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Written by PETA | November 13, 2007

I posted yesterday about two “scientists” at the Oregon National Primate Research Center who have squandered tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on hideously cruel experiments that achieve nothing more than reaffirming painfully obvious truths such as that children suffer when they are deprived of maternal affection.

What I didn’t mention is that PETA has had an investigator inside these notorious labs this year, who spent four months documenting egregious abuses of the animals who are used for ONPRC’s experiments. Among other standard abuses, the animals at ONPRC were forced to eat food from their waste trays; they were terrorized when they were chased and caught in group cages; and they suffered such severe psychological trauma that at least one monkey, Megatron, resorted to self-mutilation. As PETA President Ingrid Newkirk puts it:

“PETA’s investigator documented ONPRC’s complete disregard for animals and for the laws that should protect them. These animals live in terror every second of every day—they are shut in metal boxes and killed for nicotine and alcohol experiments as well as other wasteful and repetitive studies.”

As I said yesterday, we’re working on getting these people shut down. You can watch our investigator’s video below, and then please click here to ask the USDA to launch a full investigation into this hellhole.

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  • Mat L. says:

    Christine Gustin I know your heart is pure and I know that you care more about the welfare of animals than anyone else. Primate research is not your direction but you will be a wonderful veterinarian as you strive to help our nonhuman family members. Good luck.

  • Caboose says:

    Brandon There is nothing wrong in eating another animal. If PETA abolishes farming what would become of the ruminants and others?

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Caboose Animal rights means ending the oppression of animals. This includes the aboliton of not just factory farming but of all animal farming. There is no moral justification for using animals as resources to abuse and kill. Reform is not enough justice demands abolition.

  • Mike says:

    I found this blog while looking for abuse of Badgers by the shaving industry. This makes me so mad! There is no reason to treat these monkeys this way! Keep up the good work and I hope they get shut down!

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    I know but peace takes too long to go into effect.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Caboose I had to google “suppressor” to find out what the hell it was. Enticing though it sounds we are trying to have a peaceful movement here.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Brandon …but not abolishing meat eating just factory farming.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Mike but it takes a lot of time to undermine the company and in that time the primates suffer. Thats what suppressors are for.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Caboose Rest assured they wanted to but that would blow their cover before their job was done. We live in a visual age and you’ve got to get the video evidence and get it out of the lab without it being confiscated.

  • Lisa says:

    I watched this video on the treatment of the monkeys. Particulary the footage of the poor little creatures in their cages horrified me. I asked my husband tonight why things such as this occur and I also said that how can I help stop this. I sometimes feel so insignifican but my spouse quoted the famous saying “if you think your actions can’t help then think of being a mosquito alone in a room with a person”… think again. Thank you PETA for your wonderful work. I sent my letter to Oregon to help the monkeys. Let’s shut this place down.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    While they were therewhy didnt they do something to DIRECTLY aid the primates?

  • BrandonXVX says:

    Christine Gustin Spare us your welfarist rhetoric. Anyone watching the video can see that these animals are suffering. Further even if they were treated “humanely” using them as a resource is still wrong. Animals are not biological machines. They have an interest in living on their own terms not held in captivity experimented upon and killed in the name of “science.” Animal rights means respect for animals respect for animals means the abolition of vivisection.

  • mlo says:

    Jack please help spread the word. Everyone please send complaints to China Southern Airlines for participating in the transport of primates from China to the U.S. for research labs. I have written many times but the horror continues. These are the following emails I could find on their website You can also write to China Southern Sales Dept 6300 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 101 Los Angeles Ca. 90048

  • Michele says:

    Ooooh my bad it must be okay because the monkeys get pinatas at birthday parties. Who cares if they have toys and jello???? They are still “housed” which means they are IN CAPTIVITY! That is NOT the life they were intended to live. And oh yeah there is that little problem of pain and torture for worthless experiments…

  • little big woman says:

    this is sickening me again because years ago we could secretly get in possession of a video tape showing the horrible torture of primates in a laboratory the doctors in their white clothes mocked and laughed and put things on the heads of these poor animals and this horrible expression on the faces of these monkeys chimpanzees and they were so week and bleeding and screeming that i fell down to the earth and for more than half an hour suffered from a spasmic attack of the whole nerve system and was screeming because never in my life i saw such a horrific thing and right now i feel pain and have difficulties to write this text!!! the only thing that such humans deserve is to put a stone around their neck and throw them into the deepest part of the sea because this is too much atrocity to bear for a normal living being and such crimes belong to hell!!!

