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PETA TV Spot Pulled

Written by PETA | May 7, 2010

PETA just launched a TV public service announcement about the filth and cruelty that we exposed in our undercover investigation of a farm that supplies Land O’Lakes. Apparently, some Philadelphia-area viewers were so sickened by the ad that they complained to the TV station that aired it. (If only they’d complained to the perpetrators of the abuse, instead!) As a result, the station pulled the spot after it had aired just twice:


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Yes, it’s graphic, but that’s what happens in the dairy industry: Cows are electro-shocked and jabbed with knives, they live in stalls covered in urine and feces, and sick cows collapse and die. There’s nothing pretty about the way that animals who are used to produce milk are treated, but those who still eat these products sometimes prefer to live in blissful ignorance.

Sure, we’re disappointed that our ad is no longer airing, but there’s still a way for it to reach millions: People like you and me can make the ad go viral! So what are you waiting for? Help us by sharing the pulled ad through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, e-mails, and any other way you can think of.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Tristan says:

    From now I’m purely getting milk from farms. Appearently because of the food industry vegetarian isn’t enough anymore.

  • Robert says:

    Again we see the sheer stupidity of mankind. Complain that it’s too disgusting to look at and then go right back to eating it.

  • B. Burger says:

    If things sickened these people who wanted the ad stopped why don’t they complain to Land of Lakes? Sounds to me like someone in that Company got a lot of people to complain.

  • Elizabeth McGreevy says:

    Why don’t the real Philadelphians get on the phone with the TV station and protest the removal of the PETA ad? Pressure the station MORE than the ones who wanted the ad gone and let’s see if the station reairs it.

  • Cathy says:

    It’s called “Head in the sand” and “avert your eyes til the ugliness goes away.” Unfortunately for the animals which endure the horror….it will never go away until people decide to open their eyes and see what REALLY goes on behind the labels. One person truly can make a difference. Thanks to those who DO stand up and speak out for the voiceless…

  • Eden Courtney says:

    I watched this video and was indeed sickened by it I was so sickened and disgusted by the egregious cruelty inflicted upon these poor dairy cows by these monsters that operate this obscene excuse for a dairy farm that I vowed never to eat or drink dairy ever again. I was raised on milk cheese butter etc and had gone vegetarian but was still consuming dairy no more. The best thing we can do to stop this brutality is stop buying dairy products. It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be we are just so brainwashed by “Got Milk?” that we think we have to have it. Well my answer to “Got Milk?” is a resounding NO NO NO!

  • Andrà says:

    People and society want to be informed on everything right? Isn’t that why the news talks of war politics and dangerous production of cribs or cars without breaks… why is this different? It is information and it is not glitz and glamour it’s the truth… why would someone complain about this… We all watched the people jumping from the towers during 911… yes it was disturbing to see BUT we accepted it because it was information… I think the only difference here is the milk drinkers and meat eaters probably got a tiny tug on their conscience and could not handle it… this is the first opportunity they got to feel the culpability of their actions… and they didn’t like it… Shame on them… ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant…the victim continues to suffer behind the scenes

  • random says:

    ah folks this is so not about land o’ lakes. this is a sickness in society that we excuse animal abuse for our own convenience. if we at the very least limit our dairy consumption to that made from milk produced by critters who are grazing on large open organic lands wouldn’t that be something. of course total abstinence from dairy is the answer. total absence from consumption of any food derived from abusive practices. the definition of abuse needs to be all encompassing and strictly adhering to zero tolerance of animal abuse. each calf is somebody’s offspring. can you imagine what it feels like to be a mother and watch your offspring be caged in the ‘veal’ department? this is not about the tv station or any particular dairy farm. anyone suggesting that this is only one dairy do your homework. while you’re doing your homework see if you can refrain from having nonorganic caged ‘food’ until you find the answers. it’s hard to do in this day and age… ‘food’ on every street corner and five choices corner to corner. all serving products which have been produced in either toxic or inhumane fashion. grow your own!

  • Kelley says:

    People who know how these animals are treated and yet do not want to see their suffering are guilty of the sin of willful ignorance.

  • Jacob says:

    I despise my own species John. We are the scourge of the earth and me and my fellow PETA activists are cursed to be a part of it. Damn shame. But if you can see the good of people that’s fine. And it’s a unique skill I sure as hell can’t see the good in anyone who’s not a vegetarian. So good for you. Well on second thought maybe it’s just America. America and China.

  • umporte8 says:

    Not really a fair judgement to make on ALL dairy barns

  • Angie says:

    John What the HLL is wrong with you?!?! Don’t you understand that it is the PEOPLE who are doing these things to the animals? I DO NOT hate my species but I sure am ashamed of some of YOU!!! Angie

  • Kris says:

    The people who saw this ad just don’t want to believe that this kind of stuff really happens. However it is this graphic scenery that makes a difference and shows what animals around the whole world go through. Thanks again Peta for getting your message out there by all means! I too wish that those people in PA would have rather complained to Land o’ Lakes instead of the TV station! Thanks for the TV station for airing the video even if it was just twice!

  • frances says:

    im only 9 and im a tottall vegitarien.people who torture anamials have no feelings what so ever.animals have feelings too!!!!!

  • John J says:

    More fanatical comments. Stop with the negativity toward people. Support the animals but don’t hate your own species.

  • Antoine says:

    It is sad that the American people are convinced that their government is championning the cause of freedom and democracy while in their own country “big brother” type censorship is rampant. I wonder if you would be able to air similar ads on Iranian Iraki TV or on television stations in any other country that americans consider to be “undemocratic”. After all is it only a dictatorship if your leader is called “Stalin”? What if your leader is called “Monsanto and “Haliburton”?

  • Lala says:

    I apologize on behalf of true Philadelphians. Some ignorant people don’t want to know the truth. If it was a worker spitting or peeing in their milk or butter they’d watch and then call LOL’s CEO blasting them!! I bet they’d even call for a criminal investigation. Oh but electrocuting cows? “no problem. Can ya just keep it to yourself though cause we cant watch dont care aboutthat”

  • Logan says:

    I would like to test on molesters and rapists as well bro but we can’t preform experiments on people based on the american constitution I believe the 4th ammendment but I might be wrong and UN laws.

  • Douglas Day says:

    I don’t understand why the government and private corporations do all this testing on animals in the name of human research when they have so many pedophiles rapist murderers and such in prison!

  • Aleksis says:

    How can people be so dumb? Like you said you don’t complain about truth brought to light you do something about the source..why would someone want to stay ignorant? I say boycott Land o Lands..takes a lot less energy than calling a tv station to complain.

  • Caroline Kropka says:

    People just can’t accept what goes into their foods. I think you need to see what happens to your food before you eat it.