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PETA Urges Restaurants Nationwide to Ditch Dead Heads

Written by PETA | January 4, 2010

I’ve never understood why some bars and restaurants line their establishments with dead heads—and I don’t mean the tie-die type. I’m referring to the stuffed heads of animals. No amount of Zinfandel can ease the anxiety and sadness I feel under the glassy-eyed stare of a dead moose or deer head. Ugh.

Now it’s the owners of said bars and eateries who are feeling anxious about those dead heads. A Manhattan hot spot, White Slab Palace, has been slapped with a lawsuit by a patron who claims she suffered a concussion and chronic neck pain after a 150-pound moose head fell on hers—noggin, that is.

With the New Year in full-swing (and lawsuits looming in the background), now is the perfect time to ditch the dead animal décor and go faux. PETA has written to the National Restaurant Association and offered to send free animal-friendly replicas made of cardboard or plastic to bars and restaurants that decide to 86 dead (animal) heads from their establishments.


Fred, the cardboard moose, designed and manufactured by Cardboard Safari™
Cardboard Moose


PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk points out, “Few sights are more off-putting at dinner than a dead head looming over the plate, and who wants to be reminded of blood sports while they’re sipping a Bloody Mary.” Hear, hear! I couldn’t agree more. How about you?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Foxie says:

    Animals are living beings. They don’t provide us with food the Earth does that with beautiful plants. There is no honor in being murdered and having your corpse devoured by another species with a superiority complex.

  • Kristy says:

    I am a wife of a hunter and my husband is very loving. He doesn’t enjoy killing a living thing but this is how we get most of our meat for our family of 5. We have never bad mouthed PETA and I would appreciate it if PETA members wouldn’t bad mouth us. No one knows about another man’s life till they live it. To each their own.

  • MasterMayhem says:

    A comment about Hunting. If every meat eater got their meat only from hunting that would instantly and exponentially improve the rate of global warming obesity heart disease cancer environmental devastation and the utterly obscene horrendous treatment of animals in the food industry. “If” is a big word. Hunters aren’t the problem any more than praying mantises are responsible for insect plagues. Yeah I think that makes sense…

  • Emilia says:

    I just have one question. What are restaurants doing with these “deadheads” after they have agreed to get rid of them? I mean they are already dead I don’t really see the harm in them being there over just being thrown away. I also do not eat any meat and I don’t really find it that disturbing to go into a restaurant that has animal heads on the wall. It really just makes me feel better about my decision about not eating meat and this is probably a stretch but it might discourage people from eating the meat at one of these places if they have to look at the head of an animal they are eating.

  • Terry Mitchell says:

    I am a deer bow hunter and a fisherman. I am a loving husband father of 2 girls a registered nurse and a middle school guidance counselor. I hunt because I enjoy the outdoors I enjoy the quality of the food the animals provide I enjoy the comaraderie I have with freinds and extended family with whom I hunt. I don’t think that my family patients kids students friends or wife would see me as a sociopath. I don’t see animal life equal to human life but I highly respect the animals I hunt and apperciate the substenance they provide for me an my family. I don’t enjoy the inficting pain on an animial but I do enjoy the food the animal provides and the challenge of killing an animal that is smart alert alusive and beautful as a deer. I see the quick kill of an animal by a hunter more merciful than the natural population control mechanisms of nature. Slow starvation disease weakening the animal to the point it is caught by a preditor with deer usually a coyotee and eaten alive over a 30 minute period.I think the animal becoming food for a person. Actually becoming a part of the physical life of me and my family is a much more scared respect and honor of the animal than coyotee food. Or perhaps the animal is wounded or killed through a car deer collison that for example has killed 123 people in Wisconsin in 2008. I do understand your point of view that you abhor unesessary suferring of animals and the behavior of hunters who hunt for the wrong reasons. I just think you Peta suporters have a niave view of the natural world and a mistaken view of the role of animals in creation.

