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PETA Sets the Record Straight About Gay Sheep Experiments

Written by PETA | January 26, 2007


There’s been a whole lot of controversy recently about our campaign against some lethal experiments conducted at two Oregon universities on a number of out-of-the-closet ovine Oregonians. The experiments, which involve attempting to change the sexual orientation of sheep before dissecting their brains, raise a number of complex ethical issues—as well as some really basic ones like “don’t torture sheep.” Here to explain exactly where we stand on the issue is PETA’s own brilliant Research Associate, Shalin Gala, with an open letter in response to the experiments:

PETA’s Open Letter in Response to OSU and OHSU’s ‘Gay Sheep’ Experiments
After being outed by PETA for their cruel and deadly hormone-altering tests on gay sheep, experimenters continue to mislead the public as to the troubling implications of their work.
Experimenters Charles Roselli of Oregon State University (OHSU) and Fred Stormshak of Oregon Health and Science University (OSU) have failed to address ethical issues pertaining to their deadly hormone-altering tests on gay sheep and the tests’ implications for humans. PETA will continue to scrutinize these and any other experiments to ensure that both animal and human interests are protected and represented. … [More]

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  • Locus says:

    Animals follow the “natural law”, which is male-female? Thanks for your homophobic and uninformed comment. Guess what? There are naturally gay pairings among nature, in animals, and the natural law is mostly in your head. Speaking of uninformed, this blog post is lacking in information too :/

  • Barton says:

    This is disgusting!!! Not only are they torturing animals, they are trying to make them GAY which is an abomoniation! Animals obey the natural law, which is male-female, it is SICKENING that scientists would try to force them to be unnaturally gay! It is bad enough that people adopt this lifestyle, but why would we try to do it to animals??? IT IS JUST WRONG.

  • Veruca01 says:

    Really? Really? Five years of research for THIS? Not only is this guy incredibly disreputalbe, but cruel. Is this “science” really necessary? Is this what our money is being spent on? Did he even have any regard for the animals? My guess is no. I am surprised this guy still had a job. If you look at some of his other “work,”you will see that he has a history of questionable research articles. How embarrassing. This guy’s ego is out of this world.

  • Olivia says:

    I just read the article on “gay sheep” and it saddens me a great deal what those “scientists” at OSU and OHSU are doing to those poor creatures. I can’t believe that people of science would find such Homophobic and dispicable experiments acceptable. And then they say that they want to experiment those same drugs on humans. I can’t tell you how many people would not only say no but HELL NO to that. In this day in age I find the only thing immoral is people’s fear and nonacceptance of those who are different.

  • Melissa says:

    Hello Just wanted to let you know I linked to your blog in my column on today. Thanks! If you want to take a look here’s the link httpwww.cbsnews.comstories20070130blogophilemain2412248.shtml Thanks Melissa

  • sky says:

    Wtf?!? Thats Sick Animals Should Be Left Alone If A Humans Gay Do We Change Them? I Think Not.

  • sarah says:

    well said Jack. this whole thing is pointless and while it may not be conducted with the intention of spreading misinformation about homosexuality I’m sure it would have that effect.

  • Jack says:

    Why would one even think that hormonal treatments would change one’s sexual orientation? I’m a transsexual and all the testosterone in the world isn’t going to make me like women. That’s sort of already been proven.

  • Beth says:

    I think PETA needs to drop this campaign. I’ve been following this and frankly I think the whole thing has become absurd and we’re received a black eye in this fight. Heck I don’t even think our case is a strong one. We need to spend our time fighting real abuse and fighting for more than just a few sheep. That’s my 2 cents

  • pcb says:

    While I hate this sort of thing genetic alterationsexperimentations on animals specifically sheep have been going on for years.Does anyone remember “Dolly” the world’s first genetically cloned sheep.I bet alot of people do!!. I think this is proof that Governments would rather conduct and fund unnatural genetic tampering than invest the money towards more benefitical pursuits like medical researchadvancement.

  • Kelly says:

    Speaking from personal experience I can say that degrees or appointments do not ensure a reputable university employee. There are some very questionable people employed by too many schools. Some of them are performing needless outdated “studies” simply for the income or some kind of academic notoriety. Or to fill time which too many have on their hands. Too many have delusions of grandeur or overweening selfimportance and believe that they and their actions are above question and that’s not only with regard to animals! The taxpayer or donor would be shocked to find out what many university personnel are up to on the public or donor’s dimes. I hope that the younger generations are willing to stand up to inflated egos and “question auhority.” Because behind the facade the authority is a ruin.