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PETA Takes Drug Giant to Court

Written by PETA | April 27, 2011

Merck’s murky behavior isn’t going to silence PETA. We’re suing the pharmaceutical giant after it refused to include our shareholder resolution in the proxy materials sent to its shareholders, in violation—we contend—of securities laws.

Our resolution asks Merck to complete an annual report listing the number and species of animals used in its laboratories and for what purposes, which we believe might help prevent some of the most blatant abuse, such as what our undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS),  a Merck contract facility, uncovered last year. Aside from the horror of being experimented on, animals at PLRS were blasted with high-pressure hoses and harsh cleaning chemicals, slammed against the doors of their cages, and screamed at by workers.

PETA is demanding that Merck either send out our resolution in time for the annual meeting or hold a special meeting just for our proposal. Please encourage anyone you know with stock in Merck to tell the company to stop hiding and let shareholders decide for themselves.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • mar says:

    Holy cow!!! How could anybody do this to animals?!!? I am appalled! In my opinion anyone who treats any animal like this deserves to be shot!! I mean…just wow. I don’t even know what to say. This is insane! It’s illegal if you treat your kid like that, so why is it not illegal to treat an animal like that? Huh?

  • Get Real says:

    jeff, actions that harm others are not personal choices.

  • Holly says:

    Jeff let’s face it Pac-man doesn’t compare to Call of Duty nor a dog-fighting app. Pac-man eats dots. Dog fighting apps are to the death. Times have changed and so have video game/app content. Peta’s goal is to educate and heighten awareness to people that have similar ignorant attitudes like yourself….dog-fighting is as unethical as is the app for dog-fighting…

  • Carmen Arruda says:

    Peta is here to educate people about the consequences of their choices. The price animals have to pay for choices we make. They speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • jeff says:

    Id also like to mention that this is not a crime there is no law against the material put in a game. Getting the app does not mean the person kills dogs or would do it. I firmly believe in animal rights maybe not as much as the people in peta but I also believe that we all have different opinions on whats right and whats wrong and none of us can tell each other that. I am not a vegan but I do feel like animals are being abused eating meat dont make me a bad person I have a german sheppard who i love more then most people i bought it from pet’s on lex in manhattan ny that dont make me an evil criminal.

  • jeff says:

    I agree animal abuse must stop im not arguing that but if we were just looking at facts this is just an ap for a phone there are at least 100 apps in which people are killing/slaughtering each other not to mention the thousands of games for ps/xbox ect. under your logic everyone who plays a violent game period will hurt somebody and that is just not true. When i was young i played my share of video games heck i still play call of duty online and i dont go out shooting people. put it this was if a few years ago this app was out and mick vick used it instead of killing dogs nobody would be complaining about his actions its just a game sorry

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Jeff, you say to let the shareholders decide for themselves. PETA is a shareholder in Merck, and as such they deserve to have their shareholder resolution heard.

  • Spider Woman says:

    jeff: as a Peta member i would like to give tou an appropriate answer: of course everybody can do what he or she likes but when living beings are implicated and are harmed it is the duty of Peta and other animal rights organizations and of every upright person to stand up and cut animal cruelty! It is sad enough that the world needs such a watchdog! It should be written in everyones heart that it is wrong to buy a dog from a puppymill – or that animals are not a circus number – or an animal must not be tortured to death for entertainment – or that meat from tortured animals should not be eaten – or that the fur belongs to his owner, the animal alone and that it is a crime to kill baby seals! If someone is heart- brain- and emotion-amputated and doesn’t understand this point – me, i react and try to stop the evil doer – even if in certain cases the law is on his side! Because of this it’s one of the most important aims of the animal protection to change the law in favour of the animals! And it starts to happen here and there and this is rather encouraging!

  • Spider Woman says:

    dear jeff: as a Peta member i would like to give you an appropriate answer: of course you are free to do what you like – but when a living being is implicated and risks to be harmed – Peta and other animal protections have to react and if necessary – cut animal abuse, because this is the normal way of a civilized life! It is sad enough that humanity needs a watchdog! It should be in everyone’s responsibility to know within his heart that he should not buy from a puppymill – or that animals are not a circus number – or that animals who are tortured to death should not be eaten – or that the fur belongs to his owner, the animal alone! If an emotion- and feeling-amputated freak doesn’t know these things it is the duty of Peta and her members and of any upright person to educate and to stand up! ok?!

  • BB says:

    Jeff, sweetie – so innocent.  Yes, this would work if we all had good intentions that don’t hurt others.  But that’s not the case.  As humans, we can’t just stand by and do nothing while others abuse people or animals.  Example, people who have “got to” have their shark fin soup don’t give a **** what they’re doing to the ecosystem.  Have you seen the videos of fishermen catching sharks, cutting off their fins and throwing them back in the ocean to drown?  Yes, people do have a right to stop others from doing wrong or breaking laws that protect us from the ******* that have bad intentions OR the ****** that are too stupid to care.

  • kathy says:

    @Jeff, I believe in personal freedoms as long as an innocent third party is not harmed. In those cases, we must speak for the voiceless.

  • eve9tmp says:

    to the evil scum that work in these places – what goes around comes around; what you sow, so shall you reap. anyone who thinks animal testing is necessary, do you think that THIS is? when are people going to learn, animals are not theirs to torture. it’s way past time that vivsection was abolished. all power and grateful thanks to all you wonderful people who expose this for what it is.

  • Holly says:

    Jeff….you are missing the point (and some spelling mistakes as well…it’s “doesn’t” not “don’t” and “whether” not “weather” in the context you used). Yes it is a choice to attend a circus or eat McDonalds or purchase from a pet store. Peta is informing people and exposing animal cruelty conducted by companies, franchises, and those individuals that support cruelty. Animal cruelty is unethical. There are other options. However if you choose to support unethical companies then those companies will continue to support animal cruelty and continue to perform unethical treatments on animals. It’s a simple concept of supply and demand. You are free to make choices that suit your life style but don’t mistake Peta for “telling” you what those choices should and should not be.

  • jeff says:

    @peta Yo say let the shareholders decide for themselves. Well don’t that apply to all people in all walks of life ? If a man wants to take his family to a circus, is that not his choice ? If I want to eat Mickey d’s is that not my choice ? If i want to buy a dog from a dog shop in which i know for a fact the dog is healthy and has all it’s shots is that not my choice. My point is freedom works both ways weather or not you agree with someones choices or not. Nobody has the right to tell another individual what he/she cant do

  • RAT KING says:

    These criminal bastards have to be gridlocked!