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PETA to Vick Prosecutor: Do Your Job!

Written by PETA | July 24, 2007

Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald G. Poindexter, whose job entails dealing with a certain dogfighting case that you may have heard of involving Falcons Quarterback (for the time being) Michael Vick has apparently decided to sit around and do nothing instead. A full eight days after the indictment, Mr. Poindexter has yet to file any state charges against Vick. As PETA Director Daphna Nachminovich puts it,

“Short of an engraved invitation, what else will get Poindexter to file charges against Vick? He should be ashamed that it took the federal government to come down here to do his job for him. This case needs to go before a grand jury lickety-split. Vick’s name will forever be associated with cruelty to dogs and so will Poindexter’s unless he takes immediate action to see that justice is served.”

Right on, Daphna. And Poindexter, what the hell are you up to? You can read our letter to the attorney here.


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  • Dan Howitt says:

    Great article. I’m Dan Howitt new to thanks again. Dan Howitt.

  • Janine says:

    In my opinion the bottom line is people who harm any people or animals in anyform need to be held accountable. Not just a few fines or some time in prison. We need to say to ourselves “What is this person contributing to our society” “how can anyone commit such brutalviolent acts”. Our society has become more violent as time goes on because we dont put enough fear in everyone of the consequences that they will pay for their acts. Our justice system in my opinion is not taken seriously enough. We need to get more than tough. Its a horrible cyle!

  • lorinda says:

    I think anyone who dogfights should be charged just like they would if they killed a pearson it is the same thing they are taking a life and its not right. i have a pit and she is a good dog and people like that are what gives them a bad name. if they would not fight them then everyone could see how really good they are. vick should be charged like everyone else and mabe he should be held to a hire standard because kids look up to him. he used to be one of my favorits but now i wont even look at him as anything more than a murder.

  • 007 says:

    dear Nessus your insane rant is all it is… insane. get help.

  • kim says:

    Nessus This is for your comment about pit bullS I have had pit bulls a long time they are terriers not vicious but like any dog they can be trainded to be mean. You on the other hand should be shot for stupidity. You sound and probably look like an ass. I hope they have open season on scum like you and Vick and all the other abusers out there. It won’t be long before you are in jail for hurting a human. That is what animal abusers do. You are a JACKASS WITH NO MIND. Animals are companions to all sorts of people elderly blind police they do so much good. I bet you don’t contribute anything to society.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi fellow animal advocates! We have arrived at the conclusions that the animal advocate bashers are uneducated about life and decency in general endorse cruelty are on the wrong site since they are whinning about other nonrelated issuesthat I have no doubt they are doing absolutely nothing about…don’t have a clue about our backgrounds and productive lives or the famous historic and presently famous leading animal advocators…don’t have a clue about the law cannot use common sense let alone reasonable logic… are narrowminded selffocused selfdestructive…well the list can go on and on. So I have come to the conclusion that it’s clearly obvious that they don’t want to be educated about animals’ rights all that it encompasses have no virtuesattributes that tends towards humanity and humane treatment and generally they are lost up in their own clueless worlds. We KNOW that what their nonsensical opinions of us does NOT affect us nor will they change our focus because their uneducated opinions are NOT our focus or concern. OUR FOCUS IS THE ANIMALS. So to the animaladvocate bashers I say YOU need to get more than a life…you need to get a wellrounded education you need to get some humane attributes you need to get out of yourselves and you need to see the bigger picture of life. p.s obviously you express yourselves as being ciminally and cruelminded that is consistent with Vick. After all water seeks its own level. And for those of you who boast about eating meat who think it’s funny I say it’s YOUR heart attack…enjoy it! btwyou won’t have time to enjoy your potential for CrutzfeldJacobs disease because its a sudden fatal onset

  • Geoff M says:

    I am a long time NFL fan and love the sport. However I am shocked not more NFL players have spoke up against Vick in public. Clearly what Vick has done is horrible. More action should be taken. If he is convicted he should never be allowed to play in the NFL again. The federal government needs to make Vick an example.

  • don says:

    why 99 of the people leaving bad cooments about mike vick are women they know nothing about sports are the legal system. I am tired of these peta bleep women complaining about a story they know nothing about

  • Peter Berg says:

    I think we have to let do process take it’s course. The law is there for a reason. I also believe that using this a platform to protest call Vick names tell him to burn in hell etc. is ludicrous and chips away at the credibility of any organization group or individual that supports such actions. However I do think that this is an opportunity to have meaningful discussions and education regarding animal cruelty and inhuman practices and treatment. If Vick does turn out to be guilty portraying him as a monster will do nothing. Finding out why some people abuse and mistreat animals and then working on eliminating those causes is worthwhile the other stuff is just petty

  • Don says:

    people are talking about boycotting for what he has not been convicted of anything. Is peta retarded or what approve this for the sake of humanity

  • albert heer says:

    to dianna fuller it’s nice to know that you like also animals but peta is an animal rights organization and there are other organizations outthere caring about humans but let me make a proposition how would it be if you would go out for to care about children and maybe adopt one this is a great task! it’s not just the organizations who help others be it for people or animals! but it is everyone of us who can do something! for example me when i see a homeless i invite him for dinner in a restaurant but behold there are people who refuse because they just want the money for to buy drugs so it’s easy if one accepts your eating he is honest and so on but i think it’s always good if you do good for the two humans and animals you see. in a human’s heart there must be place for the two things!

