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PETA Rallies Against Dolphin Slaughter

Written by PETA | September 1, 2011

Today, as Japanese fishers began stabbing dolphins with spears and cutting their throats with knives, PETA members, along with members of Earth Island Institute and Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, marked “Dolphin Day” by gathering outside the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., to protest the annual slaughter

Protesters screened graphic footage from the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, showing how fishers in the village of Taiji chase entire schools of dolphins into a cove, trap them, and slaughter them as they scream and struggle to escape. The water turns bright red with the dolphins’ blood.

People in many other cities around the world today also protested the slaughter, which will claim the lives of up to 23,000 dolphins and whales over the next six months. The animals are killed because they are considered “pests” by the fishing industry, although a few are captured alive and sold to aquariums and swim-with-dolphins programs, where they will spend the rest of their lives confined to cramped tanks.

You can help stop this by contacting your local Japanese Embassy and demanding that Japan end the cruel slaughter immediately.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • ggcbukalu says:

    It pains me to see how many people give in to this hypocritical BS… This group is nothing but a religious and terrorist organization. These advocates are nothing but nutjobs… Don’t get me wrong, animals definitely deserve better treatment, but I don’t think such a shitty organization such as this deserves to lead it. If you protest or rally anywhere near my property you will regret it.

  • rbk says:

    all the best,, we love animals… why do people harm animals…. its great to see Rallies like this. we are with U .

  • Sharon MP says:

    This is just sickening! How cruel! They are mammals just like people. How horrible that there are still ignorant people in the world. Just so sad…

  • melissam says:

    The Cove was a truely heart breaking film it changed the way I thought of places like marineland and seaworld. The movie is an eye opening experience I would highly reccommend it.

  • Bryttnie says:

    These protest are one of our best ways to prevent animal cruelty, I’ve been think why don’t we make a PETA tour, all over the world so that people all over the world and their different cultures and languages learn more about all PETA does, and protest about different animal cruelty is there country’s.

  • jenn.pierce says:

    I learned about all of this just over a year ago. I had been hoping that, with all the pressure from protesters, that maybe the hunts would be called off this year or at least delayed. It’s just sickening to know this is still being allowed to go on. If you haven’t watched The Cove, I suggest you do so. It’s a documentary about what goes on out there and it will change your life.

  • Andrea says:

    Please stop this cruelty!!

  • sofie says:

    pleas dont kill inesent animall and dolphins too.

  • Tripti says:

    Please end the cruel slaughter immediately.

  • Ben Collins says:

    I like what you guys do (peta that is). Keep trying. Thats all we can do. One being at a time! I make music about animal cruelty and other things. Check me out guys. -Ben Collins

  • Jim Millman says:

    Your inhumanity will come back to haunt you!

  • eric poussier says:

    open up your mind

  • squasher says:

    This is really disgraceful. These animals should not be killed and even if they are pests (which they are not) then they should be killed humanely and not just stabbed and left to scream in pain. Barbaric and should not take place in the modern day. Japan is supposed to be an advanced country but letting this happen reduces you to barbarians. Disgusting.

  • Bev says:

    This is cruel and rather shocking. Stop this slaughter now. If they are invading your coves, figure a safe way to put a barrier up. And selling live to an aquarium is just as cruel. They are meant to be free, so let them be.

  • Amber says:

    HORRIBLE!! They have every right to live and eat fish as you do!! Disgusting and soo extremely sad.

  • paula says:

    like they didn’t learn the natural laws of the Earth from the tsunami?shame on them !

  • flights london to bangkok says:

    Dolphin is the valuable and pride for us, I also become a member of PETA, Dolphin slaughter is serious problem in world, I think Japan should take quick action against slaughter, and save Dolphin.

  • JG says:

    I coincidentally watched “The Cove” earlier today. A very good film. I learned about this originally in another exceptional documentary, “Earthlings”, except that film has agonizingly more graphic footage. It may constitute a kind of victory once this all stops, however, how does one ever forget the victims?