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PETA Wants in on Kevin Spacey’s BBQ Fundraiser—if It’s Vegan!

Written by Amanda Schinke | July 18, 2014

Kevin Spacey©

There are tons of House of Cards fans in PETA’s offices—especially, as you might guess, at the Nanci Alexander Center for Animal Rights in Washington, D.C.!—so you can bet our ears perked up when we heard that series star Kevin Spacey is raffling off the chance to have lunch with him on the set of his hit Netflix series, with proceeds to benefit the Geffen Playhouse and The Old Vic Theatre Company. But with the grand prize a lunch of Freddy’s-style ribs, we wondered: Why shouldn’t the winning meal be kind to animals and the environment—in other words, why shouldn’t the winning meal be vegan?

That’s why we sent a letter to “Mr. Underwood” himself offering to best the current top-tier donation with a check for $6,000 if the grand-prize lunch features a delicious mock-meat entrée such as “fib ribs” or Field Roast instead of an actual animal’s ribs. We think he’ll agree that although the theater deserves to benefit from his generosity, it shouldn’t be at animals’ expense, and we’ll keep you posted on his response. We’re hopeful. After all, Freddy’s BBQ Joint is a fictional restaurant, so who’s to say that vegan “ribs” aren’t served there?


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  • Jim says:

    What a lot of ppl don’t see is how effective Peta is at affecting change on both micro and macro levels. By doing this, look how many ppl at grassroots level will be exposed to great tasting vegan food and maybe have an “ah-ha” moment, seeing tasty alternatives to animal cruelty and torture vis a vis meat products.

  • Ashie says:

    This is great! Go for vegan BBQ – its delicious, healthy and kind choice!