  • Heather says:

    Erin had a great point worth repeating with the caveat If convicted “it’s not because he’s black it’s because he’s a piece of trash. Would Emmitt Smith Tiki Barber or the great Walter Payton be involved in dogfighting? Nope. Because they are great people not trash.”

  • tasha says:

    You know what screw all the people that think this is about the “BLACK” man.. it has nothing to do with color so get over yourselves its all about his actions… and by now i would think it’s obvious that his actions were wrong dogs lives are more important. Sure he may be a great player but he’s also a great screw up sending the wrong message aka abuse to animals is fine if your famous sorta thing. So basically he should be put to justice! THINK ABOUT THIS!

  • Wendy says:

    I feel really sorry for AfricanAmericans that they feel so persecuted that they cannot see the facts right before their eyes and turn every issue into a racial one. Michael Vick if quilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Since he is so high profile quilty or innocent he could should do some PSAs to inform the public of the horrible “sport” of dogfighting. Maybe then some good can come from all of this.

  • Wendel! says:

    Chenille Iraq war? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We aren’t taking away innocent peoples lives over bullshit…we are seeking justice for a man who treated animals like trash instead of with respect and love like he should have. I am completely against the war and I am against any form of animal cruelty. When you people see that evil never wins no matter what kind and no matter who it is done to? PSI highly doubt most of the members of PETA get offended by the word “treehugger”..I prefer to embrace it.

  • Nessus says:

    I couldn’t care less if Vick killed every pit bull that lives. It should be open season on that vicious scum. There should be a bounty on the head of every pit bull dead or alive.

  • Virginia says:

    For some reason. dogfighting is considered great sport in the south. How anyone could think that is sport speaks of a sick and weak mentality. Even if they can’t see the reason for dogfighting to be immoral they HAVE to know its ILLEGAL. As far as MIke Vick saying he didn’t know what was going on that his relatives lived there and took advantage of him. Ummthere is evidence that he bankrolled the entire operation and was the 1 guythe TOP MAN of Bad Newz Kennels. Typical arrogant jock. Take them from nothing to having more money than God and they think they ARE gods. The state of Virginia proves that. The Feds have Mike Vick. They did all the leg work. But the state of Virginia won’t act because he is Michael Vickand bacause the hillbillies of Virginia think dogfighting is great entertainment. After all these officials represent the people who put them in office.

  • chris says:

    lets watch Lamont Brewster kick vick ‘s ass and we can place bets!!! for spca charge for tickets and sell out pay per views get Vince Machmon WWE to put it on let OJ ref!! I had it hard as a kid but I still cant just watch a living creature die its not upbringing its a moral CHOICE!!

  • Matt says:

    You guys are getting way too carried away with this. We don’t even know if the man is guilty or not yet. I am definitely against dogfighting…but let the facts speak. You don’t know the facts yet so chill out!

  • ann says:

    where is oprah? how come oprah the dog lover is very quiet these days? doesn’t she know her ” bro” MICHAEL VICK THE THUG IS IN TROUBLE? or may be because vick is her ” bro” so she can’t say anything negative? come on oprah hv some courage like u r on stage.

  • ninja dog says:

    im right thier with you debbie throw that coward vick in a cage with one of his strong and mean dogs and see how much he enjoys it from that side of that cage i bet he would be crying like a infant if he survivedbut lets remeber if the dog wins we would have to hang the skinny coward thats the rules right? the last thing he is a good qb look at trowing stats what a joke nothing more than a running little coward that likes hurting innoncents animals trying to defend there self what a poor of excuse of a humanhe should get life behind bars for the rest of his life period !

  • bring it vick says:

    i invite mr mike vick to lock his skinny but in a cage with metill the last man can walk away since he seems to enjoy watching it lets see how good he is at it or is he to much of a cowardhe would rather put two innoncent animals in a cage but with no choice but to defend thier self in my eyes his nothing more than a coward!

  • rose says:

    i am so heart broken i find it hard to stop thinking about it. vick deserves time. what’s really a trip is he didn’t need the money. poor poor dogs.

  • Denise says:

    To stop the racism crap..just look at PETA’s history and see how many different races they’ve gone after. This isn’t a matter of race this has to do with animals.

  • Wendy says:

    I love how people sit here and try and bitch and complain about what happened to “their” people in the past yet are okay with it happening to animals now. No animals and no people deserve to be treated with such cruelty. This isn’t a PETA issue this is a fucking compassion issue. This is what is right or what is wrong! PETA is just doing what they need to do to see that justice is served. Evil people shouldn’t be able to just walk on the streets. I personally believe that 6 years isn’t long enough. I just think he should man up and face the facts…he got busted. I don’t give a shit what race he is how much money he has or whether he plays football or ping pong. His evil doings override all of that.

  • ruth says:

    on July 24 2007 0515 PM freddie said we should find out who his biggest sponsor is and boycott or at least embarras them by showing their relationship with this monster. well his biggest sponsor is nike i already went to the and signed the petition for nike i hope you all will do the same they already started taking some of michael vick products off the online store tweetie1571

  • Brenda says:

    You people need to get a life. You would rather stsand on the side of the street from predawn to midnight hoping to get your face uin the news about this case. Where are you when the children are being shown starving both here and abroad. It is also a shame that there were laws to protect animals prior to a law to protect innocent children. You would also clothe feed and love a monkey before you would open up your home to a homeless helpless child. This child is able to think and relate to you in their language and the animals who are dumb with no conscience cannot. This should prick your conscience. Also you all set your self up as judge and jury prior to the case being heard. Contrary to popular opinion you all do not have the ear of everyone. This is coming from a person who has two dogs and love them dearly.

  • Warren says:

    Actually Jacky you can. Michael Vick has many houses. Who says that he was present at the time that the dog fighting was taking place. It could very easily be some of his friends that are taking adavantage of his home. He didnt have to know about it.

  • St. Francis of Assisi says:

    I choose to have faith in the federal judicial system and believe justice will be served both on Earth and before our creator. If there is any benefit from the Vick controversy it is that we can teach our children that animals should be treated with dignity and respect. Take a moment teach your children.

  • mike says:

    Vick represents all that is wrong with pro sports. Stardom big bucks and he thinks he is above the law. Just say NO to Vick just say NO to the NFL just say NO to Nike and just say NO!!! to dogfighting. He is technically innocent until proven guilty but this type of indictment results in conviction 97 of the time. Read the indictment and see if you think he wasn’t in up to his eyeballs.

  • Tom says:

    Those of you accusing others of going after Vick because he’s BLACK are doing exactly the opposite of what you need to do in order to ever improve your lives and make things easier for you and your community. As long as you continue blindly standing behind ANYONE who does ANYTHING just because he’s black your voice and opinions will be laughed at and viewed as worthless by the folks in this country who make the decisions. Once you start talking about having some accountability like every other minority and majority group in the country has no problem doing and addressing issues based on the ACT instead of the RACE again like any other group or race in this country people will start respecting your opinion. Until then all most of us think back to is O.J. To those of you defending Michael Vicks the biggest piece of ghetto crap to come out of the NFL in a long time this is just another example of your being willing to support any one even total human garbage no matter what he’s done just because he’s black. And let me let you in on a little secret … for most people in America it just reinforces all those awful stereotypes about you.

  • D. Dogdandy says:

    Maybe Mr. Vick was attacked by the dogs at his house in VA just like the PETA people on this page have clamored for. As he was attacked he defended himself and slammed the dog to the ground and killed it. There could be easy explanations just like that as to why the dead dogs were found on his land. For the poster that says animal abuse leads to child abuse So with your logic we should go after people that drive cars. Hence people that drink and drive must start with driving a car. Sounds stupid huh. So did the argument you posted.

  • VICK FAN says:

    screw all you fags. vick will beat this and laugh in your faces. someone should do a drive by on you peta protesters. now that would be funny. they are just dogs. pitbulls at that. where are you pussies when a pitbull attacks and kills a young child.

  • Silas & Tamra says:

    ONe more thing This is America! A place that alot of men have fought and alot have diedThe ones that fought and made it back some of them never came back the same. But they came back PROUD! One was my DadThank You Dad! He is no longer with us. But He was a prisoner of WW11 and him and all the BRAVE soliders fought for my rights and your rights That each of us can have the chance to speak our minds whether we are right or wrong It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH! This website is here to let America voice their opion on how they feel on this and othe issues concerning ANIMAL’S RIGHTS! Alot of people feel Anger when they read such horriable things no matter if it is done to a human or an animal! Somehow it brings out the COMPASSION in us if their is some.Just like when everyone goes to vote You vote who you want in and why! This was a sickning act done to alot of animals that did not have to be doneIt was done for money and pleasure.Let the NFL say to it’s players you as a player are representing US! We will NOT TOLERATE no such things that are not UPSTANDING! We will not tolerate drugsdogfighting or anything criminal. If found in your homes on your land in your car or your name involved in such a thing You will be SUSPENDED!WITHOUT PAY! Until you have been proven NOT GUILTY!We believe that is FAIR! Let the players know that the young players are watching and that name stands for something. Something to be PROUD of!Thank You Dad and all the soliders that have fought and died for my right to speak in a FREE COUNTRY were love should be for everyone! This world would be a better place! Thank You