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PETA Suggests Vegetarian Diet for Suspected Cannibal

Written by PETA | January 11, 2008

It’s just a suggestion of course, but I think it makes sense that a dude who’s been accused of cooking and eating someone should be put on a flesh-free diet. Or as PETA VP Bruce Friedrich puts it, “If people are revolted by the idea of eating a human corpse, they should also lose their appetites at the thought of eating the flesh of other tortured victims.” You can read Bruce’s letter to the Texas prison where accused murderer Christopher Lee McCuin is being held here.

Letter_to_Prison_Official_re_Christopher_Lee McCuin.jpg

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  • Greg says:

    Oh sorry I didn’t realize that Andy was quoting someone.

  • Greg says:

    To Andy Many herbivores and ruminating animals like rabbits and cows have chambered stomachs and other special organs to help them digest more vegetation. Cellulose for example is difficult to digest fully that’s why you see corn sometimes in human stool. It’s hard for humans to digest. Cows have the ability as herbivores to fully digest those kinds of plants. As for the teeth of omnivores humans have such teeth. We have molars for grinding and canines such for tearing. Our teeth are similar to those chimps who are also omnivorous.

  • Michelle says:

    Go cannibal! Always eat humans only! I HATE THE WHOLE F ANIMAL HATERS SO ONLY EAT HUMAN MEAT!! IT TATES SO GOOD!! I have never tried it actually. I bet it’s good because it’s guilt free!

  • Tilini says:

    yea axxis. i agree with Ana.

  • Andy says:

    “And to those of you who suggest that we are “meant” to be “omnivores” I would just ask you to look at the TEETH of dogswolvesleopards and see how much they look like yours. Now look at the teeth of cowshorsesgoatsapes all of whom eat vegetables. Ours look more like the latter. A carnivore’s gut is short and straight an herbivore’s gut is long and convoluted. Ours are more like the latter. Over the years we developed the ability to eat meat yes but we were never “meant” to do so. That evolved in the northern climes where vegetation became scarce.” Ok so let me get this straight. You’re saying you know FOR A FACT that we were never meant to eat meat many thousands of years ago? I don’t know about you but I wasn’t around back then and I’m not sure that I know many people who were. Oh and it seems to me that the back of our mouth looks more like a vegetable eater and the front looks more like a meat eater… Hmm.. sounds like a definition from somewhere… Omnivore perhaps?

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Jay Let me get this straightYOU are criticizing PETA??? Your threat to buy chicken just for the sake of throwing it away sounds like something a 2 year old would say when he’s having a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. I don’t really think YOU should be criticizing anyone else’s tactics….

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Why do you all feel you need to find confirmation in the Bible?? First of all not everyone believes in the Bible. Secondlyyou all have eyesearsbrainsconsciences don’t you? You can see that animals feel love and build relationships? You can see that they suffer when they are hurt right? Would you ignore all of this in favor of what someone else wrote? I wouldn’t. Why do I need to rely on someone’s else interpretation when God has given me the ability to make my own? As for eating animalswe are not carnivores we are omnivores. Studies have shown that vegetarians are healthier than meateaters. What more do you need?

  • rojo says:

    krystin fyi below. I don’t endorse the info accuracy it’s been a long while since sunday school. Feel free to refute httpwww.lavistachurchofchrist.orgLVarticlesDidJesusEatMeat.htm Since we are now living in the postflood period are we allowed to eat meat or not? And why would you consider fish to be anything other than meat?

  • Ana says:

    Kyrstin The New Testament is where you will find Jesusnot Genesis! FREE BURMA Thanks!!!! And so true!!

  • Kyrstin says:

    There are so many ignorant posts above I really don’t know where to begin. Nor do I know why all of you on here bashing PETA are reading a PETA blog. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me. And to clear things up Jesus ate fish no other meat. It’s in Genesis. And people were not allowed to eat meat until after the flood when all of the vegetation was gone. So if you’re going to use the Bible as a reference to make your point you should probably get the facts straight.

  • Dom says:

    People are saying that we evolved to be able to eat meat but our brains also evolved so we could understand compassion and right and wrong and in a society like today where there is so much choice we need to make a compassionate one and chose not to make animals suffer on our behalf. Its so easy for people just to go out and buy say a chicken its convinient i think if your going to eat meat at least have the decency to rear it yourself give it a good life and treat it with some respect! And i dont think this letter was nessacarly wrong i think its blunt but i think letters that are trying to change the world need to be. It’s shocking but we live in a shocking world we need to accept that and still fight for our belifs.

