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PETA’s 2006 Worst Dressed List!

Written by PETA | November 28, 2006
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It’s that time of year again, when it starts to get a little bit colder and you can spot a select few of Hollywood’s trashiest celebrities strutting around with dead animals strapped to their backs. At PETA, we have far too much tact to name any of these people personally, but we would like to send a general message to all celebrities to please just think hard and search your conscience before you consider buying fur. OK, just kidding, we have a list. Here it is:

PETA’s Official 2006 ‘Worst Dressed’ List:

  1. Nicole Richie: This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones. She’s an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match.
  2. Ashley Olsen: Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead.
  3. Christina Ricci: Disregarding the holiday season’s “Peace on Earth” message, Ricci recently posed for a magazine cover wearing fur from slaughtered reindeer. At least she’s not into fur hats: Imagine how many more pelts it would take to cover that forehead.
  4. Eva Longoria: You’d think she’d be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane.

You can vote for the number-one worst-dressed celebrity here. Notable absences from the list are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, both of whom have made some attempts to ditch the fur from their wardrobes this year—so here’s hoping they remember their resolution.

In the meantime, here’s Nicole and Ashley!


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And finally, in case the pictures of Nicole Richie and Ashley Olson looking like they just got finished robbing graves at a pet cemetery aren’t enough to convince you not to wear fur, check this out:

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  • Stacy says:

    I think that the cruelty of the killing is what is the major problem with the fur trade. It’s one thing to humanely use animals and their furs its another to do so in an exploitative and cruel manner. I personally don’t think that the fur trade is something that we as humans should be proud of but if we needwant the furs it is important to not do it in such a barbaric manner. We need to exercise stewardship of the gifts of the Earth and regardless of whether it is a plant fish puppy or a person these are all living things which deserve respect as living things. We have become too desensitized to death in general and need to treat life with dignity.

  • Christine says:

    for those of you who made comments saying that its ok to wear fur.. i think you guys fail to put yourself in the animals position. It seems that you are not sympathetic towards the animals at all! Maybe if you look at this whole thing from a different perspective the animals you can see how the whole fur industry is wrong. Animals HAVE FEELINGS its crazy for anyone to argue otherwise.. they feel sadness they feel pain and hurt. As is obvious in the video these animals know they are not in a happy place and they know they are doomed for a lot of pain and torture as they watch other animals before them meet their horrible death. I will agree that humans are a more intelligent race.. however that just brings me to an even more important fact. We as a superior race should take that power that we have and use it for good for protecting the creatures on earth that are weaker than us that cannot speak out for their own welfare we should have care and love for those living things that share the earth with us. How are we considered civilized people if we cannot treat animals with kindness? Why must we abuse the power that we have and hurt anything that is a little different from ourselves. Just because animals cannot speak or because they don’t look like humans does not make them less important or worthless or like some of you said “for humans to use”. So what if they can’t communicate with us or do the things that we can do.. they still HAVE HEARTS and live and eat and breathe just as we do and live and strive to do everyday!! I also believe that there will never be peace between humans as long as there is violence towards animals. It’s the same difference.. if you have the capability to hurt an animal.. you have the capability to hurt a human as well.

  • pcb says:

    In response to a comment made by Belinda…. I find that some of your comments flawed and naive. Neaderthalcavemen wore fur not as a privilege or vanity but for survival it’s unfair to make that comparison because Man lives in a world that’s become more abundant with resources. To make that assumption would be like “walking forwards with your head turned back blind to everything in front of you. Our society is in a position that has to no longer depend on fur. I disagree with other comments stated that “many species would be extinct if we didn’t hunt them”.That’s a contradiction. Natural selection since the dawn of time has always maintained a balance between Predatorprey. I feel in recent times Man has upset this balance. Predatory acts by Lions pale in comparison to the killing acts of Man. Zebras don’t get eaten alive. Lionesses trip their prey then they are strangled humanely before they are eaten. They do this for a number of reasons Lions don’t have the endurance wildebeats have and also to protect themselves from getting hooved. Animals in the wild don’t know torture like we do they only know instinct so it’s unfair to make references about how it’s no different to animals on furfarms because it is. Only a IDIOT would say otherwise. As for saying fur is environmental friendly it isn’t All fur nowadays is laced with chemicals that’s harmful to the environment to prevent furrot and decompostion More industrial energy is needed 60 for manufacturing of Fur Waste Chemicals from factories has a negative effect on the environment. Contamination of waterwaysrivers from chemcials have a massive negative impact on wildlife As I said before the usewearing of Fur is down to Morality and a person’s own belief However when a industry FurFarm supports the unjustified killing of animals for vainty egoism It’s wrong for anyone to say that there’s nothing wrong with it.

