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Update: Fetish Animal Torturer Sentenced to 10 Years

Written by PETA | May 30, 2014

Update: Ashley Richards was sentenced last week to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of cruelty to animals for her involvement in making “crush” videos. “While we are satisfied that the defendant received the maximum penalty in these cases, we will fight at the next legislative session to increase the punishment range for this offense to better protect these animals and all citizens of Harris County,” said District Attorney Devon Anderson. “When a person tortures and kills an animal that raises a red flag about that person’s capacity for violent behavior in general. It will always be a priority for our office to aggressively prosecute offenders who abuse animals.”

Richards’ co-defendant, Brent Justice, is scheduled to appear in court in July.

Originally posted on August 21:

After PETA was alerted to violent fetish videos sold online showing puppies, kittens, rabbits, mice, and other animals who were tortured in ways that would make even a hardened person sick, our Cruelty Investigations Department staffers worked around the clock to find the perpetrators. Thanks to skillful sleuthing and with the help of the Animal Beta Project, PETA determined that the alleged producers of the videos lived in Houston, Texas, and rushed the evidence to local authorities. Two days later, the Houston Police Department (HPD) arrested Brent Justice and Ashley Richards, two suspects believed to be involved in an international video sales scheme, on felony warrants and charged them with animal torture.

Photo: Houston Police Department/Houston Chronicle

Photo: Houston Police Department/Houston Chronicle

The Real ‘Torture Porn’

PETA applauds the HPD and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for their swift action. We will be pushing for federal charges as well, as making crush videos is a violation of federal law. Such videos feature animals, including mice, puppies, kittens, and rabbits, slowly tortured to death for the sexual gratification of fetishists.

Charges for both suspects result from a video that PETA gave to the HPD, in which a woman prosecutors say is Richards is shown cutting the leg and slashing the neck and throat of a puppy before beheading the struggling animal with a meat cleaver. Richards also faces charges related to the torture and killing of a cat in a 2010 video. As the Houston Chronicle reports, a “judge halted the reading of the court documents during a hearing last week because the details were too graphic.” Richards has reportedly admitted to killing hundreds of animals over the years. The investigation is continuing.

What You Can Do

As this case shows, for animals in danger, one phone call or e-mail can the make the difference between life and (perhaps a horrible) death. Please, if you witness or hear about cruelty to animals, never be silent.

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  • ferretmommy says:

    I hope these two rot in hell!! Prison and some fines is not enough for scum like this. I vote we torture them the way they tortured these defenseless animals and make them suffer….prison is just not enough.

  • Bodine says:

    i hope these serial killers are put somewhere where they don’t ever get out, never be free and can’t hurt innocent creatures for sick reasons. Disgusting excuse for a human!!!

  • john argent says:

    Thank You, PETA, for the followup; I was riveted to this case and hoped with all my heart that there would be follow-up. May these demons never see the light of day. I don’t want to hear about mental illness, troubled childhoods, chemical imbalances or any other excuses. No one with a functioning brain and beating heart could do this without realizing the agony they were inflicting on innocent, defenseless, feeling living beings. May they rot in the worst jail on Earth and be tortured, themselves.

  • Bridget says:

    The time the two of you spend in prison cannot compare to the horrific crime against the helpless animals you have tortured to death but i do hope that your punishment brings you many years of misery! Both of you are really worthless people and i pray that prison life is horrific for you!

  • caren says:

    I hope these monsters neaver see the light of day again, and burn in hell forever and ever!

  • Linda Manuel says:

    If they will do this to innocent animals – a PUPPY!! – what will they do to children?? They should be given life sentences to protect the public. Actually, execution would be better than giving them a home and food for the rest of their lives.

  • CMAV says:

    Well, I have a fetish, too – a fantasy of doing to these people what they did to those animals. And I hope, once these pieces of human garbage are rotting in jail, that some prison inmate with a love of puppuies and kittens will do just that. Payback time for these maggots is coming.

  • Mary S says:

    Thank you PETA. Both for pushing for prosecution and getting the word out to those who never heard of such evil in this increasingly crazy world. I am counting on them getting the full 45 years and wish they were up for the death penalty along with anyone who watched one.

  • Susann Topping says:

    What’s WRONG with you BASTARDS! Animals are our friends and we are supposed to protect them….not torture them…. You need strong help for your behaviors. Death penalty for both………for sure!

  • marie says:

    Please why cant we all get together and have a laws passed that whatever they do to an animal is done to them…and televise it i would be more than happy to serve in this capacity.

  • Elaine says:

    Congrats of finding and arresting these two on such monstrous acts against helpless animals. My only concern is that these sick fetishists who buy these videos have created a consumer market for them and sooner or later someone else will decide to cash in on their demand by producing more of these films. Shouldn’t law enforcement go after these fetishists the same way they go after pedophiles who purchase child pornography? Considering there is a link between animal cruelty and violence against people, I would think investigators would want to know who is watching these films.

  • dora says:

    these people can rot in hell as far as I am concerned

  • Mary Stitch says:

    I pray that whenever these 2 dirtbags (and those who purchased those horrific video’s of helpless animals suffering and dying for “entertainment”),finally stop waisting oxygen on this planet…God will speak for the animals they tortured and make them suffer the same way and as many times for as many animals they killed. But in this life…please God may the severest punishment prevail. 45yrs of being abused by other prisoners would be lovely…. (if they lasted that long)for even hardened inmates hate animal abusers.

  • Podge says:

    How on earth did these lunatics get away with their depravity for so long. I hope that they (and any others like them) will be locked up for many many years, and if their fellow inmates chose to make every minute of their lives a living hell that would be excellent. Rot in hell, you sadistic pieces of s**t.

  • MiMi says:

    Let them be tortured in prison. Get those psychos off the streets!

  • Cristiano Bombardi says:

    What a shame!Abnormal person

  • Mary Stitch says:

    For once…the MAGGOTS are going to get the kind of prison time they deserve! Too often animal torture’ers get a slap on the wrist and a fine or a very short sentance (hence….Michael Vick) My hope is the other inmates will use and abuse these two sick creeps!

  • Kitty Björnram says:

    This must cruel!

  • qim says:

    What bugs me more than anything is that there is a market out there with people willing to pay for such videos…Where there is a demand, there will always be providers. That being said, the number of psychopaths in the world is large and they are unable to feel empathy while being able to justify about anything by cold calculation.

  • Connie says:

    I have never heard of “crush videos” until now.What is wrong with people who watch and make this videos.We domesticated these animals,we have a responsibility to take care of these animals.That doesn’t give “some humans” the right to do whatever you want to them.They have feelings and they look up to us as part of their family.How about trying the pervs who bought the videos.One can only hope that the ones who made these videos,runs into some animal lovers in prison.We who care about animals need to get the word out.If PETA people are the only ones reading this,nothing will be done about it.Great job PETA and the HPD for doing the right thing.I hope the judge throws the book at them.

  • Connie says:

    I have never heard of “crush videos” until now.What is wrong with people who watch and make this videos.We domesticated these animals,we have a responsibility to take care of these animals.That doesn’t give “some humans” the right to do whatever you want to them.They have feelings and they look up to us as part of their family.How about trying the pervs who bought the videos.One can only hope that the ones who made these videos,runs into some animal lovers in prison.We who care about animals need to get the word out.If PETA people are the only ones reading this,nothing will be done about it.Great job PETA and the HPD for doing the right thing.I hope the judge throws the book at them.

  • Crystal C says:

    Doesn’t Texas have the death penalty? These people do not deserve to live, However rotting in jail thinking of the heinous crimes they inflicted on innocent and victimized animals still doesn’t seem enough! I cannot even think of these poor angels being hurt by monsters like this! Do unto others as you you have done to yourself!

  • cindy says:

    Brent and Ashley, you took lives and now you’ll lose your own! I REVEL in that!!!! Thank you PETA!!!!!

  • The Real Cie says:

    So glad these scum are behind bars. May they rot there for eternity. Sickening low lifes.

  • Jesse goff says:

    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. I’d love to run into pussies like this, wanna see what I can do? PETA did a great job as usual

  • Maria says:

    I am so happy this 2 beasts got cough, I hope they put them in jail for the 45 years they are facing, don’t just let them go, the public are in danger with this two individuals walking around, remember after they get tire doing this atrocity to the poor animals, they will turn to human, remember serial killer usually start with animal first before they do human. Good job PETA

  • Judy says:

    Absolutely appalling!

  • Sally Anne says:

    Thank you PETA for a wonderful job. I hope the justice system gives them 45 years. No psychiatry can help them, they wer born without the human gene. They are monsters and need to be put away for life.

  • aLBERT kAPLAN says:

    There is no penalty on the books that is commensurate with the crimes these two committed. A custom made penalty is called for.

  • Karen says:

    These 2 deserve a long and tormenting death – thank-you PETA for all the wonderful work you do. You always get those pieces of trash!! Hopefully, someone in prison will finish them off – slowly!