  • Kurt K says:

    Michael I am glad you decided to be civil in your response. Thank you. I have a few issues with your response. The main one is your statement “but we all know that even though they would not admit it they love the actual process of killing another living being and watching it take its last breaths thereby showing their might and “superiority.”” Who is we and how do “we” know that? Again you don’t you are just assuming because in your mind that seems logical. In some cases you are right but in most cases you are probably wrong. My friends hunt to provide food enjoy the outdoors spend time with friends and family and for the challenge. I already know what you are going to say. “How is a challenge when you have a gun?” Well you don’t give the animals much credit in this case. Animals have sharp senses and camoflage that make it difficult to see and approach. Most deer hunts end in failure not sucess. I know of a few of my friends that haven’t shot a deer in a couple of years. Whether you want to call hunting a sport or not is a matter of symantics. Call it harvesting food for all I care. People have been hunting for thousands of years. We would be here right now if humans had not hunted. The examples you give about aliens and giving the prey and equal chance are irrelevant. Aliens are not going to come to earth and start shooting people. If they do we will fight back. Go rent Independence Day or War of the Worlds As far as the equal chance idea goes does a lion or any other predator give the prey an equal chance? Nope. If it did then the species wouldn’t survive. The simple truth is that you don’t like when animals are killed for reasons that are strange to you. I can respect that I see your point. The problem is you fail to see my point. You will never reason with my beliefs because you are so engrossed in your own that you can’t embrace another point of view. Hunters may dislike PETA and its members but PETA members HATE hunters because of one fact. They hunt therefore they are cruel to animals. In fact hunting clubs and hunters give more money to conservation efforts than PETA. I have been typing way to long so I will stop now.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Whenever I go to my favorite restraunt and munch away on a huge plate of Texas Caviar which is not fish eggs but a delicious black bean salad I look at the enormous moosehead hanging over the bar and reflect upon how much more exciting it would have been to see him when he was alive perhaps drinking out of a river somewhere in a beautiful primevel forest.

  • chris says:

    HELLO IM CHRIS k now im only 20 and i decided to learn more about all of this. now so you all have info on me my name is chris im a male my diet DOES mainly have meat. i dont not go around beating ppl or what not. i live in michigan and hunting here is very popular. now yes i have went hunting before but ive never shot a animal i go to spend time with my uncle and papa and normal i always sleep in the blind instead of hunter…for real its the best sleep i ever get now i read alot of post from members and i find it intresting you think hunters are violent and all that. not trying to disagree that hunting in alot of ways is wrong but it doesnt make every hunter a horrible person. my grandpa and uncle have killed multi deer but they dont go arond beating ppl my grandpa actually helps alot of ppl. also not all hunters do this for fur or for fun. my family does it for the meat. and i mean we take all the meat we dont waste nothing. another thing is the orgins are left befind for other animals to eat. and believe me give the orgins two mins and coyotes and others will have it gone. what are your views on lions tigers and other carnivores? why is it okay for them to eat other animals but we are not aloud. i mean i understand farming animals is wrong but hunting is what lions and other animals do. and vegan diets have downfalls to. though red meat may not be the best chicken meat is low in fat but very high in protien. i agree with alot of what you are all fighting for but im confused on some things. im not trying to go against your views just trying to better understand.

  • Michael Carpathios says:

    Kurt I honestly believe your intentions here are good. However I must point out that you called hunting a “sport.” That term is used freely in the hunting community. Hunting is not a sport it is murder plain and simple. And while I have known many people who hunt and seem to be good people otherwise they have just fallen into their society’s traditions and not questioned if the activity was actually ethical. For hunting to be designated a sport then the hunted needs to have an equal footing and ability to kill the hunter. A sport is when two opposing factions fight or compete on equal grounds. That is not hunting. Hunting involves attracting animals to a location often as they travel in packs or families and without notifying them in advance killing them. And then what happens when they only wound them? They limp off in misery until they hopefully die mercifully. If you were to go hunting for SPORT I realize you don’t anymore and there was a 50 chance you would kill something and a 50 chance you would be killed do you think it would be nearly as popular as it is? Hunters say that they love the activity and often justify it because either there are too many deer or other animals or that they plan to eat the kill. But we all know that even though they would not admit it they love the actual process of killing another living being and watching it take its last breaths thereby showing their might and “superiority.” I like to tell people to imagine aliens coming to Earth and declaring there are “simply too many people” and the herds must be thinned out. So you are with your family at the mall and suddenly some alien hunters start shooting their weapons and you watch as your mother and sister are hit. You see them bleeding and gasping their last breaths with pain. But you must quickly get the rest of your family out of their and abandon them or you will all be killed. That is what people call hunting killing for enjoyment target practice on living beings. Hunting may be a widely accepted activity but that does not make it right. I think the people that come to this website realize that. And while your friends may participate in this murder it does not make it acceptable.

