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Who Just Scored $1 Million From PETA?

Written by PETA | July 14, 2011

PETA and its international affiliates put their money where their mouths are—or, rather, put their donors’ money where the animals’ mouths are, to spare animals from being force-fed and otherwise poisoned with toxic chemicals in experiments. PETA and its affiliates have now provided more than $1 million to fund the development and implementation of non-animal research methods.

Testing doesn’t need to involve torture.

One recent recipient of a grant provided by PETA through the generous support of the McGrath Family Foundation is the International QSAR Foundation, which is developing sophisticated computer models that can replace the use of animals for carcinogenicity testing. In experiments to test the cancer-causing potential of a single chemical, more than 400 animals are forced to ingest chemicals for one to two years before they are killed.

PETA U.K. has also provided funds to support skin irritation testing methods that don’t use animals. The PETA U.K.–funded method is now accepted for use internationally in place of painful tests on rabbits. PETA U.K. is now funding research to validate non-animal skin allergy tests, which are commonly performed on guinea pigs and mice to test cosmetics and other chemicals. This breakthrough is especially timely since beginning in 2013, cosmetics that have been tested on animals cannot be marketed in the European Union.

Tim Mitchell, president of CeeTox, Inc., says:

This donation is important because it puts PETA and its affiliates in a unique position of not only championing the need for new non-animal tests but also providing money to help make it happen. It sets a good example for others to follow …

Even in these economic hard times, it is critical that we continue funding the development of non-animal testing methods as a sure-fire way to get animals out of laboratories. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you can target your donation here.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Anon says:

    I cried when I saw the picture of that poor mouse. It made me feel so damn heart broken to know that people are hurting animals all for the sake of things such as make up, nail polish etc. Why the heck are people putting things into animals eyes? People can see that this animal has clearly had something done to it, and yet these idiotic “scientists” turn the blind eye and ignore the screams coming from them. I mean, come on! Who goes around hurting any animal, let alone an adorable, gorgeous, getnle and kind little mouse? Scientists, if you people are so smart, why couldn’t you have figured out how to be ETHICAL and CRUELTY FREE?

  • Heather M says:

    Good on you the McGrath family foundation for giving this money to help stop cruelty to animals thru medical research. You have put your money to fantastic good use and set an example to other organisations. Good on you Peta for your voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

  • KAyo says:

    Poor animals.. What is GOD doing watching this happen to poor creatures like this. I hate the cosmetic industry for doing this. Stop this please… Amen

  • Teri Love says:

    Thank you Peta! I volunteer at a local animal shelter and the things that people do to animals is unbelievable! How can these cowards do these things to animals that can’t help themselves. I am so proud to be a part of your great organization. Please, keep up the great work! We all thank you, especially the innocent animals.

  • greatbigbubby says:

    thank God some good news in the fight for animal kindness!!!

  • HeartOfAnimals says:

    Oh My God. This Made My Heart Bleed And Rip In Half. I Own 2 Mouses That Are Sweet As Can Be. I Love Animals They Been In My Life Since 1999.

  • MARY says:

    Thank you PETA. I am so glad that they will implement this no animal testing on skin or cosmetic products.

  • Carla* says:

    Awesome!! And Thank-you!!

  • Sarah says:

    Amazing work, PETA. Definitely the place to put your funding. 🙂

  • Dan Collings says:

    Excellent news. Gives you hope for the future. Well done guys!

  • hamideh gerami says:

    just so sad,what has human more than animals?they belong to the world and this world belongs to them too… they have right as much as human has….

  • Louise says:

    Thank you once again PETA, this photo makes my heart ache, and makes me so angry.

  • debra bouton says:

    BRAVO Peta! BRAVO!

  • Mary Roberson says:

    Thank you PETA, hopefully we will soon see an end to the cruel mistreatment of animals everywhere.

  • BrendaHixenbaugh says:

    Thank you PETA< I will never understand how these lab workerss can be so indiferent to these animals pain and suffering. The photo of that little thing just broke my heart. I could feel its pain, its dispair, its loss of all hope, it's just plain giving up. Dear God what retched inhuman beings these people are.

  • Krissa Cash says:

    Wtf is wrong with people testing on animals!!!! This needs to stop and should have never been an option! I just got the list of brands who test and im not buying any of their products and im telling everyone i know to do the same! How can these people sleep at night who work as animal testers! Id love to cage all of them and torture them everyday for the rest of their lives! They will have to answer to god and they will be tortured in hell believe me! STOP ANIMAL TESTING NOW!

  • Rat King says:

    This is amazing news – thank you Peta – for doing this in order to end animal testing, because this shame has to stop completely! Animal testing is useless, cruel and a brutal stoneage method! Today’s governments are pretending that we are living in modern times – so they should finally realize it – by abolishing vivisection!