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PETA Thumbs Its Nose at Donna Karan

Written by PETA | October 19, 2010

Donna Karan is thumbing her nose at compassion by launching a clothing line that’s dripping with dead rabbits. And so PETA’s finest, armed with protest signs and toy bunnies, held a demonstration outside a political fundraiser that was being held in New York City yesterday. The fundraiser had been organized by both Karan and “fur-free and fabulous” first lady Michelle Obama. The animal defenders made sure that everyone within earshot learned that Donna Karan is a “Bunny Butcher.” 



There was a tremendous amount of interest in this anti-fur demonstration—the first of its kind in New York this fall. The protest was covered by Gothamist and NBC, and follow-up stories continue to emerge.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Ekaterina says:

    I hate Donna Karan because she is a cruel, sadistic, heartless puke! She’s a coward too because only cowards will choose an innocent to hurt! I will never buy any of her clothes!

  • CorazonCosta says:

    DONNA KARAN IS A MURDERER. My heart goes out to all these animals that are slaughtered for unnecessary reasons-such as fashion. Designers like Donna disgust me. I am apalled and disgusted by what people in this world are doing to animals-animals that have done absoluteley nothing to us. I can’t believe this is what we decide to do to a precious being that has no voice or way of fighting back against the horrible acts of the human race.

  • Lilley says:

    Donna Karan, you make me sick! Your heartless fashion means that innocent animals are butchered. Your money is going to mean absolutely nothing when you stand before God on judgement day. Try justifying yourself to God, and He will show you the horror you put these poor innocent animals through not to mention the outrage you caused to society. Explian to Him what justify’s you for conitiung this brutality.

  • Hanny says:

    Hahahaha… I agree Jackie. But I DONT agree with everyone else. I’m pretty sure people have been wearing animals for thousands of years! I’m 100% sure that not every animal used to make clothing is killed inhumanely.

  • Elgrit B. Russell says:

    It is extremely difficult for me to understand in the least how any human being who is fully familiar with the terrible things done to fur bearing animals in the process of killing them would do something to perpetuate this practice. I know fashion designers do all kinds of things but when it comes to causing such torture to innocent animals to make something “pretty”, it is just simply disgustingly wrong. I wish this designer could be killed in the same way by the animals whose fur she is tking. Then maybe she would stop.

  • nancy says:

    Donna Karan is a nasty person.

  • Squillions says:

    Please stop this obscene madness. Is fashion so important that animals have to die for it? Yours certainly isn’t to me. I will only purchase my fashions from companies and designers who pledge to go fur free.

  • Judith Goodwin says:

    I hope Donna Karan will someday soon wake up and realize that we don’t want to wear her ugly clothes,especially the ones made with animal fur. I plan to NEVER buy anything with her name on it.

  • jean carter says:

    I used to enjoy Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan-have been out for a while, but will not buy it again after learning about her furs.

  • priya says:

    FUR: that’s not fashion, that’s DISGUSTING! Buying and wearing FUR is DISBEHAVIOUR !

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I am glad I am not a fashionista. My favorite outfit consists of faux leather cowboy boots, long denim skirt, a short sleeved cowboy shirt or puffy blouse, straw cowboy hat and colorful bracelets. This is my square dance outfit. I would rather go square dancing than eat meat (or anything else for that matter).

  • Andrew Taylor says:

    unnecessary evil – i’ll never buy DK again.

  • Virgina says:

    Karma is a Bi#%$

  • Shenita Etwaroo says:

    Donna karan and everyone who abuse animals are evil!Shame on you DONNA KARAN!! In Luke 12:6 we learn that animals are very important to God, and He keeps track of every one of them… “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?” God sees every abused animal, and no tyrant will go unpunished. I will never ever buy your clothes again.Woe unto you,Donna karan!!

  • monique trolliet says:

    Nous ne devons pas porter de cadavres sur nos épaules, donc nous devons boycoter tous ces fabriquants de peaux de bêtes

  • Diana Leeuwerke says:

    Well what an cruel unfeeling person she must be, whats the old saying(what goes——————-)

  • Sally (Australia) says:

    donna koran, it is not cool to wear a dead animal around your shoulders. i hope you come back as a rabbit in your next life.

  • African says:

    Be it the colognes or clothes or any accessory associated with this name, myself and friends will not contribute to this imbecile’s fiefdom of savagery.

  • jenncalifornia says:

    Yes, the fashion pages are rife with real fur and exotic skins these days. In the November 2010 issue of Elle Magazine: ostrich bag in Gucci ad; shearling-trimmed jackets in Burberry ad. Page 102: fur wrap by Fendi (whose website is all fur all the time). Page 196: suede cape with raccoon fur by Marc Jacobs, fox fur gloves by Max Mara. Page 198: fox fur jacket by Theory, lamb shrug by Sue Wong (appears to be shearling with skin attached), fox fur jacket by CH Carolina Herrera, coyote fur jacket by M. Patmas, raccoon fur coat by Isabel Marant and rabbit fur coat by Mango. Page 205: fur trimmed boots by Australia Luxe Collective. (A look at that website features innumerable items of fox, shearling with lamb skin attached, raccoon, etc.) On the flip side, page 196 features three faux fur jackets by Rachel Zoe for QVC, Club Monaco and Michael Kors. There are others ads by Nine West and Bebe, for example, which feature faux fur. At minimum, I would like to see fashion magazines refuse to feature fur, even if they feature other products by designers that use fur. Also, if I wanted to get the same effect as wearing fur (conspicuous display of wealth), I would sooner wear a jacket made of intricately woven dollar bills that one made of the carcass of a sacrificial lamb.

  • Jackie says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize you could be female, and protest for PETA while wearing clothes!

  • The Hopeless says:

    I just dont understand it! The perfect alternative: Polyester! I’ve gone into so many stores, touched a soft fabric, a blanket, a dog bed! Wondered what it was — 100% Polyester! I love my bunny, but honestly the polyster is softer than him! (Sorry, Kusse! <3)

  • SMichelle Graham says:

    I love fashion and the creative freedom that is embraced worldwide; however, animal violence is an epidemic…..with many fashion designers unaware of how animals are tortured. I used to wear fur assuming animals were euthanized humanely, and when I watched video footage I realised that style is an option- animal cruelty is not. I will no longer shop anywhere I know services the fur industry. Together as a voice we can put them out of business by spreading awareness.

  • Nadja Böthin says:

    Shame on you Donna Karan!

  • Laurie Armstrong says:

    Donna Karan, It’s toooo bad you can’t be a rabbit in your next life.I would NEVER buy ANY thing with YOUR name attached to it. You reek of cruelity!

  • Nathalie says:

    Wow what a shame. I know I’m not a significant customer, but I promise to not buy any of Donna Karan’s products any longer!

  • Antonio says:

    Fuck donna karan she is a murderer i hope she goes bankrupt

  • Sandra says:

    I was so heartbroken and outraged when I heard on the fashion news that this year both faux and REAL fur would be very popular… I SO hope they are wrong… I refuse to believe fur will ever come back, specially after learning that many faux fur pieces are actually real fur mostly from cats and dogs… this is a horrible industry and it needs to stop, I thought this next generation was going to be above all of this.