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PETA Are X-Philes for David & Gillian!

Written by PETA | July 25, 2008

idolator / CC

X-Files: I Want to Believe comes out today, and we can’t wait to see it. Besides marking the return of one of the best shows ever made—in my personal opinion—the new X-Files movie reunites two of our longtime favorite people: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

In 1996, David signed our “Get Gillette Off the Set” petition, which led to one of PETA’s greatest victories against animal testing. Oh, David Duchovny, why don’t you love me?

Gillian’s also a great friend to animals, having spoken up for bulls in Nevada and elephants in Chicago. In 2005, after Covance tried to stop PETA from showing footage in which the lab was torturing animals, Gillian put the videos up on her own site—and PETA won the suit to screen the footage. Because of Gillian’s commitment to helping animals, she won PETA’s Humanitarian Award in 2006.

We love David and Gillian, and we’re sure that their new movie will be just as wonderful as they are. See you at the theater!

Posted by Amanda Schinke

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