing animals in a factory setting where they are a constant danger to all lifeforms on this planet is not part of that balance. We have reached a point in human accomplishment where explotation of animals only harms our society and our home. It’s sad to me that the entire premise of your arguement is based on meat being “tasty” while refusing to look at the bigger picture. Also next time you go grocery shopping stop for a moment to see how many products you buy actually contain soy you’ll probably be suprised. As for me I feel it’s probably an unrealistic goal at this point in time to think we can get a majority of the world to pledge veganismvegetarianism as much as I would love to see that happen. I would recommend Mr. Gore advocate vegetarianism or if one chooses to eat meat to support the creation of sustainable more ethical farms that are not so detrimental to the life on this planet. Although I do not believe in the idea of “humane killing” it would be a move in the right direction for humans animals and the planet.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    Gore has relatives in the Angus Beef raising “field”. Remember he is still a politician in nature which is why despite his nobel he refuses to address the top reason for global warming.If Peta keeps at him forcefully I think the issue will be grasped by the public if a clever campaign can be launched.

  • christina says:

    I don’t think you understand the whole concept of vegetarianism and environmentalism. Do lions and wolves confine and breed billions of cattle? Last time I checked… no. It’s not the act of eating meat that is bad for the environment. It is the mass production of animals for food and it’s wastesbiproducts. Animals that are carnivores are that way because of what their bodies can and cannot digest. I agree that killing and death is part of this world’s food chain. But human beings can definitely live without eating meat. And even if your pathetic excuse of willpower cannot handle giving up being a carnivore it is still possible to support more crueltyfree ways of ingesting flesh than what you find in the mainstream.

  • Susannah S says:

    EAS You can see right through him? Spend a few years going from city to city college to college giving speeches to stop global warming walk in Al Gore’s shoes for a few days even and then say that he should put his nmoney where his mouth is. My only “beef” with Gore is that I’d like to see him put VEGGIES where his mouth is or at least make vegetarianismveganism the 8th piece of the program to help global warming. But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t done more than ANY single public figure to bring this issue to the attention of the voting public. I say “go Gore” and TO Al Gore I would say GoVeg! Please!

  • Ariel says:

    “It seems that vegetarians are completely oblivious”? Okay dudes. Here’s the REAL thing. Seems to me no denying the fact that eating meat is a highly condusive cause for medical diagnoses ranging from arteriosclerosis all the way through to having the need for cardiac bypass surgery. I have yet to hear of soy being a contributing factor If “all” the soy is fed to cows because people won’t eat it then I wonder what is the reason for all the soybased foods and drinks that are marketed and sold for human consumption? rhetorical Since animals follow the laws of nature they can’t screw up Planet Earth. And since carnivorous animals eat prey meat according to the laws of nature that doesn’t justify a reason for human animals to eat meat. If anything it would prove human meateaters are oblivious to meatrelated illnesses. But they’re not really oblivious to that. They just try to make justifications although illogical.

  • Esther says:

    OH! MY! GOD! Wolves and bears and lions do not raise animals…. Esther from Germany

  • ANACONDA says:

    Felicitations Al Gore you are a winner! My lovely proposition for PETA create your special prize for the meanest antiblogger the GOLDEN ASSHOLE! We got three major candidates Cocky the Vivisectioner Steve the ForceFeeder Mars the Trapper let the public decide!!!

  • Bobo says:

    RayO you ask “lions and bears and wolves eat meat too. Are they screwing up Planet Earth?”. Unless they start acting more like human animals and take their “meat” and stuff it side by side in a building deprive it of fresh air water good food murder it in the cruelest way possible then waste enormous amounts of resources to cut it up ship it and plop it on a dinner plate… then you’re right those lions bears and wolves you speak of are NOT “screwing up Planet Earth”. Oh RayO did you happen to go outside today and run barefoot after your meat then sink your teeth into it and have dinner the naturalnotdestroytheplanetway? You did that of course right RayO? Oh and people don’t eat soy? That’s funny it’s been in our food for years but guess you’d have to read a label to notice.

  • GeorgeMB says:

    1. Lions and bears don’t get their meat from a factory farm which is where all the greenhouse gases are produced. 2. Meat is not a natural part of the human food chain. 3. According to scientists we have this genetic immunity against a virus that you can only get by eating human brains. So are you saying we should go out on the street and cut up some delicious humans for dinner?

  • Katherine says:

    GO AL! Congradulations. If you’re ‘really’ serious about the environment like me try weaning yourself off of meats. Think about it. There are SO many tasty soy meats to replace animal flesh. You’ll feel and look much better.