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Christine Gutman Not being argumentative just expressing my thoughts. That’s good that the Primate Center treats the primates excellently. So I’m not “judging” the Center on that. The situation is primates belong in their natural habitat just as much as you and me would prefer to live the way we do. I think of it as prisoners being in jail through their own fault though. They are given shelter food have activities and treated humanely. Nevertheless they would rather be on the “outside” among the society to which they are normally accustomed. Ok so the primates are given all kinds of humantype pleasantries to keep them happy and I wouldn’t even doubt that they enjoy human interaction but they are not truly living they were intended to live. And I wonder if they feel that something is missing in their lives but they don’t know what it is. I think the best way to study primates was the way Jane Goodall studied them although I realize that the Center is doing a different type of study. Anyway I’m glad to know that they are being studied for their behavior rather than used for barbaric useless vivisection. And I’m guess that I’m really reaching with this but since the Center treats the primates so humanely I’m wondering if the Center finds the vivisectors so disgustingly barbaric and an embarrassment to their your profession although not directly related that they would be willing to speak out against them for the sake of decency compassion justice and respect for the primate’s lives.

  • Carla says:

    There’s another Carla. Posted Nov. 14755am Sorry but do you have an initial you can use to help others identify us?

  • Carla says:

    Can someone tell me how these investigators get in to these places? Like the one at the Butterball plant and other slaughterhouses. Do they get hired by the company and then take the footage? Thank you though. If it weren’t for all these videos and words of truth I wouldn’t be a vegetarian today. Thanks PETA!

  • animal says:

    It’s unbelievable the horrible circumstances they live in and the amount of money the school is getting. These people have no conscience. We are so fortunate to get another look inside so we can see that very little has changed.

  • carolyn says:

    I FULLY AGREE WITH DEAN WEAN’S COMMENT Kudos to the brave investigators who work at such places day after day fighting back the many emotions witnessing cruelty must bring in order to document it for the world to see. It takes a selfless courageous and beyondcompassionate individual to wade into and face abuse and indifference so that we can learn what happens behind the world’s closed doors. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERY INVESTIGATOR WHO PERFORMS SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE THAT THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW MUCH THEY ARE WOKRING TO HELP ANIMALS GET FREE FROM OUR SOCIETY’S SICK DISREGARD FOR ANIMALS WE ABUSE FOR MEDICINE ENTERTAINMENT FUR CLOTHING AND SICK DELICASIES SUCH AS VEAL AND FOIE GRAS. THANK YOU PETA INVESTIGATORS. YOU ARE ALL HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU PETA!

  • Anonymous says:

    i thought this mess would have been stopped by now.why does it continue? money is the root of all evil.they socalled human beings are the devil! it’s all an inside job for money.shut ’em down! i’ve seen this story for 30 years now it seems! petaget some highpowered attorneys and shut ’em down! usda is a crooked organization.all an inside job for money.sick!

  • Christine Gustin says:

    I am a veterinary student and volunteered at the Primate Center this summer. I can personally say that these monkeys were treated excellently! MOST of the primates there are housed as large social groups 20200 monkeysin large outdoor enclosures with shelter from the weather. There are a number of veterinary behaviorists that ensure that each and every monkey has plenty of enrichment and that they are psycologically stable. All monkeys have toys to play with which are rotated every two weeks so that they don’t get bored and are constantly stimulated. This summer the Primate Center had a birthday party for their oldest monkey one of the Japanese macaques. There are 200+ Japanese macaques and we made treats for them including popcorn balls jello bamboo even a pinata. When it would get warm in the summer swimming pools would be filled for the monkeys and they absolutely LOVED it! This place really shouldn’t be judged without firsthand experience.

  • Kelley says:

    I can only imagine the nightmares your undercover agent must suffer after witnessing these acts. We all owe this person a big thank you!

  • Carla says:

    When is the government going to stop giving these places a free card to torture animalsprimates!! I don’t know which is worse of the two evils!! Com’n taking alcohol and drugs will screw you up DUH!!! We need to conduct our “own” tests on these people who feel it’s necessary to do these tests!

  • Jaclyn says:

    It takes such a brave and focused person to work under cover. There are truly no words to express my admiration for them. o

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    These monster’s need to be sent straight to hell. No I take that back we animal activists need to build our own lab. And do to those what they have done and continue to do to the animals. Justice at last.

  • BrandonXVX says:

    Excellent investigative work. This will help shut down the lab and provide a boost to the struggle to end vivisection everywhere.

  • Dean Ween says:

    Kudos to the brave investigators who work at such places day after day fighting back the many emotions witnessing cruelty must bring in order to document it for the world to see. It takes a selfless courageous and beyondcompassionate individual to wade into and face abuse and indifference so that we can learn what happens behind the world’s closed doors.