  • Belinda says:

    Sick and twisted? Thats a new one. Quite pleased with that myself. Bow down to celebrities? No way! They are famous for stupid things and I hate them for it but thats no excuse for bitching about them. They are people too contrary to however they may act and its just disrespectful and juvenile to discuss read bitch their tastes. Fur is a choice and they made it. If you cant accept that then the PETA is more blinkered than I thought they were. Quite frankly this article shows them up to be the kind of amateur organization that they are. Dissing celebrities however stupid they may be along with shock tactics to get those of a more sensitive disposition to squirm just shows how desperate they are unable to formulate a proper argument with relevant points. If the above Mitsu had actually READ my arguments they would probably have been found to be impartial and convincing. However this is not the case and they have been ignored due to the fact that I like and support the fur trade. Poor soulless coldhearted me.

  • Mitsu says:

    Belinda your line of reasoning is sick and twisted. For instance you argue that it has been worn for a long time. Hmm let’s look at some traditions that went on for a long time that aren’t so good like say or slavery? Or racism? Or sexism? Simply because something has been going on for a long time does NOT justify it. And I cannot believe that you can be so heartless. “Boohoo” Oh yeah if you are disgusted by watching a man skin a racoon LIVE than you are a wimp? Girly? I don’t get it. I really don’t. And you are very contadictory. You talk about “growing a spine” then talk about not picking on celebrities. You are the one being spineless letting our socity’s idolization of famous people and bowing down to them as if the majority of them actually had something that we don’t other than money and a plastic surgeon.

  • Belinda says:

    What is wrong with wearing fur? Im sorry but its an ANIMAL. Christ people grow a spine or something. And all those that cried whilst watching it or couldnt continue? Thats just sad. And I dont mean boohoo sad I mean whatareyousomekindoffreak? sad. Fur is a beautiful and unique material that has been worn for millennia. That means that back when we were Neanderthal man right up to the 20th century we had no problem with fur. It is only now in this day and age that people find that their common sense is made out of jelly and say But hurting animals is cruel! Fact of life to get fur we must kill animal. Sad but true. The socioeconomic values of fur as a resource are enormous and very varied. In Denmark the export of fur is the third most important agricultural resource they have after bacon and cheese. Canada the USA and many other Eastern European countries would not be as rich or influential without the export of fur simply because there is nothing else of particular worth no oil no rare metals etc. Which brings us neatly to price. Fur is so pricey that the actual market for it is very wealthy and very small. A lynx coat is worth about the same as a small house. This means that demand for it is never actually going to be that high. I will say this though. It is wrong to hunt endangered species for their fur. It is also ILLEGAL. Sure people still sell it but its black market and theres no way to stop that even if we ban the sale of fur. However it may surprise you to know that the fees paid for hunting and trapping licenses actually pay for the conservation of rare species. A slight irony I think but a good one. Another thing. The sale of cat and dog fur is banned in Europe. WHY?!?!?!? There are millions of stray dogs and cats out there that would just have to be put down anyway because of disease or overcrowding so why not actually use them for something instead of incinerating them in favour of killing the atmosphere? Its this whole social attitude thats the problem fluffy cute things cant be killed. People wouldnt object if people wore rat would they? They would more likely say Eww RAT fur? Theyre like disease ridden and theyre like RATS. Agricultural point there are many species today that we are all familiar with that would be extinct if we did not hunt them. Pigs for example. We eat pigs. Pork is yummy as is bacon and many other pig products. We do not have pigs running around in our forests. Why? Because its too dangerous. Wild boar could jump out and maul any unsuspecting rambler. But then why are pigs still alive? Why didnt they die out in the Middle Ages? BECAUSE WE BRED THEM TO HUNT. You say that breeding the animals just for killing them is cruel but face it. They will die anyway probably of a painful death at the hands of another predator. Circle of life in action. So however they kill them on fur farms is nothing compared to a zebra being brought down by a pride of lionesses and being eaten while its still alive but we dont petition for the lions to be culled. Also this video that youve all watched probably isnt one of a fur farm which most fur comes from. This is because we can all see the horrible people abusing the animals boo hoo. This bad treatment shows up on the pelt devaluing it. This means the trapperfarmerhunter doesnt get paid as much so its in their best interests to keep the animals in good condition. And if this is a hunter trapper they are an animal abuser and the privilege of caring for animals should be taken away from them. This however is not a prerequisite of the fur trade. This person obviously likes hurting things more than the money they make. Their license should be made null and void. THEY ARE NOT A RECOGNISED PART OF THE FUR INDUSTRY. The fur industry is interested in producing a high quality product for a select group of people and many designers support it Dolce Gabbana for example. To summarise there is nothing wrong with the wearing or production of fur. It is an important economic resource it is beautiful and unique it is an environmentally friendly natural material it has been used for millennia all over the world and the selling production and procurement are all heavily regulated and restricted. Grow a spine and stop taking the mick out of celebrities. They dont deserve it.

  • Lee says:

    That video made me sick!!!!! I almost threw up….really….I didnt even see the entire clip What disgusting cruelty to animals…..where is this place as I would love to skin him alive!

  • sanya says:

    First and foremost I think everyone has forgotten that we live in a country that puts “celebrities” on a pedestal. Where little girls go frantic on the site of paris hilton and for what? we need to make sure that those little and big girls are not getting the wrong messages from these celebrities. You forget that most children knew where the little survivor island was but could not point out where Iraq was. So do think people would focus more on celebrities or would pay attention to te reports of companies promoting animal torturing practices. To that dimwit who thinks that animal torture in china doesn’t affect the US. where do you think burberry as you seem so focused on that gets it’s fur???? You also forget that this video of china is only an example! How easy would it be to get footage from any “skinningcoorporation” if there are any in the US?????? Trends are created by celebrites. Everyone wants to emulate them. If their tastes are not questioned attacked and changed then how many olsen nicole wannabes can you convince otherwise. you also forget that these girls are just girls after all. Perhaps they just need a reality check like we all got from this video. Fur is a bigger evil since it is not needed for any sustainance furthermore unlike leather the best quality of fur comes from an animal skinned alive. There are so many materials we can use for fashion people. Lets just stop any lifeform from getting skinned alive. How disgustingly heartless are you to want fur after seeing this video. Peta’s shock and convince tactics along with all the other more reputable methods have always worked. If only these peta tactics catch your eye then know that this is the only kind of thing that can catch your eye

  • Nellie says:

    I agree with Paul that video is needless gore. I get the point..wearing fur is bad but I feel worse off after watching it. We all know killing anything would look disgusting I guess it was morbid curiosity that made me push play but it was pure disgust at PETA that made me push stop. try something other than shock tactics to get through to people its only reflects poorly on PETA

  • Paul says:

    In response to Emily…. I think animals are entitled to certain rights just as we do. I would have to agree that comparisons to enslavement of blacks and Holocaust is unnecessary and wrong but I think animals and humans share one important right. right to live and live freely. Animals don’t get taken seriously because we don’t understand them that doesn’t however make them any less worthy of living. I’ve always believed if animals could talk half the sht that goes on with animals fur trade would not be happening.

  • Canadian girl says:

    I would like to know how many of you own LEATHER? Same diff geniuses…

  • Emily says:

    I support animal rights but it’s groups like you that make me mad. PETA you’re not fighting for the rights of animals you’re not speaking up against animal cruelty and you’re not making a difference. You’re just a bunch of whiny hipsters who do things that are completely inappropriate immature and illegal in an attempt to get your point across. If you’re going to crusade against animal rights I’d suggest refraining from comparing animal cruelty to the the enslavement of blacks and the Holocaust and telling children that their furwearing mothers are murderers among others. You’re hurting the cause more than you’re helping it.

  • jodie says:

    That video is sickening everyone knows that people kill these animals inhumanely to skin them but not many people really know how. Its definitely a wakeup call. And when it comes to bagging out these celebs bear in mind that they do that all the time in gossip magazines and not only do people not complain about the fact that they are bagging out those celebs fashion sense but they actually pay to read it. If you guys dont find PETA’s statement about Christina Ricci’s forehead funny then ignore it everyone else does. Sure there’s other inhumane things going on in the world against humans but leaving comments on THIS site that they should be taking care of them is pointless there aren’t many people who go out of their way to maintain the rights of animals so why would you tell one of the rare organisations to put away their cause fight another cause and then work on their cause again after that one is solved? Fur is wrong everyone knows it just let people have their opinions about it I guess.

