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PETA Ranks Vegetarian-Friendly Minor-League Stadiums

Written by PETA | June 1, 2010
Spitzgogo_CHEN / CC by 2.0

Minor-league stadiums may not have Big Papi’s bat, Adam Jones’ glove, or Joel Zumaya’s arm, but many of them have great-tasting vegetarian fare. Check out PETA’s list of the top 10 vegetarian-friendly minor-league ballparks of 2010 to see the lineup of vegetarian options at your favorite stadium:



  1. Municipal Stadium (Hagerstown Suns)
    Veggie dogs, veggie burgers with vegan cheese, pepper and onion Phillies with vegan mozzarella, vegetarian General dogs (with vegan cheese, peppers, onions, and vegetarian chili), veggie subs, fruit salad, veggie chorizo (available on the picnic patio), and more
  2. PGE Park (Portland Beavers)
    Faux beef Philly sandwiches made with Gardenburger crumbles (available without cheese), veggie dogs, Gardenburgers, vegan roasted-red-pepper and tomato soup, vegetarian sub with marinated mushrooms (available without cheese), baked beans, salads, fruit (available in the skyboxes)
  3. Frontier Field (Rochester Red Wings)
    Veggie burgers, pasta with marinara sauce, veggie burritos, veggie taco salads, baked potatoes, Caesar salad wraps (available without cheese and anchovy-based dressing), fresh fruit, grilled vegetables, field green salads, baked beans (available in catering)
  4. Durham Bulls Athletic Park (Durham Bulls)
    Black-bean veggie burgers, veggie dogs, bean burritos, Carolina veggie burritos (with sweet potatoes and black beans), fruit cups, hummus with pita triangles, salads
  5. ONEOK Field (Tulsa Drillers)
    Veggie burgers, veggie dogs, taco salads, dairy-free soft-serve ice cream, veggie trays, fruit trays, pita chips and hummus (available in the suites)
  6. Victory Field (Indianapolis Indians)
    Veggie burgers, black-bean burritos, corn on the cob, tossed salads, vegetarian wraps, grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches (available without cheese), sautéed fresh summer vegetables and penne pasta (available without cheese), spicy black-bean dip, vegetable crudités, sliced fresh fruit (available in the suites)
  7. Cheney Stadium (Tacoma Rainiers)
    Veggie burgers, veggie dogs, vegetarian burritos, corn on the cob, baked potatoes
  8. Isotopes Park (Albuquerque Isotopes)
    Veggie dogs, veggie burgers, bean burritos, veggie trays, fresh fruit trays, fresh salads
  9. Regions Park (Birmingham Barons)
    Veggie burgers, veggie dogs, vegetarian taco salads and burritos, fruit cups, fruit trays, veggie trays, garden salads
  10. Stadium (New Hampshire Fisher Cats)
    Veggie burgers, garden salads, veggie wraps, portobello mushroom cap salads, grilled veggie sandwiches, baked beans (available in the picnic area), portobello sandwiches (available on request)
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  • Jake says:

    As a longtime vegan and attendee of Portland Beavers games I was amazed to see PGE Park at number 2 on this list. I have seen absolutely none of the items mentioned on the blurb available for sale at PGE Park. A few years ago there were actually a fair number of vegetarianfriendly items at the concessions stands such as burritos and soy hot dogs if I recall correctly but the past few years this has most definitely not been the case in fact there are almost no real options for vegansvegetarians beyond the ubiquitous peanuts and soft pretzels. Perhaps these items mentioned are available but only to those in skyboxes? If that’s the case then they aren’t available to 95 of the attendees of games so I don’t see how their availability to a wealthy few could skyrocket PGE Park to the number 2 spot on this list.

  • Rich says:

    It is fantastic to see ONEOK Field in the top ten. The Driller’s did a great job working with the vegan community here in Tulsa to help develop the menu. And thanks also to those vegans who took time out of their day to talk to the Driller’s management about what they wanted to see on the menu. Having been to a few games this season it is even better than I imagined.

  • Jahiegel says:

    Lisa Miller Park did make the list for MLB stadia and its blurb notes many of the items about which you write this list though is for minor league parks and even as the Crew’s pitching has been terrible this year we’ve not yet been relegated to the minors.

  • Heather Moore says:

    Thanks Lisa. You’ll be happy to know that Miller Park made our list of vegfriendly major league stadiums. This list is only for the minors.

  • lisa h says:

    How disappointing. You obviously didn’t even go to Miller Park for the Milwaukee Brewers. The stadium caters to vegetarians!!! They have veggie wraps pretzles veggie chinese dishes grilled cheesesalads among zillions of other things. Just because meat is a popular item doesn’t mean that we veggies are left out.The park is a shining point in Milwaukee and even makes the news for its immense variety.