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PETA Rushes to Help Raccoon in Steel-Jaw Trap

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 27, 2012

Steel-jaw traps don’t discriminate—they’ll snap their sharp metal teeth shut on the limb of anyone who is unfortunate enough to step on them. A raccoon in Portsmouth, Virginia, was one recent victim.

The innocent raccoon was scurrying through the grass in a quiet neighborhood when he suddenly collapsed, his body racked with pain. As the serrated teeth of a steel-jaw trap ground into his muscles, he began frantically trying to escape, even attempting to chew off his own limb. But as he thrashed, he became lodged in a resident’s fence.

When the homeowners discovered the grisly scene, they immediately called both animal control and PETA. Our Community Animal Project fieldworkers rushed to the home and helped the animal control officer gently free the suffering raccoon from the fence and the cruel trap. The officer then whisked him back to the animal control office and quickly ended his misery. Unfortunately, none of the neighbors knew who had set the trap, and our fieldworkers couldn’t find the culprit despite canvassing the neighborhood.

Steel-jaw traps are some of the cruelest and most ineffective methods of wildlife control in existence. PETA offers a wealth of information on how to easily and humanely keep raccoons and other animals at bay without endangering other wildlife, companion animals, and people. 

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  • A.L says:

    Poor raccoon! steel jaw traps are cruel and sick!

  • Joe says:

    Poor thing. They look friendly but are wild and will bite and scratch.

  • critter123 says:

    I have previously worked with raccoons in a wildlife rehabilitation facility. All feces, whether it be animal or human is waste material and is therefore, dangerous. As with all bodily fluids, when working around it you must take strict precautions in order to stay uncontaminated. I don’t base my compassion on how toxic or non-toxic a creature’s feces is. There is nothing more honorable than putting your health on the line to save another being, raccoon or otherwise. I am just glad that poor baby is in a better place. The tortured look in his eyes is haunting and sad; a tragic reminder of man’s all too frequent destructive behavior.

  • Victoria says:

    This is appalling,I loathe traps, just saw an advert for World Wildlife Fund in which a beautiful tiger was caught in a steel trap, actually crying must have been agonising?I wouldn’t mind someone ‘adopting’ one for me as a present,

  • Animal Lover says:

    Sure raccoons can be dangerus that that doesn’t mean you have the right to kill them. They just wanna live too.

  • Mimi says:

    To Kay – Raccoons are more afraid of us than we are of them. I have had the pleasure of volunteering at a Wildlife Rescue facility for several years. We take in allot of Raccoons during the summer a large percent of them are babies. 85% of all animals we receive that are injured and orphaned are due to Humans and not nature. Where I live I help to feed them because developers keep cutting back their natural habitat destroying their food supply. I don’t try to make any contact because I don’t want them trusting humans. I will say there is nothing more precious then when I see a mother Raccoon w/ her babies coming to me for help. She trusts me enough that she knows I will not hurt her. She also let’s me know she will defend her babies by growls and snarls. She has never lunged at me and has come back every year for the past 3 years. Don’t be afraid of Raccoons, but don’t assume even if they are not growling that they won’t defend themselves. They will. I’m glad I can do my part helping animals to survive…Take Care

  • Animal Lover says:

    Awww poor thing! I can never stand animal abuse. I’m a vegetarian and I keep trying to tell people that animals are humans in a different form of life. They have feelings too. How would a human feel if they were skinned alive, or beaten to act, I would hate it. I just wish animals can live a happy life that they deserve to live. NO MORE TESTING! NO MORE MEAT! NO MORE FUR! They just wanna live too. Don’t go and kill them.

  • Kay Hyde says:

    Poor Racoon. Though I am afraid of racoons but, i am really against animal cruelty. People who do cruel things to animals should be punished.

  • aisling says:

    thank you so much.i don’t want to think of what deth he would have had without you helping

  • Rocket says:

    Poor thing. I love coons and this is just disgusting, who could harm anything. What did this poor creature ever do to you. I mean sure they could have been looking for food, but nothing more. I never harm animals in any way. I believe everything is there for a reason and trying to change it disrupts the natural balance.

  • me says:

    I know that raccoons look cute, but their feces are very dangerous. Even if you just inhale some of the spores. I would like to know what is meant by “officer..quickly ended his misery”…please don’t use euphenisms, we are all grownups here, and should be able to accept that life ends.