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PETA’s Lawyers Have a Word With JCPenney

Written by PETA | March 13, 2007

fox fur.JPGHaving been on the receiving end of a few coolly worded e-mails from our Legal Department myself, I have a suspicion that JCPenney is in a world of pain after hearing from PETA’s attorneys this week about the company’s claim that it does not condone the “illegal or inhumane treatment of animals.” Given that this is pretty much the only response we get from JCPenney every time we try to talk to them about their refusal to stop selling fur, there’s been a fair amount of head-scratching round here about what the hell the company thinks it’s up to. Anyway, nobody likes to have to bring out the lawyers, but when your big-ass company is selling fur from places that have literally zero cruelty-to-animals laws and you have no publicly available standards of your own defining what you consider to be humane treatment, you just can’t get away with telling consumers that you don’t condone illegal or inhumane treatment of animals and expect people to let you go about your business as if nothing’s wrong. So what’s the deal, JCPenney? Does all your fur come from roadkill, maybe, or do you in fact pay people to rip it from the backs of defenseless, tortured animals just like everyone else who profits from the fur trade?

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  • Silvia says:

    I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.Please churning hold the contents. It is very entertaining.

  • hal goldberg says:

    Could you tell me the name of the law firm that Peta uses especially if there is one in the Los Angeles area. thanks

  • kitty says:

    It would be nice to actually get PROOF of them using real fur. Ever hear about “fake” fur?? Wheres the proof??? If they were there would be a lot more conflict so get facts straight before jumping into conclusions.

  • Maria Parks says:

    I cancelled my card today. Good bye JCPenney.

  • Danielle says:

    I won’t ever shop at JCPenney ever again due to their use of fur…..I will be sure to pass the word on of their barbaric and inhumane treatment of animals.

  • Victoria Sanchez says:

    As a former employee of JCPenney I can’t believe that a store that has been around forever and competed with the likes of macys and sears would sink so low to produce volume. I’m glad I don’t work for this company and I know that I will never shop there again

  • Toni says:

    JC Penny’s has just about put the last nail in their coffin. How can they even think people would want to shop there after finding out the truth of their selling fur!!! It breaks my heart thinking of these poor aniimals. How can anyone that has a heart wear fur? I just don’t get it. Please Penny’s STOP this inhumane practice so I can shop at your store again. I will not step foot in your stores again until I learn you made the humane decision and STOP SELLING ANY FUR PRODUCTS.

  • Samantha Drab says:

    It appears to be a matter of enforced “choice” i.e. a person can make the choice of whether or not to wear fur but the animal does not have the choice of whether or not to relinquish its fur so that a person may wear it.

  • Emma Bowden says:

    What saddens me most of all apart from stores like JC Penney is the amount of stupid people there are wearing fur. What winds me up even more is the models and celebs that once condoned the fur trade then seem to forget and start wearing it take Madonna. Once she used to jog in a Lynx tshirt against the fur trade and now she shoots animals at the weekend for fun and wears fur. That makes her worse than the other people wearing fur who either just don’t think about where fur comes from or are just plain ignorant and shallow. I think its a bit of everything. All I know is that people in this day and age wearing fur are extremely ugly people and if anyone in the UK walked by me with a fur coat they would get a lot of grief for it. I do not think people have a right to choose if they wear real fur or not there should not be the choice in the first place. Fake fur is just as good so no excuses. Totally hating the British Ministry of Defence as well about their stand on the five guard regiment hats made of Canadian Black Bears fur. No response to my five emails and six letters and my MP is going to be hearing back from me soon as well not impressed!!! Keep up the good work PETA and god bless to everyone who supports you

  • vania del pozo says:

    i was a customer of jc penney but not anymore until you stop selling fur.