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PETA’s Offer to Save Lives and Provide Entertainment to Dogs

Written by PETA | September 8, 2010

Coming soon to a billboard in Big Pine Key, Florida:

spay today


PETA’s offer to pay $1,500 for the right to erect the above image at a new dog park in Hampton, New Jersey, may have been rejected by fundraising Girl Scouts there, but organizers of a dog park in the Sunshine State who read about the rejection found our proposal irresistible. They asked for a similar deal—and now their new dog park will be getting the funding, and park visitors will be giving paws pause to consider the fact that a resolution to spay and neuter their companion animals would help decrease the number of animals who are forced to live in animal shelters or on the streets.

Meanwhile, our billboard could still grace Hampton’s new dog park. City Council members there are currently mulling over our proposal.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Mary says:

    How can I get information about funding for a dog park in my community? There’s been talk about it for years but the money isn’t there yet.

  • Marissa says:

    This is great! I hope they take on the offer. I posted 4 signs asking people to spay or neuter their pets at a dog park that I always go to and they’re still up!