  • JOY IN TUCSON says:

    Most likely these people will never be convicted!!!!!! I attended a court case where the abuse to a small dog was an atrocity! The father and his 2 children tortured the dog by sticking wire, sticks, and other objects in it’s rectum and eyes. The father paid a $50 fine and they had to euthanize the dog because it was so bad off. Another case in Tucson, a man skinned a 3 month old golden lab alive and dumped it in the desert. It was still alive and suffering when 2 woman hiking came across it. The man responsible, fined $50!!. Another case, a neighbor went into the yard and broke all 4 legs of a chihuahua, because it barked at him. 18 hours of community service. There are soooo many more that I can’t keep up with, because it takes so long to bring the perps to trial. If only those individuals would suffer the same fate, there would be justice.

  • tom says:

    Individuals like these don`t need help, they need to be DESTROYED!!!

  • Riverdivine says:

    Perpetrators like this deserve “eye for an eye” justice. If this was, indeed, the case with animal abusers/ torturers, perpetrators of neglect…we would see an immediate change in behavior in the sick f’s who do this kind of thing to animals. I have no problem with this rule. If you torture, than murder, someone or something- then you get executed. Until the U.S creates SIGNIFICANT and PROFOUND consequences for animal abusers, abusers..this kind of activity WILL continue. Our responsibleility to preserve the integrity of the human race is to make the consequences for this kind of crime SOOOOOOO unbearable, that the crime itself will not continue.

  • Robin says:

    These are the faces of pure evil. I hope the other prisoners treat Richards and Justice (what an ironic name) with the same “kindness” as these two demons did their victims.

  • Bruni Boyden says:

    Please do not abuse those precious animals. They can’t defend themselves, and they feel pain like we do. I beg you to stop immediately !!!! Thank you.

  • Frank F Kling says:

    They have a look on their face as if this is no big deal- just a slap on the wrist. Good for PETA. By the way, inmates love their animals because of their unconditional love. These two monsters will have hell to pay.

  • Vicky Slay says:

    I am glad they were caught. Thank you Peta for a job well done. Look out mice in prison, hope you escape these nasty men for they have no heart at all.

  • Rachel says:

    It is my dearest wish that these two freaks spend eternity in hell where they belong. I just hope that some animal loving prison inmate gives them what they deserve. They don’t deserve to be taking up space on this planet.

  • Ellenjbr says:

    No, these two people need to be in jail, forever. They are likely sociopaths and are dangerous to everyone. They can never be trusted.

  • Liz says:

    Not enough. I want the death penalty for all of these sub-human/lower-than-one-celled-organisms pieces of human excrement. Nothing short of eliminating this refuse from the planet permanently is going to ever be enough. And they need to be tortured very, very, slowly, for a month, before they’re allowed to die.

  • Denise Michele says:

    Some people must be made out of stone. How in Gods name can ANYONE torture an innocent living thing. My only wish is that someone does this to them in prison, maybe they will get a taste of their own medicine.

  • Karin Wallace says:

    I am proud to be a contributing PETA member, these pieces of garbage should have the same done to them ! well done on bringing this to the light !

  • Bunty & Peter Jackson says:

    The people who do this are not worth saving. We could make a few suggestions as to what should happen to them. One being – let the punishment fit the crime. We would watch that!

  • LARISSA251987 says:

    I hope they burn in Hell. I read an earlier comment from someone about them not being human, I agree. It is almost like in today’s society we have some sort of ” off- breed” of human. Like they have mutated genes, evil an off breed of human. We seriously do not need people like this in the world. They feel no remorse or empathy. Why do our governments worldwide let people like this out in society. Studies show too those who hurt innocent animals like this because they are more vunerable do eventually move onto humans, not all but alot do, we should stop them in thier tracks and get rid of them when they have commited such haineous crime.

  • Cinamin says:

    They will get their just due in prison , even convicts have a code ,this one goes along with pedophiles , I would not want to be these 2 sick F’s .

  • spongebob44 says:

    thats so mean

  • Janet Snyder says:

    I also wish the judge had read the documents out loud. These people are the animals who need to be put away forever. And take everything they own. Send a message to the monsters out there that still make and watch these horrible things. I need a word beyond enraged to describe my feelings.

  • GinaG says:

    These are non-human pieces of shit. I really hope that they get the full sentence and they get the crap pounded out of them in prison.

  • judith mignacca says:

    Nice work PETA!!! I ‘ve been following the story of these savage cretins for a while now. Thank you for everything you did to bring them to justice. Death is too good for them…the same death they gave those innocents animals. Drop a boulder on these worthless scum. They don’t deserve to breathe the same air as a pig or horse or dog. RIP to their precious victims. ALL LIFE MATTERS!! NEVER TURN AWAY FROM ANIMAL ABUSE!! SPEAK UP FOR THE VOICELESS!!

  • Looise says:

    These people are psycho. Hopefully, their fellow inmates are animal lovers and these two will get what’s coming to them. Karma can be a bitch.