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PETA’s Project Runway, the Sequel

Written by PETA | March 16, 2007

Today, PETA’s Director of Media Relations, Michael McGraw, and Senior VP Dan Mathews gave a presentation to the entire student body of one of the world’s most prestigious design schools. They were in New York City at Parsons, The New School for Design . . . that’s right, the home of Project Runway.

For years, the fur industry has been so desperate that it has bankrolled a program at Parsons offering young designers free fur to design with and underwriting fashion shows for students who put fur on the runway. But three years ago under the tutelage of Project Runway‘s very own Tim Gunn, the school began giving PETA equal time. I thought it was pretty great how he described his decision to fashion rag Women’s Wear Daily,

“I felt it was important to give students both sides of the story and let them be aware of both sides of the issue.”

Tim Gunn.jpg

Tim Gunn: Make it work, people!
Credit: Renee Starbright/Creative Commons

Also exciting is the fact that cruelty-free designer Marc Bouwer is mentoring juniors at Parsons this semester as they work with cruelty-free fabrics, and their designs will be shown during the class’s year-end fashion show in April. I’ll keep you posted on that.

With Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and a slew of others all permanently going fur-free this year, and with the future leaders of fashion now getting educated on both sides of the fur issue in school, the future looks bleak for the fur pimps out there. And the future looks very bright for these little guys:


Credit: Roger Cullman/Creative Commons

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  • kris shulfer says:

    thank god!!! freat education for those who like the fur but have no clue where and how it comes to them!!! im so glad that although i am one person all the letters i have wrote emails sent money donated i am making a difference in the world along with all the other people doing there part!! thanks to everyone and thanks tim gunn!! sunshine

  • gayathri says:

    Finally its great to see designers putting end to the use of fur. At least they are not feeding all the fur graving monsters out there as much as before. THANKS A MILLION.

  • veganlove says:

    I am so impressed with Parsons’ Tim Gunn. That’s what you would expect from an art school where the students are expected to be very progressiveopenminded…that’s what art is and where it comes from. I’m glad to see it finally happening at Parsons. I’m sure the PETA video about where fur comes from left students in tears. I can’t even believe that in this day and age of sophisticated computers that an animals skin is considered an actual garment choice. You can see why the $fur$ industry had to coax students into it by giving it out for free because i don’t think they would ever consider it otherwise. boggles the mind. we’d all be better off naked than wearing bloody skins.

  • Nancy says:

    Project Runway is the only “reality” show I can stomach due in no small part to Tim Gunn. He has always come across as a bastion of integrity but this just confirms it. Way to educate Tim… “Carry on.”

  • Marie says:

    I love Tim Gunn! What a great thing for him to do. If I were one to wear designer labels I’d only buy from cruelty free designers!

  • kelly says:

    Jeez the fur industry is like drug dealers on the street corner “Hey kid! The first one’s free”

  • animal pride says:

    these animals look sooooo lovely and cute it does not enter in my head how somebody could harm them! i never could kill a living being who woke up in the morning with the same joy in its heart to be alive! every badman who kills my little friends may be cursed in eternity!

  • lindsey says:

    Sidenote PETA you all really need to have a message board or something so we can write about stuff we see or find out to let other fellow PETA members know. If you already have one and I don’t know where it is I apologize. Here is what I wantd to get the word out on. There is a new video on today and it is called “Eating Pork?” and it proves the myth that if you pour coke onto raw pieces of pork that it makes worms surface from inside the pork. It’s the most disgusting thing ever and it proves another point on how disgusting meat is. Everyone should really check it out!!!!