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PETA’s Anti-Vivisection Team Fights Covance

Written by PETA | March 11, 2008

Photo from Covance Investigation

I know y’all have heard of Covance before. We’ve talked about Covance many times, whether it’s on the blog, on, or in one of the many PETA action alerts urging the company to stop its heinous animal tests.

The AP story points out that human waste and animal waste from factory farms contaminates water with drugs, but back in July 2006, PETA discovered that animal laboratories are also contaminating water with pharmaceuticals. Our report showed that at places like Covance, animals are pumped full of massive quantities of test drugs that still haven’t even been approved by the FDA. The animals pass some of the drugs out of their bodies when they pee and poop and this waste is hosed down the drain–toxic drugs and all–and ends up in our water supply.

Now with all the attention on water safety, we’re doing our best to convince Chandler, Arizona (where we’ve been working with activists on this issue for some time now) to not let a Covance facility set up shop in their city.

Check out this awesome letter that our senior researcher Alka sent to Chandler, Arizona, and check out our official PETA report on this issue too.

This could be a great victory for animals if we can convince residents and government officials in Chandler, Arizona, not to allow this hellhole in their city! Thanks to Alka and the anti-vivisection team for all their hard work!

Love,Christine <3

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  • Michelle Daikos says:

    Can you believe that Covance actually has this posted on their home page httpwww.covance.comanimalwelfareindex.php

  • starscream fo life says:

    TO ALL OF YOU PEOPLE I am a student at hb high and i need your help asap. My english class assignment was to prepare a debate. my panel and i are debating against animal rights activists. Please do not think me an idiot for asking this question on such an activist websight. I am open minded and need information. if you have any i would greatly apprectiate it if you could contact me at I hope to hear from you soon so that you can help my panel and i create a well rounded argument.

  • Margarita says:

    Speaking of books I have been showing the DVD Earthlings to acquaintances and friends to make them aware of the rampant abuse of animals in the different areas where they are used.

  • Michele says:

    Thanks Mike I will try to request it through InterLibrary Loan…

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hi Michele “Brain Trust” is written by a biochemist named Colm Kelleher. He has a website with info and a very interesting podcast. It’s a fascinating and chilling book though not always animalfriendly vivisection etc. I’m about 34 through. I’m sure you would like it. I reserved it through the Toronto Public Library if that’s any help. If you’re not in the GTA maybe they can send it to your local branchI’ll be finished shortly

  • Michele says:

    Mike who are the authors of “Brain Trust”? I was trying to look for it at my local library but so far no luck…

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo Whether or not there is an underlying animal rights agenda the question is are you disputing any of their references or footnotes as being untrue? Dr. Pippin for example taught medicine at Harvard Medical School and is the former Director of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cooper Clinic.

  • rojo says:

    mia are you joking “not written by animal activists” Christopher Anderegg M.D. Ph.D. Primary Position. President Director Association for the Abolition of Animal Experiments Stephen R. Kaufman M.D. president of Vegetarian Advocates and founding member of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians John J. Pippin M.D. F.A.C.C Founder North Texas Animal Rights Network

  • Mia says:

    I have come across an excellent website which can give anyone even sceptics the lowdown on animal testing why it’s results are of almost no benefit to humans and why the hell it still persists. This is a well written article not written by animal activists but by doctors and researchers which makes for ojective opinions. Plus at the end there is a list of over 200 research articles which were used as references. If you have a few moments to spare go to . Enter the site and follow the link “A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation”. I printed a few copies of it and left them lying around at my work…

  • Brandon Becker says:

    I hope the letter encourages the city to drop their support for Covance. We must stop the construction of new labs and work to shut down those already in existence. Witness the reality of animal experimentation httpwww.stopanimaltests.comfeattesting123 Animal Experimentation Point Counterpoint httpwww.stopanimaltests.comfpointcounterpoint.asp

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    To add to Michele’s post the authors of “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese” also have a very comprehensive “Sacred Cows” is certainly an excellent book. Michele I’ve just started reading a library book called “Brain Trust” about BSE and CJD. So far a very interesting book.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    It’a an excellent point Michelle. The same situation is making people suffer because the FDA refuses to investigate alternative drugs that people can get easily and afford. SO many drugs could be used for sick cats and dogs like glucosomine and can then be approved for humans while pets benefit from the treatment. Glucosomine is a terrible example because sharks are killed to make it. But cats and dogs get illnesses that people do and these drugs can be “tested” on cats and dogs since they are ALREADY being used to treat them anyway! Also there are rainforest plants that hold promise for treating illnesses and we’re deforesting those areas before we know their potential. If people supported local cultures local markets said no to pharma companies and demanded to have more say in what goes on the societal change would give us more power in what goes on in health care and how drugs are tested!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Michele ThanksI will certainly check it out. If the pharma industry is somehow making money off animal testing that would explain a lot. They make money off most of the human population by convincing them that they needs drugs they do not need so I know that they have no limits to what they will do to make money.

