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PETA Supports Wearing Fur …?

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan | December 12, 2011

Last week, PETA gave out 100 fur coats to the only people who have any excuse to wear them: the homeless. This giveaway took place at the office of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless in a city where frigid temperatures combine with one of the worst poverty rates in the country to make winters truly a matter of life and death.

The coats that PETA distributed at the event were all donated by erstwhile fur-wearers who, once they found out that animals on fur farms are often bludgeoned or genitally electrocuted, couldn’t stand to have carcasses in their closets. The coats are marked so that they can’t be resold, and even though the animals’ lives can’t be returned, at least the coats may help save others’ lives.

Anyone who has a coat moldering away in a closet and is too ashamed to wear it in public can give the item as a tax-deductable donation to PETA. Rest assured that we’ll put it to good use through giveaways to the homeless, as bedding for animals in wildlife rehabilitation centers, or as a prop in one of our famous street-theater anti-fur demos.

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  • Chloe says:

    Alright, people. I eat meat, I enjoy a nice chicken salad, but I in no way support animal cruelty. I buy cage free and organic and vegetarian fed meats. But again, like I said I don’t support animal cruelty. But hello, these homeless people are freezing! Are you gonna let mankind die to make a statement? Way to help out your fellow man. Cavemen wore fur, into for a fashion statement, but to stay alive. And all these people saying that they will buy a homeless person a sleeping bag before letting such ‘a travesty’ occur, THEN DO IT. Don’t just sit behind your little computer and complain. Good lord…

  • Kathleen says:

    All those fur coats should be burned and bury the ashes…that to me would be the most respectful way to honor thoses poor animals who were tortured…

  • Sukriti says:

    BAD BAD IDEA. If fur is bad, it is just bad. No exceptions. Not happy PETA

  • emma says:

    i’m really not sure about this, we help the homeless as much as we can here, i can see the gesture but its still fur, its ugly and its some poor creatures skin! i just think its not ok for anyone to wear fur, i’d gladly give sleeping bags if it meant you would burn these animal skins!! sorry!, i have made up my mind…….i dont like it!! bad move peta.

  • Andrew says:

    Bad idea, use them to keep animals warm in shelters at the most but they should not be worn by humans as it symbolically says it is ok for humans to wear them. If there are more than shelters need, then burn them ceremonially with say a minutes silence, prayer, or whatever suits the people doing the burning and leave it at that. The only animal that should ever have worn the fur is the animal that died for it.

  • Cassandra says:

    In reply to Dustin, PETA is not hypocritical. Until the time there are no more fur coats, the ones that are already here could be saving someone’s life. As more awareness is being raised & more & more fur coats are laying unused; let them be used. I have slept outsside a few times and know that kind of cold. This is a beautiful idea. That’s in no way saying why not kill more animals to continue the fur industry. My fake fur coats are just as beautiful & warm. Isn’t that what PETA detractors think, that they care more about animals than people? This proves that couldn’t be more untrue! It’s not either or. it’s animal rights & human rights together.

  • Vanessa says:

    wont people walking by the homeless tell them bad things for wearing the fur coats? Therefore, making their lives even worse?

  • Vanessa says:

    fur coats are horrible,but these homeless people REALLY need them.

  • dustin says:

    There animals!!!!! This is one of the most hypocritical things I have ever seen. PETA supports the none killing animals, and yet they give out FUR coats to the homeless? I agree with some of the things PETA supports, for instance the end of animal cruelty, but killing an animal to use a resourse it provides is not cruel. THEY ARE ANIMALS!!! We have survived for thousands of years do to these resourse’s, without them the progression of the human race would have been alot slower and alot more difficult. I agree with the providing for the homeless, but I do not agree with a organization that says the do not support the very thing they are particapateing in.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I recently read a book entitled “Heaven Is For Real” the true story of a little boy named Todd Burpo. This child had a near death experience during an emergency appendectomy at age three. This child describes going to Heaven and meeting Jesus, as well as relatives who had died years before he was born and “lots and lots and lots” of ANIMALS. Animals of all kinds! If animals are in Heaven, they do have souls.

