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PETA’s Highlights of 2007 Video

Written by PETA | December 28, 2007

What was PETA up to in 2007? Watch this video to find out.The video really captures how kick ass we all are. And by “we” I mean all of us who fight for animals. We pretty much rule.

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  • Veggirl says:

    Go PETA!!! Lets make more news this year!

  • Emily says:

    Everything we do is making a difference in some way and playing into our greater plan to make this world a beautiful place for humans and animals… coexisting!

  • V. Soto says:

    Peta does truly know how to make a bold statement! I am so very proud of PETA and what every single one of its supporters and members does to make this planet a better place for the animals. From reading a 1 pg. PETA leaflet the age of 16 to becoming a lifelong PETA supporter and now having the privilege to teach my 10yr. old godchild Kendra compassion toward animals with PETA’s help Veronica

  • Jaclyn says:

    This video was great! Peta kicks ass! I like what Bill Maher said regarding crossing the line that it’s really not the worst thing. Often times in these blogs people go off because Jenna Jameson did a Peta ad or because they didn’t like the Trollsen Twins campaign or whatever else they thought crossed the line. Hey… it’s not the worst thing! I’ll be showing this video to some of my meat eating friends and coworkers. It’s a great video because it introduces Peta in a non threatning way. I won’t be trying to convince anyone to go veg I’ll just be showing them a highlights video of an organization that I’m part of and that I proudly support! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  • Suga says:

    Thank you to PETA for facing tragedies that I can’t bear to watch and so often feel incapable of stopping. I applaud you for having the strength to face it all. I will continue to support you and will contribute as much as possible so that you can spread the message that animlas are God’s creations to be loved and cared for. They are awe inspiring creatures that we are blessed with not property to be discarded and destroyed.

  • Jellybean says:

    New Year’s Eve is my birthday. I’ll be … gulp … 52 and I’ve been a PETA supporter for many years. Rock on into 2008. And BTW I’m a great fan of the Peta2 website it’s easy to stay young when you’re vegetarian!

  • Heather says:

    Yay! PETA Rocks I’m glad we’ve done all of this. Theres more to come

  • Elaine says:

    BLESS Peta for their strength courage and relentless commitment toward making the world a more compassionate place for the animals who can’t speak for themselves. May ’08 be filled with more victories. Press on……and we will follow in your brave and valiant footsteps!

  • Marie C. says:

    Congrats to PeTA for all they have accomplished! So what if the tactics are sometimes shocking? They Work! You’ve more than inspired me over the last year to do all I can for animals! Love to all of you!

  • alex says:

    PETA kicks ass!!!

  • Jay says:

    Csh yeah! PETAbest animal rights group ever? I think so. We totally pwn your ass.

  • Anonymous says:

    This moved me to tears!! you know when you stop at the end of the year and compile all of the incrimental things that happen they seem much larger than before!! I’m so proud of all of us and of PETA for being so brave a brazen!!!!

  • K says:

    PETA!! ROCKS!! I had a smile throughout this video. I am so proud to call myself a member!

  • Caboose says:

    Eric Yeah go Communism!

  • Eric says:

    PETA Rocks!! YEA we totally kicked ass this year and I bet next year we will topple KFC MARS and many other screwed up corporations!! GO PETA!! GO A.L.F!! Animal Liberation NOW!!!

  • Darcy says:

    How incredibly blessed we are to have Ingrid Newkirk on this Planet. Thank you for doing the things that most of us think of doing…but don’t. I love you!

  • Caboose says:

    yeah but you dont PWN



  • Carla says:

    We Rock!!! God Bless all the kind hearted souls out there forever and ever!! And I will do whatever I can to help and make 2008 even stronger!! And to the abusive ones “We’er coming”!!