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PETA Reward Offer Helps Secure 11-Year Prison Sentence for Pug Torturer

Written by PETA | December 9, 2009
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Every day, PETA receives reports from across the country detailing hideous acts of cruelty to animals for which law enforcement officials have no leads. Very often, PETA will offer a reward for information leading to an arrest, knowing that witnesses who might otherwise never come forward could be enticed to offer information.

PETA recently rewarded a tipster who offered information about a case of cruelty to animals that occurred last fall in Dillon, South Carolina. Brace yourself for the details: While Teofilo Falaniko was ransacking Bonnie Bowens’ home, he forced her dog, Penny, into the oven and turned it on. To ensure that Penny’s frantic pawing at the oven door didn’t allow her to escape, Falaniko propped a chair against the door. When the elderly woman arrived home later that day, she and police discovered that her beloved dog was dead in the oven.

Because our tipster came forward and reported hearing Falaniko bragging about his heinous crime, Falaniko was arrested and charged. He was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison on burglary and cruelty-to-animals charges. Would Falaniko have been caught without the tipster’s information? Who knows? But I get chills when I consider how many more victims—four-legged and two-legged—this violent criminal might have gone on to attack had he not been convicted of Penny’s cruel killing.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Brenda says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night after I read that article in Animal Times. It’s so cruel. I picture little Penny trying to get out and what she must of felt and thought. HORRIBLE!!! The death sentence would suit him just right!!

  • Katie Smith says:

    I think that the ones who does the cruelty to animals should be put in their shoes and see how it actually feels to be treated the way they were treated and I think the electric chair is needed to those who continue this nonsense!! I think also that 11 years is NOT ENOUGH!! I think LIFE SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM THE ONES WHO DOES THE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS!!

  • Jackie says:

    Cheyenne Cherry got 2 YEARS? She was bragging about it all over the place. Well I hope whoever gave her that small sentence remembers what they did when she gets out and kills again. She’s a inhuman monster who should be put to death. Why should age matter when someone has such a clear pathology. Does she have to kill a human child like Alyssa Bustamante for people to care enough to keep her caged?

  • LiberatioNOW says:

    I think I agree with many here. There HAS TO BE harsher sentences to convict these vile disgusting scumbags!. Most times the abusers just receive a slap on the wrist and don’t even have to pay fines. Fines are not enough these sadistic bastards must spend the MAX time in jail. Abuse an animal?. I would hate to see how they are with people.

  • Karmah says:

    Too bad the same thing isn’t happening to Cheyenne Cherry.

  • Diane Miles says:

    I feel so sorry for Penny and the abuse she went through. It is time animal abusers get a sentence to the max. and stop giving them a slap on their wrist with a plea bargin. I feel sorry for the woman the hurt she went through when she found Penny my prayers are with her and to stop abusers. This is uncalled for

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Has anybody heard anything regarding how Bonnie Bowen is doing this year? I ask this because it has been long hard year and losing her beloved Penny that way only made it that much more unbearable for her. If there is anything I can do for her I would be glad to do it.

  • Katt R says:

    Why couldn’t this same sentence have been handed down to Cheyenne Cherry who killed Tiger Lily the cat in the exact same fashion. This girl will kill again.. and next time it may not be a cat.

  • lindsay odum says:

    how could u torture poor little pugs!!!? he should b in jail 4 ever if he put an animal in the oven why would he hestitate to put a child in there too!!!!

  • lisa says:

    What is this world comming to what makes someone do something as barbaric as this the scale of cruelty to animals leaves you lost for words.

  • Erin says:

    That poor woman I can’t comprehend what it must have been like to find her dog like that…thank God that sick freak will be out of society’s face for a good long time.

  • Rachel Songer says:

    What kind of sick twisted individual would even think of doing something like that! It makes me ill that humans are capable of such things. Two bad punishment wasn’t an eye for an eye!

  • Frances MacHardy says:

    OMG THIS IS ONE SICK HUMAN BEING. The death penalty would be very appropriate. I think people like myself and many others like me should be made in charge of carrying out the punishment of people like this. Sickening…

  • Melanie says:

    What a sick fk!!

  • B Ray says:

    This jackass should never see the light of day again nor get out to breed this hatred. These third worlders enter our country and think this behavior is acceptable. Let’s let him “bake” for awhile he is worthless and should breathe the same air we do.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    This sadist is a devil in human form. Animal abusers must replace animals in research labs becuase experiments on humans are more helpful for finding cures for humans.

