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PETA Takes Drug Giant to Court

Written by PETA | April 3, 2012

In light of Merck’s record of failing to provide even the most minimal care to animals used in its experiments, PETA has filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant for violating PETA’s shareholder rights and refusing to include a proposal by PETA—a Merck stockholder—among the 2012 proxy materials that are being considered at the company’s upcoming annual meeting. PETA is asking the court to order Merck to include the proposal and give shareholders the chance to cast an informed vote on it.

What Is Merck Trying to Hide?

PETA’s proposal simply requests an annual report on Merck’s “procedures to ensure proper animal care, including measures to improve the living conditions of all animals used in-house and at contract laboratories”—but the drugmaker has refused, apparently preferring to conceal from shareholders how Merck and its contractors have repeatedly violated federal animal welfare laws. Since 2008 alone, Merck’s violations have included caging primates in isolation, inadequate anesthesia procedures and housing of animals, and lack of veterinary care and personnel training, just to name a few.

Merck’s record is especially disturbing since, in the last three years alone, it has used tens of thousands of primates, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs in experiments—including more than 16,000 animals in painful tests, thousands of whom were given no pain relief whatsoever. Shareholders have a right to know what the company is doing to prevent further violations of animal welfare laws, don’t you think?

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  • Sandra says:

    These companies should be made to publish details of these experiments they are doing and why. They should be made to justify to the public AND to their shareholders about the death of every animal in their care. I am sure that if this was enforced, it would quickly be exposed that the vast majority of the deaths of these innocent animals are totally unnecessary & do not advance science or drugs for human beings. These companies are a disgrace!

  • Crystal says:

    It really pisses me off because I’d be willing to bet $1000.00 that 90% of these corporate asses go home to their kids, wife and DOG maybe a CAT, who knows, maybe even their kid’s hampster, without taking a second look, and sleeping soundly. Meanwhile the animals that are locked in their smelly cages live a miserable painful life, wanting and waiting to die, probably WATCHING their “cell mates” get mistreated, beaten, strangled and God only knows what else. It sends me into tears every time I think of this, and I am taking the vow, as of TODAY that I am OFFICIALLY BOYCOTING THESE MERCK ASSES, I don’t care what I have to do, or what I have to DO WITHOUT. People should follow my lead on this, and GO PETA!

  • jackie Hémous-Saada says:


  • Yvette says:

    So happy PETA is doing this. Next it should be Green Hill’s turn for doing horrible testing on dogs. In Italy they have a testing site and the country’s citizens are protesting this horrible practice. It is heart breaking to see the pictures of these dogs in cages ready to be slaughtered!

  • Marsha says:

    All Research facilities should be held accountable for the way they treat animals used in experiments. The top management of these facilities should be incarcerated for crimes of abuse and neglect. Their facility should be shut down when found guilty of these crimes against living creatures. Too many people in corporate positions that lack common decency and humanity towards animals.

  • Sally says:

    Forty years ago, when I was an undergrad at Montana State University, I took a lab class in Immunology. I failded the class because I walked out of the lab and class when a lab assistant was showing the class how to break the neck of white lab mice and how to inject material into a blood vessel of a white rabbit’s ear. I don’t know if the university still allows this, but I have remained a laboratory animal advocate ever since then.

  • Myrna says:

    Instead of doing painful experiments on animals who have no advocate. Use, instead, your grandchildren, and see your son’s/daughter’s distress that their daddy or mommy allows this to happen to other sentient animals because “they aren’t our family”. Very humane!