  • Jeff Johnson says:

    God you PETA people are zany.

  • shanelle says:

    I am absolutely stunned and apalled by the video I just watch. I stopped watching after he stripped the animal of its fur while it was STILL ALIVE. That was one of the most heart breaking and horrifying things I have ever seen. I will never purchase or associate with anyone who wears fur. That video brought me to tears and I think that any one who can wear fur after watching such a video is as inhumane as the people who are killing and abusing animals for their fur.

  • Martin says:

    I see from this blog that PETA have decided only to include the comments about how celebs are killing animals and have chosen not to include my previous comments about PETA being completely irresponsible by putting a video like that where innocent kids and myself can stumble upon this I dont have any fur and dont really agree with it so what right do PETA have to offend me with such horric images? I care about animals but suddenly I have no respect for PETA whatsoever.

  • Lionel says:

    You’d have to be inhuman not to feel repulsed by the barbaric acts of cruelty in the video clip. However I hope such incidents are rare and that a regulated industry would adopt the most humane methods of practice. I understand the use of Argon in the poultry industry has been found to be the option which led to the least suffering. The use of leather in clothing is common achieving the most optimal use of the cow providing food as well as clothing. Whilst it may not be perfect I see regulation as the most effective way of avoiding such excessive cruelty. Whilst I prefer to avoid the use of animal products in my life I accept the realities of the world and hope people agree with me in having respect for nature and the mechanisms of ecology in the world.

  • Joanne says:

    Um do PETA members approve of eating animals like chicken? Just wondering because i hate when people wear fur i even hate it when they wear faux fur

  • Karlee says:

    Yeah this is really sad but face it guys! People are going to wear fur. It’s just a normaleveryday thing. Hopefully someday people will grow up and just realize that it’s wrong. I mean you can wear something else and still look great! You don’t have to wear animals. It’s wrong. I’m for PETA all the way.

  • PcB says:

    In response to a comment… made by Tomcat Posted by Sonia OK I feel quite offended for you to say huntsmen have respect for animals. My dad use to Hunt and I can assure you that almost every huntsmen I’ve met has little or no respect for animals. So stop with the bullst. Also to say animals don’t feel pain. How the fk would you know your not one!! Just because animals don’t understand us doesn’t mean they don’t understand pain and fear. If animals are capable of showing love and compassion like your domestic pets then they are more than capable of knowing fear. Hunters nowadays hunt for sport not for survival. We live a world abundant with resources and now we are no longer dependant on animals the way we use to in the early stages of man. Anyone that say’s animals are ours for human use is talking bullst. The only reason people write stuff like that is so they can justify what there doing even though it’s wrong and they can sleep better at night knowing the fact they’ve taken something that wasn’t theirs to take. I think this double a case of standards you can treat your house pets one way but animals in the wild another.

  • Paul says:

    In as comment made by Estelle Rose in response to a previous one of mine… I can ensure you my comment wasn’t a personal attack of celebrities. Although I oppose the usewearing of Fur I believe it’s down to choice of individual moral and ethical beliefs. In this list I’ve seen a lot of religious quotes which I think is fine but quoutes have a tendency to misreadmisinterpretted. People try to understand God through religion which I have no problem with. But I feel God and Devil are closer to home through actions we do and words we say. I apologise if it seemed offensive but it was intended to.

  • Thelia says:

    I agree with what most people have said that wearing fur is a persons decision and we should respect that. But beating an animal and torturing it to death is ludacris. It makes me so furious that this happens and through this video I was completley disgusted and I fear for those poor helpless creatures. I had to stop watching the video after a few seconds because it was too much. Although there are some more pressing matters in the world concerning humans that we should direct more attention to first.Sorry but people do come first. And for all the people saying that those who where fur should be skinned themselves yes what they’re doing is bad but to say you wish that on someone else is just as horrible.

