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PETA U.K.’s ‘Dog’ged Fight Against Racism

Written by PETA | March 2, 2010

What do breeders breed—besides dogs with crippling congenital defects?


Crufts poster


Canine racism.

PETA U.K. recently unveiled its new “Boycott Breeders” ad just in time for the Crufts Dog Show—an event that, like the Westminster Dog Show in the U.S., encourages the false and dangerous belief that some races breeds of dogs are superior to others.

About one in four pedigree dogs is born with painful and life-threatening genetic defects—including hypothyroidism, demodectic mange, epilepsy, cataracts, allergies, chronic ear infections, and hip dysplasia—all of which have been handed down through generations of inbreeding and selective breeding. And pedigree dogs aren’t the only animals who suffer because of the breeding industry. Every time a dog is purchased from a breeder, another who has been awaiting adoption in an animal shelter, longing for a home, dies. It’s a fact: Breeding purebreds in a world in which millions of animals are homeless is pure heartlessness.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Alexa caramino says:

    I hate how people can do this to dogs just because they haven’t got a voice…

  • Doreen Pryor says:

    Please don’t buy dogs for their appearance i.e. cute and pretty. I have two border collies rescued from the RSPCA where I work as a volunteer and my dogs are just great in spite of their upbringing. Also find out a bit more about the breed you are seeking and whether you can afford insurance vets bills etc. They do have feelings.

  • Gill says:

    “While you admire my pedigree style and “form”….Puppy farms will still be the “norm”! ” My quote and think about the simplicity of the message. no buyers no breeders.

  • Lillian says:

    Yes its better only comebing the hair and dont dress.I have a half poodle dog and she has cute curls.Pure bred dogs allways need a haircut and thats crab.

  • Alyson says:

    I used to have an English Bull Terrier who had congenital kidney failure and epilepsy also likely to be genetic. He had to be put to sleep before the age of 3. I reckon he also had some form of doggy autism as well his testicles didn’t drop either so he had a lot wrong with him. Caring for him was very hard work and stressful so I know first hand about the perils of pure bread dogs. I now have two mutts from the rescue home who are beautiful bonny and healthy. I miss Henry immensely and it was very sad but he was overbred.

  • Marnie says:

    Every being is unique and we don’t need to sort everybody in race drawers !!! That’s progress…

  • Annette says:

    Do a google search for “akc puppy mills” The AKC is built on the bodies of suffering puppy mill dogs. Puppy mill registrations provide most of their income. These breeders don’t even care about purebred dogs! They just care about making money and doing it by hurting dogs

  • Joanna says:

    I agree Boycott breeders…all those people who have unwantred litters unplanned breedings diliberate breedings of dubious value. Yes boycott breeders who have caged breeding stock. Boycott breeders if their animals are of unknown health. Boycott breeders who have only money invested and not their hearts.

  • Lunar says:

    ‘About one in four pedigree dogs is born with painful and lifethreatening genetic defectsincluding hypothyroidism demodectic mange epilepsy cataracts allergies chronic ear infections and hip dysplasia’ Demodectic mange isn’t a genetic defect. It is caused by a mite.

  • Ralph says:

    The only “racists” here are those who don’t see that animals come in all sizes shapes and breeds yes some pure bred.

  • michelle says:

    I agree…I have 4 dogs and they are all from rescue org. or I found them on the side of the road….I have also fostered ten dogs in the last year and found them forever homes…I am constently trying to educate people on adopting not buying…THANK You PETA for you work on getting this info out… millions of dogs are put to sleep every year that there is nothing wrong wthem except that their humans gave them up..we do not need to be bringing more dogs into the world when we do not even have homes for or resources for the ones we already have…and mutts are the BESt..

  • Lilith says:

    I have never bought an animal from a breeder. Every pet I’ve ever had since childhood has either been adopted from the pound or been a rescue animal. Right now I have two beautiful rescue kitties living with me. They are the best friends anyone can have!!

  • Caroline says: