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PETA to TomKat: Don’t Drench Suri in Armani Fur!

Written by PETA | September 24, 2008
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So check it: Last year, Giorgio Armani told Time magazine, “I spoke with the people from PETA, and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur.” All well and good right? I mean, who could wear fur—let alone mass produce it—after seeing where it really comes from!


Armani’s fall collection includes (gag!) fur coats for babies (so, so wrong), floral-printed fur coats (don’t try and dress up what it really is), fur-hemmed skirts (no thank you!), and fur-trimmed jackets (hell to the no). As you can imagine, we’re going postal up in here. But instead of disrupting his shows during Fashion Week in Milan last week, PETA is aiming higher—at the stars, in fact.

PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, in all his fabulousity, hit ’em where it hurts …. TomKat anyone?!

Check out the full text of Dan’s letter to Tom and Katie below, and make sure to leave a comment to tell us what you think.

PETA is sending similar appeals this week to Kristin Chenoweth, Glenn Close, and Heidi Klum, all of whom wore Armani to the Emmys on Sunday. Ew, right?

September 23, 2008
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
c/o Jeff Raymond

Dear Tom and Katie,

Greetings from PETA, where we’ve always admired your fur-free personal style. Because you are among the most highly visible wearers of Giorgio Armani, we are obliged to alert you to a distressing situation that has arisen with the company. We’ve been in talks with Armani for the past few years, asking the designer to drop fur. We showed his senior design team PETA’s four-minute video—which documents how animals on fur farms are strangled, electrocuted, and skinned alive—and a few months later, Armani told Time magazine that his meetings with PETA, “convinced me not to use fur.” Unfortunately, he’s gone back on his word; his new collections are full of fur.

Most shockingly, his collections include fur coats for babies and kids. Please be vigilant about any packages that Armani sends for Suri, as they could include bunny fur from his toddler lines. We imagine that Suri, like other children, has a natural affinity for animals, which is why we find it shocking that Armani is not only breaking his fur-free promise but also trying to lure children into fashion derived from skinned rabbits. We also ask that you please use your considerable influence with Mr. Armani to urge him to keep his word and leave fur out of future collections and that you consider wearing fashions from some of the fur-free designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Dan Mathews
Vice President

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Ces says:

    If I had my way I would skin Armani alive.

  • Lucy Atkinson says:

    Do any of you people wear leather shoes? Does that not strike you as hypocritical? I’m not condoning the way that animals used for fur are killed … only saying that animals make use of other animals all the time. When your slate is clean then throw stones. If it isn’t … then live and let live. In fact why not live and let live anyway? Campaign against the way that fur animals are killed and treated but not their actual use. Production of cotton and synthetic materials harms the planet you’re just trading one harm for another. Get off your high horses and try to have a more balanced view. BTW I would not wear fur because I think it’s unnecessary. But just chill out people!

  • jess says:

    i am a fashion design student in college and as much as i admire great design i think fur is absolutely disgusting. faux furs give the same aesthetic and keep you warm so why kill an innocent animal? i have a pet chinchilla and whenever i see someone wear fur i get so upset that someone would take my beloved pet and kill it just to make a garment. this world is just full of sickos.

  • tjep says:

    Damn celebritiesnot all of them so slef absorbed! how the hell can you be sooo PC and soo fked up at the same time?!

  • Alexandra says:

    Great letter Dan! I think its wonderful that you are confronting the issue by informing his customers. It would also be great if you could get the message out in the media and printed in a “star” magazine.

  • Paula Purvis says:

    Armani How’s about a VEGAN Line of clothes?

  • Paula Purvis says:

    do we have a letter to email direct to Armani I was curious after looking at the dresses on the Emmy Award Show on E! that not one of the actress’s had on a sayorganic fabric gown with maybe a polished oval stones for a necklace?

  • animal lover says:

    I think it’s great that you told them. I’m sure Tom and Katie wouldn’t want their little princess wearing fur. As we all know fur belongs on the rightful owners.

  • Lori says:

    send the letter!!! these celebs make me sick with the stupid things they do!!

  • deborah lamb says:

    How can you allow this sick trade to continue.

  • Kaylyn says:

    this makes me absolutely sick…. for children are you kidding me!

  • Ann says:

    I cant believe that designers like Giorgio Armani still use furs in their collections how sick in this day and age cant they find other materials to use instead. What is even more disturbing is the clothes are for kids. Should the public families teach their kids better? How about love compassion and appreciation for the animals. Why are they still putting suffering of others on their kids bodies SHAME ON YOU !!!

  • Paul Thandi says:

    I thought Armani had more sense than to produce fur crap Scientology doesnt teach compasion I see!

  • Marcia says:


  • brookeiecookie says:

    i think wereing animals is disgusting. animals are not food and are not meant to be worn they need thir fur more then we do

  • Pam Coburn says:

    Young minds are very impressionalblewhat do you want your children to learn? Cruelty? Death? or Compassion and Life.

  • Linda says:

    There is NO earthly reason to use real fur. The only reason is because they don’t give a damn and don’t care anything about the sufferings of others including animals. Tom Cruise is on his own personal planet so it could be next to impossible to even reach him. Armani is a designer who should know better. He has been around for many decades and it is time for him to come into the 21st century and beyond in the way he has his clothes manufactured. In my opinion anyone who uses real fur in anything except on the animal to which God gave it to is a person who needs to wake up fast and see the reality of what is going on. Thanks PETA!!

  • Maysoon says:

    Yes I think Tommy and Katie should be vigilant about what Suri is wearing. She is in the public eye and Armani and other designers don’t necessarily design their clothing with ethics…. I certainly hope that Tom is ethical…I can remember watching an Oprah interview where Tom was asked about whether he was vegetarian and he started laughing at the question and said “No I am not vegetarian…” I hope he is cautious about the example he is setting with Suri. It’s very important that Suri doesn’t wear fur because she is Tom Cruise’s daughter who will be a role model for a lot of kids to copy her style.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    I’m sorry to realize that Armani is either unintelligent or not respecting his own honor because on the italian website he is promoting animal protection! How is it possible to be a fur producing animal lover? Come mai potete cadere in un simile buco? Vi siete messi in una trappola di bugie e mancanza di parola! Non posso credere di avere a fare con un essere cosi stupido che non sa distinguere tra maltrattamento degli animali e la loro protezione! Aspetto una chiara spiegazione di lei Signor Armani!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    I find it fun that people who spend thousands getting hair removed from their own buy spends thousand to put the hair of some poor murdered animal on them. If you want fur leggings why both just spike shaving or waxing at least you won’t be hurt any thing! Plus one less raze in the dump..

  • Curtis says:

    kathleen Tom doesn’t wear fur. Did you even read the blog entry? And yes Scientology is compassionate.

  • Raquel says:

    Oh please like he actually cares about animals. All he’s concerned about is his money. Selfish asshole.

  • adriana araya says:

    That is deplorable.. Shame on you Giorgio.. thats disgusting….

  • Linda Simard says:

    It is so very sad to see adults dressing their unsuspecting children and enfants in fur. A child is naturally drawn to animals because children are peaceful little souls. I was mortified when I found out that I had worn real seal skin boots when I was a child.I hope parents make better choices for their children.

  • Jason Sydney Norton says:

    I just dont understand why people want fur? What is so classy about smelling like a wet dog and shedding everywhere? I still cant comprehend exactly how it is that designers are able to pedal the skins of tortured animals as haute couture. There is nothing fashionable about looking like a Neanderthal or a cheap Las Vegas Hooker.

  • SASHA says:


  • NT says:

    Whether you care about the suffering of fur animals or not fur looks creepy on everyone ESPECIALLy children! That is clearly bad tacky taste on the part of the parents. I also saw a photo of Kate Moss’ little girl in a fur cape and almost puked. I don’t know what people are thinking!

  • kelly says:

    Armani is old and in the way. He’s a has been. The younger designers are kicking him in the butt. And failing designers always go for the easy stupid use of fur.

  • kathleen says:

    What? Scientology doesn’t teach compassion??? The Way tom goes on and on about how great of person you will be if you join this perfect religion.cult in my opinion then shouldn’t killing animals be off limits??

  • Rachel says:

    I find it especially disturbing when I see fur garments designed for children. How many young owners of similar clothing have pet cats dogs rabbits? How many of them know the truth about their jacket or even know what it’s made from? If they ever found out it would give them nightmares for days weeks months. They would never touch another piece of fur. No one has ever been horrified by the production of cotton based clothing. We can cheaply and quickly produce products that resemble “real” fur without causing any suffering. We don’t need skins any more!