  • A mad Person says:

    Dudes?!?! What is up with that!?!? Try to lay of the slang! anyway… Animals eating other animals is the circle of life. Not all people need to eat animals to survive. Also you seem to be a strong supporter of Al Gore but not his concepts. As you said “Cars can run on ethanol and there’s no problem. Recycling. Knock yourself out.” this implied you could care less about the enviroment but at the end you supported Al Gore by saying “if eating meat were a danger to the planet Gore would let the polar bears rot in the bottom of the Arctic.” !!! Make up your mind and if you do not support this website why make rude remarks about peoples beliefs?!

  • oreos says:

    rayo you really really need a lighter for your brains or shall i come to help you with a candle?

  • Carol says:

    To RayO Have you ever seen a pride of lions factoryfarming gazelles? Or perhaps it was bears operating a fish farm?

  • Kara says:

    Carla That is completely obnoxious. RayO You’re obviously not helping the planet. Congrats to Al Gore!!

  • Ray-O says:

    Okay dudes. Here’s the thing. Cars can run on ethanol and there’s no problem. Recycling. Knock yourself out. Go veg? No fornicating way. Wolves don’t drive cars or make aluminum cans but they do sink their teeth into an animal and don’t bother to consider its feeling or the cruelty they’ve. But you know what? That’s part of the food chain. It seems that vegetarians are completely obliviousno denying of the fact that real meat is the only delicious way to eat meat. There’s a reason we feed all the soy to the cows because people won’t eat it. Besides if eating meat were a danger to the planet Gore would let the polar bears rot in the bottom of the Arctic. Sorry dudes but soy’s not the way to save the planet. I know hy00mans treat it like crap but lions and bears and wolves eat meat too. Are they screwing up Planet Earth?

  • animalfriend says:

    to whom it may concern first of all my congrats to al gore! second i would like to come back to a text which i posted in answer to mars who wanted to make us believe that there were more people in noah’s ark than animals of every species respectively! as a sign of gods permission of dominion over the other species! i didn’t have much time to give an appropriate answer and i think stepping in here is ok because many readers shall be on this blog and hopefully mars so here it is now in the second bible text it’s written that there were seven couples of every species going inside the ark not as i mentioned before seven individual animals of every species this means that the situation for our animal friends looks even better they were 14 animals of every species to enter the ark seven males and seven females! noah entered the ark with his family his wife his three sons and their wifes and his doughter! this means they were 9 humans hence the smallest number of a species! but now there is coming the interesting part of the story the number 7 is a symbol for eternity and endlessness so GOD opened the ark for ALL ANIMALS but just for 9 humans 9 being a symbol for selection! mars you got it? before you contest here you should study the secret science of numbers in the bible and other holy scriptures and the oeuvres of meyrink and papus and the holy kabbalah!!! vae victis!!!

  • Laura says:

    Carla it’s perfectly okay to be fat provided it’s good scrumptious vegan fatVegan food is so good for your taste buds the animals and the planet it would be a pity not to indulgeD. I really hope Al Gore will include veganism in his campaign. It is SO easy to go vegan in the US you can have ice cream and all I actually find it very shoking that he omitted it in his movie! I think his family might be linked to the meat industry but they were into tobacco at a point too and don’t think the best of it now.

  • Niran says:

    Hope he donates some money from that $1.5 million prize money to PETA add “Go Veg” as the 8th point! Hey Jack please keep us posted on this issue! Love u PETA!

  • Ana says:

    EAS and Carla I agree good comments.

  • jess says:

    my god. al gore is so fat! he seriously needs to go vegetarian. that picture scares me. he looks hungry….like ‘rawr! imma eat choo!’

  • Carla says:

    One only has to go by a factory farm be it pigs chicken cows ect. I stubbled across a pig farm recently and let me tell you besides my obvious sadness I felt ill my nose burned my eyes itched and I was very dizzy! Do I need to say more?

  • chief seattle's legacy says:

    Congrats to Al Gore my personal Nobel Prize Winner is Ingrid Newkirk!

  • EAS says:

    Not only does Gore still eat meat but I just heard that his electric bill last month was very high. Plus doesn’t he still fly around the country? It’s great that he promoted the work of many scientists and put it out there for the world to see but is he really making the necessary changes to combat global warming? So many people gush over him but I can see right through him. Al it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and “be the change” instead always talking about it. EAS “be the change” from a quote by Ghandi