  • Jenniffer says:

    Anyone who left a comment saying it was okay to use animals for their fur obviously did NOT see the video as far as God giving us animals for fur and to control and all that… YOUR unbelievably Ignorant One of the gifts god gave to us was the gift of wisdom which gives us the capability to create things like faux fur…… If anyone can seriously watch the video and still say that those animals were put on this earth for that shouldn’t call themselves a christian. The attacks against celebrities with eating disorders were low and uncalled for… end of question. and the comment saying that vegetarians were just “jealous” of people that can eat meat and stay thin was completely moronic! there are alot of reasons people become vegetarians and although health is usually a factor it’s not beacause we can’t be thin and still eat meat! perhaps that person was just jealous of the will power vegetarians have that they obviously do not possess

  • PCB says:

    With certain comments I read… I think it’s easy to confuse Morality with Religion. I also think some quotespassages can be misread such as “Man has dominion over animals” since Man has dominion I regard this as Man to carry on God’s work Not to exploitdestroy it. However In the Old days paganism and Druids sacrificed animals in ceremonies in a way today which would be classed as butchery although they didn’t go beyond there religious beliefsbounderies. Every religion has there own views on God. Some religions PaganDruidary Taoism view nature and all life are in someway interconnected. Their philosophies are that Nature Life are just as important as God and should be respected as such! I feel morality is a belief in knowing what you think is right or wrong. People may agreedisagree but I think Morality is defined by person’s characteraction and thoughts. While I don’t believe in the usewearing of fur I do believe however that nature should be respected and all life have the right to live. If man was to decide all the time what should live and die I believe this would make God redundant.

  • Christine says:

    Genesis 129 … ” then God said ‘I give you every seedbearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.’ ” Genensis 130 …” ‘And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures taht move on the groundeverything that has the breath of life in it I give every green plant for food’ ” Selena.. there is nothing in either one of those quotes that says we can torture animals for their fur..

  • selena says:

    GENESIS 128 “…God said to them ‘Be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth.'” all you peta freaks are godless liberals. it is perfectly acceptable to use an animal for its fur. it is not sadistic.

  • Graham says:

    First of all without becoming to personal Louie entry on 22nd 06 your comment made me laugh. Does the word Tosser mean anything to you ? We are just about to enter 2007 and us humans are becoming more modern and knowledgeble and evolving every day. I am positiv that one day the fur trade will hopefully soon become extinct. Just like some of the species of animals that almost became extinct due to fur trade. In the world we live in there are so many problems to tackle such as starving children war and catastrophes which are by far probably more difficult to solve then the fur trade. I would like to congratulate all the people that devote their time to PETA and make it work. Some of the tactics might seem extreme to others but if you cry out and no one hears you you have to shout out louder. At the end of the day it seems very simple to me. No human being should have the right to torture and make animals suffer just because they wish to aquire a certain luxury product which is nowdays so easily replaced by something such as a fake fur coat etc. Lets try and make this world a better place by starting to get rid of the stupid fur trade and devoting our time to other issues. We need to protect the world we live in not the other way round!

  • christine says:

    ok “jakie” first of all before you go around leaving comments learn how to spell.. now if you absolutely must comment then atleast make sure its something relevant and not just a bullshit sentence proving that you are a materialistic ass hole. it’s really sad that there are people who actually think like you do and don’t see anything wrong with wearing fur. “the animals are already dead”.. well they were very much ALIVE when they were being skinned!! did you even watch the video? i hope not because if you did watch it and can still say those things.. then wow.. i feel sorry for you.. there must be something missing in your life.. please work on it

  • Taylor says:

    Celebrities ARE not cold hearted they just don’t know. Besides not like the designer brands do that the fur would be disgusting and if anyone found out no one EVEN celebs would buy their clothes!

  • Taylor says:

    I can’t believe that! I always thought all of them did it humanly! I mean beating them and doing while their alive IMAGINE if someone did it to you. Although I am a HUGE fan of fur. The only fur I bought was fake number 1 its too expensive and 2 it’s cruel! Why can’t we be like Indians and use sparingly and EVERY part of the animal I’d be OK with wearing fur then.

