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PETA ‘Schools’ Fishy Conventiongoers

Written by PETA | February 20, 2009

Yippee—it’s the Aquaculture America Convention: a bunch of aquaculturists (fiendish fish farmers) trawling around a trade show that feeds off “aquacruelty” (my made-up term for fish abuse). Not my idea of a fun time. But wait, what’s going on outside Seattle’s convention center? It’s a pile of PETA members playing dead on the sidewalk:


Aquaculture America demo- 2.JPG
Aquaculture America demo- 1.JPG


Why is this flashy foursome dressed like Poseidon’s peeps? To definned our fish friends against aquacruelty, of course. Fish, who are just as smart, interesting, and capable of feeling pain as any other animal, are raised on “farms” where they are crammed by the thousands into ponds, tanks, or mesh cages so small and filthy that they’re forced to swim in their own muck. Seriously, how gross are fish sticks? No fish or faux fish is where it’s at!

Here’s a parting pic of this splashy protest:


Aquaculture America demo- 3.JPG


Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • James Hickok says:

    Weren’t most of the diciples fishermen? This is clearly an over exageration. I know I’ve been on many fish farms that treat there “animals” better than most people treat their own kids.

  • jessica says:

    great job guys keep it up!

  • Sarah says:

    Wow! This is fantastic!! Great job everyone!

  • wendi says:

    I can’t stand to eat anything that comes out of the water. Even as a kid I just hated the way it tasted. Off topic a bit but lobster and crab are the expensive meats but they are scavengers and eat anything. Good for the environment but why people still want to eat them is beyond me. Not to mention the way they are prepared is horrible. The “people fish” look really good in these pics. Great job on the body painting. Hope people got the message. Or shall I say hope people CARED about the message.

  • Aces says:

    Yeah that guy that mentioned that verse in the bible was right while you’re at it look at 93. Wow that bible is full of powerful and compelling stuff isn’t it?

  • nofgdfg says:

    good job guys

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The original and idyllic Biblical diet for man was vegetarian Genesis 129. People who eat meat poutlry and fish are exacerbating the fall of man. Nuts seeds flax and soy provide the key Omega fats.

  • Armani Hater says:

    Nice job guys!Nicely done.