  • bd says:

    Wouldn’t it be more cost effective for the prison system to feed everyone a vegetarian diet? Think of all the good they would be doing for not only the prisoners but for our helpless friends as well.


    The funniest thing is all you people against PETA post and read about peta and vegenvegetarianism more than PETA supporters themselves. If you don’t agree with their belief and don’t give a shit about veganvegetarianism. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING READING The PETA Files? You do care. Why else would you be wasting your time? Your concience is bothering you? Also you people need to stop taking things so seriously. PETA was just trying to prove a point. It was merely a suggestion.

  • FREE BURMA says:

    Kristina with the same right as other people claim Jesus as a meateater Ana claims him a vegan and me i claim him a vegetarian! it’s simple like this and why should a socalled priest or selfmade pastor know it better did he look into GOD’s kitchen???????

  • Anonymous says:

    Fantastic P.E.T.A!!!!!!!!!! Hope it works. Hey gang listen to this when Jeff Dahmer was in prison I sent a letter to the prison’s warden suggesting that he not be served meat for good reasons. The warden wrote back saying that I would have to write to the U.S. President about it because the prison and state don’t make the rules. A financial point taxpayers put out more tax money for prisoners to be fed costly meat. What am I missing here every state’s taxpayers including voters pay extra money for incarcerated criminals to be served meat but only the President has a say about the menu.? But if prisoners want a vegetarian diet that is cheaper they can’t have it.

  • J says:

    cappuccino When in doubt attempt attacking someone on a personal level. As for the rest Has this man been CONVICTED of these crimes? Innocent until proven guilty keep that in mind. My heart bleeds for the family of this poor woman A family to which you PETA et all have shown no respect. This is a disgusting stunt and will garner you little public favor. It makes you look like a group of rabid lunatics who have no empathy for other living creatures which includes humans. Please don’t do this again. You’ve lost what little support I had for you as well as that of my friends and family. This was crass not funny or cute or ‘point making’ in any way. I do support a non cruel world for ALL God’s creations but I do not support cruelty and heartache being imposed on the innocent to prove a point. And that girl’s family IS innocent and so is that seemingly wicked man until he goes to trial. Wouldn’t you too want your day in court?

  • Jay says:

    Sorry Kerry but it’s out of my hands. I’m not the one trying to gain attention and capitalize on the suffering of others. It’s PETA who’ll be choosing for those poor chickens to be slaughtered for absolutely no reason at all.

  • Kristina says:

    Ana Wow! You know proof positive that Jesus was a Vegan??!! Man do you also know that the big bang theory is true as well? You are one smart cookie. Forgive me for the sarcasm but honestly … people who make assumptions about JesusGod are no better than people who bad mouth PETA and its supporters.

  • Ana says:

    Michele Your last paragraph in your comment says it all. That was the only point. The violence this man showed his girlfriend is an extension of the violence animals endure from humans daily every minute of the day. When we are violent to one another we are also violent to the nonhuman animals. When we are violent to nonhuman animals we are also violent to one another. We are all connected and putting that violence out there touches all of us human and nonhuman. Stop the chain of violence and kindness and compassion will prevail for all.

  • Kerry says:

    Hey Jay nice little plan u came up with. thats just great throw away some chickens while there are people out there starving WONDERFUL!! u idiot. the only thing i agree with these heartless people about is that peta was very wrong to use this horrible case as a way to promote vegetarianism…it makes us all look bad. Now for all you people who argue that Jesus ate meat…how long ago did Jesus live? I don’t think anyone could go to the store and pick up some veggieburgers back then…they had to survive off of meat but we dont have to now. And no actually we are not MEANT to eat meat…if we were meant to eat meat we would be able to tear thru flesh the same way a lion would. we just eat meat because we think we own everything and we want to have control over everything in the world. THINK ABOUT IT

  • Susannah S says:

    Wow. Just one action sending a letter to a prison recommending a vegetarian diet for a murderer can unleash all that controversy. Now I see why PETA did it. To all of you accusing PETA of being sociopathic etc. etc. the point WAS made though wasn’t it? And that’s what PETA does point out that animals are abused and mistreated every day and that there are alternatives. The means PETA chooses may seem questionable sometimes but the point is ALWAYS made and if it causes controversy so much the better.