  • Lorna Davidson says:

    I hate hearing of animal cruelty it’s the lowest of the low harming something so defenceless. It’s about time people who do these horrible acts get harsher sentences as if they are capable of doing that you wonder what else their capable of. If i had my way i’d do to them EXACTLY what they did to their victims animals or people!!

  • Mike says:

    Thank You tipster….and PETA!

  • amy says:

    Could we please do to this piece of nothing what he did to this poor dog this makes me sick to my stomach this people should be shot

  • NT says:

    I hope there are some animal loving felons in his jailhouse and give him what he deserves…

  • Lilly says:

    He shouldn’t be allowed out of jail for the rest of his life.If he did that to a person he would be sentenced to life in prison of even the death penalty. But doing this to a poor defenseless animal on gets you 11 years? This makes me sick just reading it. Poor Penny.

  • Brandon Joule says:

    of course the 11 years was mostly for burglary. People who abuse animals need to be put in jail forever! Imagine how the women must feel.

  • Emma says:

    it makes me so mad that there are not harsher penalties for these disgusting pigs! no one can even begin to imagine the horrific amount of pain that poor little darling had to endure. the justice system isnt doing justice at all. animals have feelings thoughts and love and that disgusting idiot would have gotten a much harsher penalty had he done that to a human.

  • Katie says:

    KUDOS TO A LONG SENTENCE FOR THIS COWARDLY SCUM! Now why did Cheyenne Cherry only get a year for doing the same thing to a kitten? Why did her 14 year old accomplice get a private family court hearing? There’s a pretty good chance that the young waste of oxygen only got community service hours. Considering that I am in a service fraternity that is NOT a punishment!

  • Carla* says:

    11 years may not seem that long for the crime but at least we can rest assure potential victims humans and our animal friends alike will not be harmed while he’s locked up. I hope there’s help for him in jail and he accepts it. Good for you Peta!! Sorry Penny I could not imagine what you went through RIP.

  • Aneliese says:

    I’m glad he was charged what a sick person. I don’t understand how some animals abusers get jail time for 11 years and others get drafted back into the NFL to play for the Eagles.

  • MH says:

    That is just… wow. Too horrible for words. I have a dog named Penny too. Though if there was ever a burglar in my house she would rip his throat out or at least bark and growl a lot and wake us up and maybe scare him off she’s a big one.

  • sasha says:

    I don’t have words except 11 years isn’t long enough.

  • Carla says:

    Jail time is NOT enough punishment in MY book. Hang the bastard. This is a sick person with a sick mind .. what’s next????

  • Susan T says:

    This subhuman being should never ever be allowed to live in free society again. Most of us could scarcely imagine the pain and suffering he inflicted on that helpless animal. All of us have burned a finger at one time in our lives. No one can imagine what that pathetic little dog endured. His is not the first case involving burning an animal to death in this stomachturning manner. A judge sentenced two brothers to 10 years in prison in Georgia in 2007 for ducttaping a puppy’s mouth shut and putting her into an oven to die. Just recently a New York judge sentenced a 17yearold Cheyenne Cherry to two years in prison for burning a tiny kitten named Tiger Lily to death in a 500 degree oven back in May. To this day I still have nightmares about her. I cannot go near an operating oven. I start to cry and shake. That a human being could commit such a sadistic heinous crime is beyond my ability to understand. We live in a very violent and sick world. We worry about foreign terrorists and religious zealots but we interact on a daily basis with young people who are clearly as deranged and deadly as any terrorist. We all need to understand that if more emphasis is not placed on properly educating children we as human beings will become barbarians once again. This subhuman has no conscience no ability to feel or place himself in another’s circumstances. He is extremely dangerous and should never see the light of day again. If you care about animals and people you need to be in contact with your elected officialscommunitylevel state and federal and let them know that these issues are important to you and they should be important to them too. May God rest that poor dog’s soul and may he never ever be harmed again.

  • Olivia says:

    I am shaking with anger Poor Penny for an animal to face that kind of demise just makes me so horribly sad WE NEED TO GET HARSHER PUNISHMENT FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS!!!! Its not just for the well being of animals but that kind of sick abuse hardly ever stops with animals these monsters will move on to hurting people next. Im praying for Penny’s mom her owner too how tragic I hope she will find a new companion to help fill the void of losing her beloved friend

  • Jessica says:

    OMG HE IS DISGUSTING! He should be given the death penalty. What a piece of crap!