  • Kurt K says:

    Carla That is what I am talking about. Once again you are assuming without knowing. No I do not hunt. I have been hunting before but it was years ago. I find the activity boring and a waste of time. However I have friends that do enjoy the sport. They are not sociopaths they do not beat their wives andor children. In fact they are good people who happen to have different opinions than you. Also I assure you I have balls.

  • carla says:

    Cat… Kurt is just another example of the ignorance of most human beings. He is not worth our time. He is probably a hunter who as we all know.. have No B…..s!!!!

  • Kurt K says:

    Cat I really don’t know what I said that was so bad. I pointed out the fact that Brien called hunters “sociopaths”. He said “People who kill innocent and sentient animals to mount their heads on wall are dangerous and violent sociopaths.” He made the statement not me. I passed no judgement he did. I asked him a question of whether or not he knows any hunters. If he does and they are “sociopaths” thats fine then he has evidence to back up his point. My problem is that he judged all hunters without knowing any of them. I don’t hate Brien and certainly don’t hate animals. Just because I disagree with him doesn’t mean I hate him. Furhtermore I rarely call anybody names on this post. You can probably find a couple of posts but I rarely hit bellow the belt. I find it childish and immature to use such tactics. I don’t judge people here I just want to understand how they come to such conclusions based on very little or very biased information.

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    Kurt K Really? Really? Do you just post on this site to inject your own biased and hatefilled opinions towards animals and animal rights? This post isn’t so bad but I’m noticing a pattern with you and your posts…seriously… “judging people based on your own assumptions which are based others assumptions”? Based on your response and some your previous posts kinda sounds like the tea kettle calling the pot black to me. If you want to go eat your dead flesh while sitting under a dead head be my guest. Just don’t patronize others for wanting to live a lifestyle that doesn’t involve those cruel practices.

  • Michael Carpathios says:

    Note to PETA if you want to make a real issue out of this hanging dead heads for decoration then maybe you SHOULD consider an ad that appears as if human heads are wall decorations! Alternatively you could use dog and cat heads but it’s not quite as headturning. In true PETA style that’s how you get the masses to make the connection!

  • Michael Carpathios says:

    I won’t go into establishments with body parts as decor. When I see pictures of photos of proud people with their fresh kill or animal heads used as decoration all I can see in its place is a dead human body. I just don’t understand how placing a buck head over the mantle is “beautiful” but hanging a human head would be horrifying. It’s all murder and dismembering.

  • nikki says:

    i so agree with this but what if someone is really poor and all they can have is deer meat i mean the deer is going 2 good use and if we dont do something about the deeer they will get over populated and have hoof and mouth disease where they can only walk on their elbows so if that happens what do we do? but once again i am completely against hunting andhanging their heads on walls.

  • Jackie says:

    Whenever I think of how people perceive hunting as a sport I think of this joke from Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck are trying to convince Elmer it’s the other character’s season. So they start reading out recipes for each other out of cookbooks. Then Elmer says he doesn’t hunt for food it’s just for sport. Then Daffy says “Oh yeah well how about Tennis? Tennis is a great sport!”

  • Toby says:

    There are much worse things than taxidermy heads in restaurants like meat! Also I would find a CIA torturesession with a suspected terrorist probably more offputting to be fair.

  • Kurt K says:

    Brien Sociopaths? Really? Have you ever meet a person with a mounted animal? Or are you just judging people based on your own assumptions which are based others assumptions?

  • Kathy says:

    I refuse to enter any place with these heart crushing dead animals on their walls. The Road House here in Lafayette went out of business. When the entire family had gathers in the summer I refused to go which in turn made big brother choose another place. The few times I’ve been in any place like this I’ve never returned I’ve refused to even drink a coke. I continue to comment on the poor dead animals. I was born this way and my family is well aware that I can’t shut up I don’t want to see fake one either. The whole idea is disturbing to me.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    People who kill innocent and sentient animals to mount their heads on wall are dangerous and violent sociopaths.

  • Shari says:

    I love those paper animals heads! They are cruelty free plus would make a much better conversational peice over dinner!

  • george says:

    i dont and never have understood these i mean its a dead animal hanging of the wall! why would sombody even consider this all it shows me is that sombody has killed a poor innocent animal and is so proud they put it on a wall i would never go to a reasteraunt with one of these in it.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I saw a picture of the head that fell on the woman and it was a caribou not a moose but whatever it was it still lost its life. Moose or caribou it is wrong to kill these majestic animals just so some moron can put the head on the wall. Looks pretty stupid to me.