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‘Meaty’ Halloween Idea: Vegans Go Gaga

Written by PETA | October 26, 2010

Although it made countless compassionate fans wrinkle their noses (and made Eminem remark that it stank, and made Ellen DeGeneres back away), Lady Gaga’s dress made from slabs of animal flesh is likely to be a popular Halloween costume this year. So PETA has an animal-friendly idea for vegan fans who want to dress up like Gaga without making people gag-a. How about a faux-meat frock, made from cotton instead of chopped steak?



Grab some fabric paints and plain white fabric—a couple of old, oversized T-shirts or even a sheet will serve nicely. Shape your dress with scissors, safety pins, and twine, and paint it with a rainbow of rotting flesh colors—red, brown, and a dab of purple, here and there. Of course, you’ll want to leave some white visible to represent the marbled fat. (Gag!) We found instructions and this video tutorial online.

Or how about fashioning a phony-bologna bikini or a Tofurky tunic? The most important accessory is a visible label to indicate that no animals suffered to make the outfit. Print out this ready-made sign to show that your costume is cruelty-free:

With a Tim Gunn–style “make it work” attitude, it should be a cinch for you to create a killer Halloween costume that no animals had to die for.

Send us photos of your creation, and we might feature it in an upcoming blog post!

Written by Karin Bennett

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