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PETA Tackles North Korea?

Written by PETA | August 10, 2010
Philip J. Crowley

After North Korea fired an artillery barrage into the Yellow Sea yesterday, U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary Philip J. Crowley told reporters, “Well, I’m sure it resulted in a lot of dead fish. And we certainly hope that PETA will protest.

We’re flattered that Mr. Crowley has faith in PETA’s ability to defend fish sea kittens, and we would like to note that since we do indeed tackle “everything from fur-wearing Hollywood celebrities and circus elephant acts to the meat and dairy industry,” we need folks like Mr. Crowley who are concerned about sea kittens to take action to help them. For starters, we can all help stop the military from bombarding ocean life between California and Hawaii with sonar blasts.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Annoula says:

    I have to agree with Victoria. Although all forms of life are precious the brutality and atrocities of the dog and cat meat trade in S. Korea must be addressed. I am horrified by the investigative footage reports and graphic photos depicting this barbaric practice. Those poor creatures need our help. How about it Peta?

  • Victoria says:

    Your protesting about the fish in north korea? Go to south korea…I was there for 1 12 months and I will never forget the images in my head of cages and cages lined up the street durning market day and witnessing a dog being chopped up and a dog being roasted like a pig…and your worried about fish???