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PETA Wraps Up Fashion Week

Written by PETA | September 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week is always a busy time for PETA, as we urge designers, retailers, and clients to be compassionistas by shunning clothing and accessories cruelly made from animal fur and skins. If, like me, you were unable to attend (my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail), here’s some of what you missed:


Although, in the bizarro world of fashion, this late-summer show was displaying spring lines, and we should be seeing less fur this winter—as Karl Lagerfeld said during Paris Fashion week in January, “For the winter, the big trend is fake fur. Not real fur, fake fur.” So even the holdouts need to be ready to flaunt their faux and shed their skins, and we’ve got ’em covered!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • alexandre m. aguiar says:

    the whole wourld should ban china until they stop killing this poor animals!

  • VioletYoshi says:

    Bob, yeah the only protesters PETA seems to care about making the news are young, female, and naked.

  • sooz says:

    im so sick of seeing real fur in the shops in my town , its so sad and so cruel and very very wrong . i want it to stop now

  • Shelley says:

    It’s time to evolve and stop torturing animals, especially for something as ridiculous as “fashion.” I can’t bear to watch the shows on TV where ugly, selfish women parade around in fur coats from tortured animals. How self-involved and desperate to project wealth can someone be?

  • Ami says:

    I actually went into a new Michael Kors store that they just put up in my mall and I was pleasantly surprised to see that a fur vest in the window was faux. I was expecting to see it was real. Unfortunately, all of the leather bags were real. Let’s hope Tim Gunn can work his magic on him this season…

  • Lauren says:

    Ralph, it appears that they were painted as the animals whose fur patterns are often printed. You’ve made other negative posts on other files.. if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it… I think what Peta is doing is great, and they should keep up the good work with peaceful protests 🙂

  • Bob says:

    I was at this ‘protest’ and frankly, a little disappointed. This was a 1/2 hour photo op across the street where there was little foot traffic and poor visibility. I was fortunately able to cross the street and distribute leaflets at the venue itself, where I was addressed with questions from the public and school reporters, photographed with my poster and able to force my leaflets on some more recognizable fashionistas. The girls in makeup were long gone at this point.

  • Ralph says:

    You do realize that almost if not all the animals you decorated yourself as are ALREADY banned to use in fashion? Look, if you’re going to protest the use of fur and get people to take you seriously – dress up as animals that actually DO get used for products, such as a cow, mink, fox, etc.

  • Solun says:

    Thanks for doing this PETA and thanks to everyone who was there for a protest :).

  • Ritchie Margaret Laymon says:

    Excellent signs and costumes at your Fashion Week demo. Good to let the public know that it can honor the beauty of animals by wearing clothes with artistic animal prints, instead of dishonoring animals by supporting an industry that rips the skins off poor little creatures. My license plate says NO FURS which earns a thumbs up from other drivers who agree that cruelty in the name of fashion is despicable.

  • Mari says:

    They grabbed lots of attention. The protest was awesome!

  • Ace says:

    Until Jeff Mackey and Ingrid Newkirk actually post nude protest pics of themselves, this blog is useless…