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Birth Control Even Limbaugh Can Agree With

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 12, 2012

Advertisers have rushed away from Rush Limbaugh faster than the shock jock can say, “Light me a stogie.” At last count, 49 advertisers had pulled their spots from The Rush Limbaugh Show after he called Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke “a ****” and “a prostitute” for testifying before Congress in favor of insurance coverage of birth control pills. He later made a guarded apology.

So how might Rush make up for lost advertising? PETA has an idea. We’ve asked Limbaugh to run this “Spay Today!” ad spot pro bono during his radio show:


Spaying and neutering dogs and cats is birth control that everyone should be able to agree on. Limbaugh could use some positive media coverage—and dogs and cats can always use some positive steps toward ending animal homelessness. Here’s hoping Rush rushes to accept PETA’s offer.

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