  • Jakie says:

    People that wear fur are fine..The animals are already dead..Please just because you can not afford it do not hate..APPRICIATE

  • louie says:

    Most of you don’t kno wat ur on about Fur in no cases is right its murder and it should be illegal telling this disgusting women that its wrong by using abusive and bullying language is the only way to stop them look at christina ricci she has stopt because peta talked out to her fur is a disgusting thing tht dosent even look nice on human beigs and for nicole richie and ashley olsen they havnt got eatin disorders they just do it for attention because theyre losing fame same as for wearing fur they have so much money they run out of stuff to buy so they buy fur. anyone for fur is obviously stupid and knows nothing about it

  • Carla says:

    So where is Mary J. Blige? I can’t ever remember seeing a photo of her when she isn’t wearing fur or head to toe leather. She is by far the worst offender.

  • Christine says:

    I completely agree with “Shorty”.. it’s true that the whole process in itself of making and manufacturing fur is extremely wrong however at the end of the night the fact is that if there were no people out there actually buying and wearing fur.. there would be no people in China skinning animals alive in order to supply for these people who think they are making some sort of fashion statement by wearing dead animals on their back.

  • Jenna says:

    While some people might call PETA “extremist” if it weren’t for them getting this video out the lot of us would be oblivious and ignorant to what really goes on cocerning the fur trade. And lets not lose sight of the big picture here. The bottom line is animals are being unecessarily slaughtered cruelly for something that mankind doesn’t need. In this day and age fur is just for fashion and luxury. As humans we have a choice to not engage in this barbaric cruelty we inflict on other beings. Never mind if it’s “just an animal” like some people quote. What about just respecting life in general? Say NO to fur!

  • Vicki says:

    I believe that any person who would wear fur that an animal posses should be skinned the same way the animals fur was removed from himher. Because I know you did not ask the animals permission for their fur if you did then you would know the answer is “NO YOU MAY NOT TAKE MY FUR THAT GOD GAVE TO ME TO KEEP ME WARM NOR MAY YOU HARM ME”.

  • Carlee Papp says:

    I just dont know how thoes people can live with there self.

  • Cliona says:

    I couldn’t even watch the whole video seeing that poor creature moving around trying to escape as they slowly cut off its fur was just too much if people like Nicole and J Lo who just realeased a line of fur clothes saw that video i wonder if they would be able to justify their wearing fur… …and by the way Barius no its not like those celebrities went out and skinned those animals but by supporting the fur trade they are insuring the cruelty goes on and you as a person who supports animals rights should understand people know “fur coats” dont grow on “fur trees” however people dont see an animal skinned alive every day of the week and frankly anyone who doesn’t get upset deeply disturbed and even angry when they see such things taking place has some serious issues…

  • Mr. SMith says:

    I felt so sorry for that poor dog… but on the other hand I think fur looks hot on a chick. Alot of fur goes to waste though like when tiger or lion dies at the zoo they should use its fur for clothes. Recycle means less dogs get skinned.

  • Tiffany says:

    WELL DONE PETA This is wrong the publicists that promote these fur wearing celebrities should realise their promoting murder.Though they are not killing the animals with their own hands instead they are paying someone to oppress the cruel misery of these animals. Murder is not fashion!!! I am 15 so call me naive if you can but how can anyone be happy or feel good wearing an innocent animals skin knowing the suffering behind their clothes. These people are idolised as fashion icons they influence others thats why they have been choosen by peta. We should be taught the real value of fashion and life.

  • Alex says:

    Wow. Just wow. This is ridiculous. Well the video is ridiculous but so are half the people talking on here ! I know we all have a right to our own opinions but I’ve read through most of the comments and seen things like ‘Animals have no feelings.’ ‘God put animals on earth to serve humans.’ Really I mean we as humans EVOLVE. Ever think that maybe this is a part of evolution ? Maybe being kind to others ? We’re trying to be nicer to other people so why can’t we just go a step further ?