  • steph says:

    replying to the comment that ganja chronik made,how do you know that animals dont have a soul,they have feelings,they cry out in pain,

  • PK says:

    Sorry Ganja but you are in denial, are selfish and wrong. Animals most certainly have a soul AND they feel just as much PAIN as you do. IF you even bothered educating and looked at the cruel conditions and horrible things that are done to animals there would be no way you could write what you did with a concious. We owe animals respect. We as humans would never allow the kinds of tortureous things that are done to animals to be done to other humans to include our pets. How is it okay to force-feed, stun, skin alive etc… living BEINGS who feel pain the same way YOU do? Do you go to a dentist and get fillings without novacaine? I doubt it. And that is nothing compared to the horrific pain these animals suffer. The only thing missing is their VOICE and we are here to speak for them. Sure some will argue that there is livestock, there are food chains – BUT these horrible practices and conditons are unacceptable to do to ANY red-blooded living being. Please educate yourself and get on YouTube and check out “Chinese Fur Farms” etc… if you can watch those and still have such a non-challant, entitled opinion then you sir are the one who has no soul.

  • Christi says:

    I disagree with this idea. I know it is well intentioned but if PETA want to influence humans wearing no fur then there should be humans wearing no fur. There should be no exceptions! We can give the homeless many many warm coats. The only ones who should recieve fur are the animals to be comforted and warmed. This really sends mixed messages to the public and does NOT help the animal/anti-fur cause. There are PLENTY of alternative coats and blankets we can give out. This is just a BAD IDEA. Period.

  • Deborah Gill says:

    Look i am only 11 years old and after you watch the video posted on there it is sicking so go watch it please then ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE YOU WILL FINALLT GIVE IN AND PROBABLY START TO CRY I MEAN I ALMOST DID UGHHHH AND THATS WAT I THINK AND HOPFULLY YOU WILL TO?

  • Deborah gill says:

    Look i am only 11 and that is freaking mest up i mean behind animal cruelity i just dont like it i mean if you have a facebook join my club because i am going to start one. Oh why your at it watch the video i mean after you watch it you will be SICK. I mean it oh and if you eat meat after that you will probably not eat it again and im turning to the vegeterian side. So remember to go to facebook to see the discusting and ughhhh sick video and go to my club see ya I hope.

  • ganja chronik says:

    You should be ashamed not to where a fur coat, animals are here for our use hence the fact they hav lives but no soul. Its like turning off a machine and stripping it for good parts

  • Cindy McIntosh says:

    I would most certainly love to see our society awake to the stark realities of animal cruelty. It must stop. I am employed at a community college and this is a topic that is written about quite a lot. Keep up the good work!

  • stella says:

    well its always better to give fur-coats or any fur to gamekeepers since the chance of survival of baby wild animals is higher when they can cuddle up in real fur.

  • Nadiyah says:

    I kinda have mixed feelings about this one. I mean I understand the reason but why use the fur coats when there are other types of coats that can be used to keep warm?

  • Sheryl Carey says:

    I don’t have a coat, but a pair of nice wedge boots with rabbit trim that my husband bought me years ago. They are like new, I of course will not wear them, but have been trying to think what to do with them. I thought about burning them, but that seemed to not help anyone. This seems like a good cause to help someone else and let me be rid of them. Although I don’t want to see ANYONE wearing fur, if someone is cold, at least help them out. Please let me know.

  • Mona says:

    I will gladly send them to PeTA or to a shelter. I am embarrassed to even having one in my basement and would love to get rid of them all!

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    Initially I was shocked to read the title but I gradually understood what it meant when I read it. I appreciate this move by PETA though they “gave out fur clothes”. We should not comment on just anything without seeing the ground reality behind it.