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PETA Hot on the Trail of Circus Elephant Abusers in Ohio

Written by PETA | July 25, 2013

As the Kelly Miller Circus performs in towns across Ohio, PETA is calling on authorities in each town to enforce the state’s strict prohibition on the use of prods and similar devices on animals used by circuses. The elephants used in Kelly Miller’s shows are supplied by its (twisted) sister troupe, Carson & Barnes, which—like all elephant-exploiting circuses—uses sharp metal weapons called “bullhooks” to control the huge, anxious animals.

Please never go to any circus that uses animals—and know what steps to take when one is coming to your town.

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  • Ann Bailey says:

    What concerns me the most is the circuses continue to get away with this. How can that be? I just don’t understand why they can’t be stopped!

  • Adair Leonard says:

    I wouldn’t go to a circus if you paid me. When is the abuse of circus animals going to stop! Let them go to a sanctuary where they can find peace and comfort.