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PETA to USDA: Seize Neglected Elephants

Written by PETA | November 30, 2011

Following reports of chronic neglect of elephants held by Florida-based exhibitor Jorge Barreda, who uses elephants for rides and rents them out to circuses like UniverSoul, PETA is calling on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to confiscate the elephants and relocate them to a sanctuary so that they can receive the treatment that they urgently need. USDA inspection reports dating back to April indicate that Barreda has repeatedly failed to provide vital care for the elephants’ feet, which can lead to serious, and even fatal, abscesses, infections, osteomyelitis, and other problems.

Foot problems are extremely serious—they are the number one cause of premature death in captive elephants in the U.S., who are forced to stand for long hours on hard surfaces instead of walking for up to 30 miles a day as they would in the wild. Despite the necessity of foot care, circuses and other animal exhibitors often neglect this critical aspect of elephants’ health.  

Please avoid all circuses that use elephants and other animals and urge your family and friends to do the same. Click here for a list of animal-free circuses.

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  • pujanimal says:

    Imagine having your ill pet perform in a circus, forced by heartless people that then refuse to give them adequate food, water and a comfortable sleeping place. Imagine, if you dont have a pet, for something like that to happen to a loved one. It’s cruelty, and it MUST STOP. Animals, ALL animals, are inquisitive, intelligent and capable of love. Shame on you for tainting this generations view of them.

  • P. Cole says:

    How can you justify keeping these elephants for public entertainment? They are sickly looking and don’t move normal. The USDA must be getting paid off to look the other way. It’s that or they don’t care.

  • lisa says:

    What is wrong with you americans you let animals continue to suffer like this pay to watch you need to take note of other countries that will actually step in help

  • Kim says:

    You MUST RESCUE THEM NOW! They have suffered for children’s entertainment enough. Please send them to a sanctuary. If we cannot save, value, protect the largest land animal of this planet….what good are any of us? Please help the beautiful animals, please

  • Torah says:

    Law enforcement should stop this immediately, take all the animals away from these freaks & put them on the chain gang forever. I am so angry about this & tired of how people mistreat & take advantage of these poor animals. In my opinion, we need some vigelantes.

  • Kim says:

    Elephants are a gift from God. They were never meant to be human entertainment . How can such monsters to this to these beautiful and magnificent animals. May God stop,this and place,his wrath on these monstrous humans. Stop,this cruelty now and let these wonderful animals live where they are supposed to be roaming free in a sanctuary .

  • Manuela says:

    How can you know this and not doing anything against it??? How can human beings so heartless to animals??? Shame on you! Please stop this and et animals live in peace in a sanctury!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Kalčákov&#225 says:

    DO something to STOP this!

  • Kelmon says:

    Please don’t do this to our animals; they are helpless, voiceless, they depend on us…please give them freedom, so they can heal…they deserve to live under different, more humane conditions

  • Jules says:

    I agree we are our own worst enemy 🙂 this makes me sad to be human!! The thought to do this to us would not occur to them!!!!!

  • Iva Chmelařov&#225 says:

    Stop the exhibition of animals in circuses!

  • jude says:

    human beings are simply the worst thing that happened to this planet…

  • Alfari says:

    Please speak out for the elephants to avoid circuses with animals!!!

  • Xénia Edvinsson says:

    I cannot believe that this still happens! These elephants need to be removed from this situation immediately and those responsible need to be severely punished! This is disgusting!!!!

  • Chris Williams says:

    DO something to STOP this!

  • caterina benello says:

    Let these animals have a life of dignity in a sanctuary. Stop circuses with animals.

  • Eliza says:

    it is our duty to care for and protect all of nature. We have more knowing, intelligence and power and it is our role on the planet to protect all of the lower life forms, just like the angels protect us.

  • julia bless says:

    Stop the exhibition of animals in circuses!

  • Peter3Dogs says:

    Let them roam in a warm preserve where they can recuperate & live normal lives w their friends.

  • MP says:

    What shame to human!

  • R.Riley says:

    Animals are not born to entertain, stop making money from cruelty – this is a disgusting industry.

  • Angela Beitia says:

    I’m against exhibition with animals!!! That has to be banned and right now!

  • Valerie says:

    Please have some humanity….they do not deserve to suffer

  • Elise Margulis says:

    So many circuses have been caught abusing elephants. It’s ridiculous that they are still allowed to have elephants! Absolutely unconscionable!

  • C Paredes says:

    Please STOP the ABUSE towards these Elephants, they belong to the wild not a circus!

  • Priscilla Diaz says:

    I really hate circuses who have animals as an entertainment. Take cirque du soleil, they have the most amazing performances and there are no animal in their shows. I say NO to circuses with animals!