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PETA’s Latest Banned Ad – See It Here

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 6, 2012

If you saw CareerBuilder’s latest Super Bowl ad, you probably thought it was as lame as we did, which is why we came up with an ad of our own in response. Unfortunately, we received a “thanks, but no thanks” from Clear Channel Outdoor in CareerBuilder‘s hometown of Chicago, after we asked to place this billboard near a CareerBuilder vice president’s neighborhood:

While we may not have gotten the billboard placed, at least we’re not feeling like Tom Brady and the Pats today.

Tell CareerBuilder to Stop!

With your help, not even the Giants defense could stop us from telling CareerBuilder to can the cruel chimpanzee ads

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  • Darcy says:

    Absolutely disgusting that with all the animation options available,career builder still uses the barbaric option of using a live chimp. I refused to watch the ad and told as many people i could to boycott career builder. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mystery says:

    It’s sick, if people think it’s wrong to use humans like this, then its just as bad to use our distant cousins like this also! Like humans are animals too! We aren’t more superior or better, stronger, More powerful then them. We are cowards that abuse our planet and destroy it not justfor us, but for EVERY living thing. I can’t stand when people will say something like “they’re only animals” it makes me want to spit.. It breaks my heart hearings about how tragically animals are murdered, or abandoned. I have two cats, one that was abused before we got her, and one we adopted from the humane society. I honesty am more upset and care more about the well-being of our animals then humans.. Cause we deserve whatever karma circles back to us.

  • Lorraine Redfern says:

    My heart bleeds for animals due to the cruel way that they are treated by so many people in this world and I often wonder how people see animals in their minds eye. Animals are just like people they suffer pain, they cry and they become scared of things they don’t trust. I used to label all sorts of animals by their appearance, not that I didn’t care for them, I did. I have always cared for them. Now I label human’s and apart from the kind people in this world who share my love for animals I have only one label for the rest and I say to them that animals are far superior. I recently, came across an american family in Africa who shot and killed a giraffe just for the fun of it. It seemed so unreal looking at the photo of this beautiful animal so long and dangly with it’s big eyes and six or seven people treating it it like a trophy. I am heartbroken for the animals that don’t deserve to die, especially at the hands of such cruel ignorant people. There must be a way to put a stop to this carnage of animals, it’s just so wrong.

  • Randy B Kaplan says:

    Stop using chimps in your ads. Period. It’s cruel, and it’s unnecessary. There are an infinite number of other ways of making your point. Animal cruelty doesn’t have to be one of them.

  • amanda Mccoy says:

    I made a point of not being in the room when your add came on, so i don’t know what you were promoting. but your Company name will stay in my mind, and your discusting use of helpless animals in said promotion. i will never avail myself of your services.

  • debbie lane says:

    do you have any idea what these chimps go throught!! i think your ads are so dumb anyway. why don’t you come up with something clever because your ads are not funny or clever if you ask me. i like the coke ads with the polor bears that are animated.come on guys let the chimps go they will not do anything but piss off people. we do know what happens to them after they are done with show business..

  • Bev says:

    You have other options other than using live animals, today’s technology gives you endless options. Use them instead of making a living creature suffer from seperation of it’s family members, and by the hand of it’s trainers. Stop using live animals now!

  • Shelia says:

    Stop it!!!!!!