  • Doanh says:

    oh jeez why are we bashing peta for using propaganda? because its wrong. I support animal rights but I dont need to follow this extremist organization to do so but its fine if people do because its my own opinion. No Peta advocates dont need to ‘get a life’ and I never said that. I dont know any of you personally and I dont appreciate being critized by someone I dont know. I know how wrong using animals are and contrary to what you accused me of without even knowing me I feel no guilt at all. I dont have any fur coats and I’m a vegan. Get your facts right before you try and get all self righteous with a total stranger. Nobody cares about how much the video tugged your heartstrings or made you cry. bullshit. take your emofaces somewhere else and grow up. Lets post something legitimate and relevant. You people are taking this shit too much to heart. It’s not like these celebrities went out poached animals and skinned them on their own. they had money and bought them. Being ignorant is not a crime. It’s wrong to throw blood on people and prejudge them and accuse them of being horrible people when the only crime they’ve commited is the one of ignorance. Promoting what peta promotes fights this ignorance. Dont be an asshole and take everything personally. By naming these people ‘cruel’ or shameful’ you’re doing the same thing they are. you’re trying to force your opinion upon someone else. Keep it to yourself. Upon seeing the video I felt sympathy like any person but I didnt feel such wretched disgust that you describe. Stuff like this happens everyday. Are you living under a rock? You think fur coats grow on the fur trees? grow up. So dont go and try to give me a lesson on animal rights “brittany.” Way to go trying to elevate yourself by degrading someone over the internet.

  • barius says:

    Hank I hope you die and find out that God is a Chinchilla who will be laughing at you as you get sodomized by Satan. Are you on crack or what man you’re a fucking dumbass who deserves to be roasted on a spit and fed to the homeless. You think that if there was a god he would condone skinning fuck you mate fuck you up your sorry ass.

  • Sarah says:

    A friend once wore a rabbit coat and I was disgusted… she said shes not supporting the industry cause it was bought from a charity shop .. its a good point .. but then I thought… a charity shop … do they not have such things as animal charity? INSANE!!! Please.. that video is painful … a kid come accross that and be scarred.. I wasn’t prepared and my family were in the room! NOt nice!

  • lauren says:

    Making commments about celebs and so called “mocking” them or “attacking them behind thier backs” doesn’t even come close to the way many animals are being attacked right now! The point of this message is obviously not to wear fur. If u want to wear fur then you must face the consequences that come with it. Even if it means being abused by those who stand up for animals and thier rights! Good job peta!.

  • Estelle Rose says:

    Reading everyones comments has very mixed reations. To Pauls comment I agree this video shows horrible footage but if we hide ourselves from the truth how can we solve anything? This is to show everyone what it is really like. You don’t have to watch the video. Whoever wrote the article is personally attacking the celebrities for other things other than fur which is unacceptable and irrelevent. That is not PETA’s fault but the idiot who wrote this list. I still fully support PETA and will continue to be a member to stop animal cruelty.

  • Dodger says:

    I’ve taken my Christina Ricci fanpage offline because of this so now the second link on Google when searching for “Christina Ricci” shows “Offline due to fur usage” and links to peta2.

  • Clare says:

    I totally agree with Diana. These women stars are ones that the media is splashing across everything. If you’re going to flaunt yourself in public wearing fur then you’re sending out the message that you support killing of creatures for fur. And PETA in doing their job is just highlighting the acts of these women. So if you don’t like what you see well blame it on your favourite female stars. They don’t look so hot anymore do they?

  • Sonia says:

    Austin Who is it that says that animals were put on this earth for human use? So many people here have already stated that this is just what people that believe in a certain god say to justify the use of animals. Even the bible can be interpreted differently all depends on your prospective on life. Regardless if these animals have souls or not they feel pain the same as humans they may not scream out in pain as they are prey animals and will be found by a predator if they make a huge fuss when injured. All animals have different ways of showing pain ie a kangaroo will scratch the affected area. Can you imagine yourself being smacked on the ground and then becoming conscious only to find that half your skin has been peeled off can you imagine the pain the animal would feel. Could you imagine it happening to the person next to you and having to watch this happen only to know that you are next. From what I could see that person in the video which I’m still having nightmares from watching even though I know that these things happen this person wasn’t in rags and the car he had wasn’t an old banger he wasn’t a poor peasent trying desperately to put food on the table and even if he was he didn’t have to find the whole thing entertaining. This world has gone to st and the only reason for this is because there are humans on it.

  • Austin says:

    if peta would try and solely do there job instead of protesting and throwing red paint on people and buberry stores they could get work done ANIMALS ARE INFERIOR TO PEOPLE… THEY WERE PUT ON EARTH FOR HUMAN USE! now by no means am i saying torture them or skin the alive kill them then skin them and quick question do you think people like paris hilton and nicole richie are getting their furs from chinese noname fur people? seriously the coats the get are probably treated better than that… i want to see burberry workers getting their fur like that