  • Michele says:

    Antigone you should check out the book “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese”. It is probably one of the best books I have read regarding animal testing and how harmful it is to humans never mind how awful it is for the innocent animal victims and it really explains the issue of why animal testing continues I had the same questions you did. I could not explain it very well here because it is quite complex but the pharmaceutical industry is a big part of it. The book is not written from an animal rights perspective but from sound scientific principles and research. Anyway let me know if you get a chance to read it…

  • rojo says:

    Thanks Alka and Julia point taken but why does covance have it’s own waste water capture tanks if they were just flushing effluent down the drain? replacing and enlarging this one httpwww.cumberlandcounty.virginia.govplanningindex.html

  • caitlin says:

    youdontneedtoknow i ONE HUNDRED PERCENT agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! animal testing is SO wrong!!!!!!!!!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Alka C I agree with you that the FDA and those who test on animals are VERY slow to change that policy especially in light of the fact that there ARE better methods available. You also mentioned that these better methods are cheaper. If that is true and I do not know one way or the other why do you think they are still clinging to the use of outdated animal testing?? Who is benefitting from that since we know it is not the public?? These questions are not meant to be sarcastic I am seriously asking because I cannot understand why they would not rush to support better methods especially if they are cheaper as well.

  • Julia says:

    rojo they arent surprised at the fact that the drugs being tested aren’t approved by the FDA. Its the fact those drugs are being introduced into our water supply. And apparently not by one or two animals by massive amounts from animals. THAT is the surprising part.

  • youdontneedtoknow says:

    I feel sorry for the poor animals that suffer this SAVAGE pain from us humans who HAVE BRAINS I would ‘otherly LOVE to show the people who treat these animals like shit a little taste of there own bullshit. like how would you like it if some HUMAN came to kill your sondaughter or even better KILLEd YOU. these poor little creatures are helpless towards our strength. We may think we are smart but surely WERE ALL DUMB. “people who do this should go to hell!!!!”

  • kelly says:

    Interesting. Drugs that supposedly passed animal testing are now killing how many people? It seems like every day animaltested drugs are getting pulled from the market and these drug companies get hit with lawsuits for the harm they’ve done. When are they going to figure out that animal testing is ineffective and dangerous? I guess as long as the backwards minds can collect a paycheck from their animal testing activities they’ll go on wasting time and money and endangering us all. No wonder the cost of drugs is outrageous!

  • Alka C. says:

    Hey Rojo The point of specifying that animals in Covance’s labs are pumped full of drugs that haven’t been approved by the FDA is to say that the drug residues that are then excreted by the animals and flushed into our wastewater stream are unapproved drugs. 92 of these drugs never get approval from the FDA and for some of these drugs it’s because they’re too toxic. Animals in testing laboratories are given anywhere from 10 to 500 times the dosage that would be prescribed to humans and each candidate drug is tested on dozens to hundreds of animals depending on the nature of the drug. We are all complicit in the pharmaceutical contamination of water but companies like Covance exacerbate the problem by flooding our waterways with brave new drugs. The sin of all of this is that there are advanced nonanimal humancellbased technologies that can be used to test new drugs. These methods are cheaper faster and better than animal testing methodologies but as long as the stodgy FDA drags its feet on updating its requirements for drug approval and companies like Covance remain wedded to outdated science and outdated ethics we as a society will continue to poison animals to death in hellholes like Covance and reap the consequences in the form of unsafe drugs and polluted water.

  • rojo says:

    “animals are pumped full of massive quantities of test drugs that still havent even been approved by the FDA” um hello its a testing facility FDA approval is granted to drugs AFTER the experimentation stage. I’m sure they do use already FDA approved drugs but why be surprised that they would test new drugs.

  • Sarah says:

    Man covance is still trying to set up in Arizona? You would think that they’d learn by now….