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PETA Protests Pro-Life Protester

Written by PETA | June 7, 2011

Is it possible to be a “pro-life” meat-eater? Not according to the PETA members who appeared outside the Dane County Courthouse in Madison, Wisconsin, as preliminary hearings began for a man accused of planning to shoot a doctor at a Madison Planned Parenthood clinic.

The meat and dairy industries are responsible for the suffering and deaths of billions of babies every year. Cows on dairy farms are kept continually pregnant in order to boost milk production, and their babies are taken from them almost immediately after birth and raised for veal. Pigs are also repeatedly impregnated, and their babies are torn away from them and shoved into cramped, filthy pens until they are large enough to kill, usually when they are just 6 months old. Chickens raised for meat are only 7 weeks old when they are killed.

If pro-life advocates want to prevent cruelty to babies, they should start at the dinner table. And since animals don’t get to choose whether they will be abused and slaughtered, this is one issue that pro-lifers and pro-choicers should be able to agree on.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Katie says:

    Oh for crying out loud – all life, human, animal is sacred – bottom line. If you want to argue when cells become a life that should be valued, have at it. Every human being has a choice and all choices have consequences. If we only stopped for a moment just to think about that…what a responsibility we all have. Hat’s off to Peta & Pro Life for making us think.

  • js55 says:

    Woodmoth, I agree with you that a pig or cow are sensitive to pain and suffering, but a human embryo is not. Human embryos (the stage of development before it reaches fetal status) does not have the capability to sense pain (just as pig and cow embryos do not either). A fetus at 20 weeks is the very earliest that it could sense pain, but most of the scientific community agrees that they do not develop pain sensing capability until the 24th week in pregnancy.

  • js55 says:

    Allie, pro-lifers tend to ignore science and fact. “The accepted hypothesis of the means by which pain is perceived states that it requires certain physical structures and operations. These are not formed in fetuses until 20 weeks or more. The general consensus of the scientific community at this time is that only fetuses of this age or older are capable of perceiving pain.” In fact, “Scientific research generally indicates that the fetus is incapable of feeling pain until at least the 24th week.”

  • kathy says:

    @mrryanalee, I hope you can see the speciesism in regarding a human embryo as equally or more important than a living being of another species.

  • woodmoth says:

    A pig or a cow is sensitive to pain and suffering, perhaps even more so than a human embryo. Both have the right to be free of pain and suffering.

  • MeatVet says:

    People were made with canine teeth. If you belive God made humans then you believe that canines like all other animals that have them were meant for eating meat. =God loves meat

  • Meat_Eater says:

    There is a huge difference between a human life and animal life. You PETA people are all a little nuts!!!!

  • mrryanalee says:

    I’m in support of the animal rights movement, I think animals are treated very cruelly and it needs to stop. But human babies are also being killed, or murdered, by their own mothers. I think human right to life is equally if not more important than animal right to life. If someone is to be pro-life for humans, they must be pro-life for animals, and vice-versa; both are suffering terribly.

  • Cassie says:

    the fact is you are still killing an animal that God created that can breathe ..that can feel and has emotions.

  • Stephen says:

    Plants are living too! You monsters…you sicken me. Save a Carrot, eat a rock.

  • Kim4life says:

    Well said PenPMe and Katie!!

  • kathy says:

    @JS55, I completely agree and I think PETA does too. PETA is pointing out the flawed logic in the pro-life group.

  • Allie says:

    JS55- I completely disagree with your comment. While I believe that the two issues should be separate, it is not just a mass of human cells. I guess that it is in the most simplest form, however it has been proven that babies are aware of what is going on from a very early stage. They can feel pain and suffer all through the pregnancy. All life needs to be respected whether that life is a non-human animal or an unborn baby. I am vegan and pro-life. Unborn babies are the most vulnerable creatures out there and they need all the protection they can get. BTW…. Fetus simply means baby in Latin. The connection was made long ago.


    People are selfish and cruel. Nothing people do makes any sense to me. JS55, I never really thought about it like that. Good point.

  • MA Moore says:

    My sentiments exactly! Love to PETA!

  • gcgirl says:

    I have to agree with Sara and JS55. Though killing is obviously wrong, it’s fair to compare animals to humans… that’s just like apples and oranges. There was a fb user of peta’s facebook page who maintained that he would feel the same pain and remorse if his child died or if his dog died. PERSPECTIVE, please. I love my animals, but value human life more. Do not confuse the two and do not compare the two. It’s disturbing.

  • js55 says:

    @sara…no crap….I’m a huge ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST….what I’m gathering from this article, if you use the logic from their arguments, PETA, you are now a pro-life (aka, anti-abortion) group??? Seriously?

  • Katie says:

    Well said PenPMe. Why not join together for a common goal of respect for All life at All stages? Simple.

  • Rita says:

    It’s always funny to me that on pro-life websites, someone will always inevitably say something like “all life is sacred!” When I point out “I hope you’re a vegan, then” they quickly backpedal and say “I mean all human life is sacred!” You can’t be pro-life unless you’re pro-life for everyone, including animals. Sorry.

  • mk44 says:

    Completely agree!!!!!! Please continue doing everything that you do for our animals: )

    @ js55 pro life is for all life!

  • JS55 says:

    PETA, please do NOT equivocate a viable animal that has nerve endings and can feel PHYSICAL PAIN, with a human mass of cells, embryo, fetus, etc., that cannot live on its own outside of the womb and DOES NOT FEEL PHYSICAL PAIN. For the love of God, I love what you guys do most of the time, but stick to what you do best and stay the hell out of the abortion debate.

  • Belle says:

    I agree completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie says:

    I agree. Pro-life is for all life. It is a shame that both sides don’t always share the same views. Imagine a world cruelty free for all species.

  • sara says:

    I’m PRO-CHOICE but I’ve been an animal rights activist for 16 years. Don’t confuse the two issues here. This just irritates me

  • Kim4life says:

    What about the death penalty? I’m pro-life in every way.

  • LoveLife says:

    I agree completely. Clearly pro-life people should be vegan which would be more consistent with their beliefs. However, that also means that vegans should be pro-life if they want to be consistent with their beliefs. If you believe in the miracle of life and of how precious it is..then there should be consistency from both sides. However, unfortunately there is not. Many vegans are pro-choice which is just as equivalent as many pro-lifers who are meat eaters. Just pointing out the truth.

  • Angela says:

    I am pro life and a meat eater. Im not against killing animals but I am against killing babies. Its the way animals are killed and treated that has forced me to become very aware of where the meat I do eat comes from. Personally I don’t eat much meat because cruelty free and affordability is still still an issue that needs a lot of help but abortion is killing humans not animals which is different. I love PETA and will certainly continue supporting them as well as right to life.

  • Toby says:

    Killing pigs & cows for food is far worse than killing human fetuses; the science is in on that… way, way in…

  • Garry says:

    How about vegans, vegos and meat eaters unite. Just stop cruelty to animals.

  • Sbattezzato says:

    La civiltà di una nazione e il suo progresso morale si può vedere dal modo in cui tratta gli animali. (Gandhi) Gli uomini giusti guardano agli animali col cuore del Cristo in croce. (Salvatore Messina)

  • Serfmunke says:

    But the babies are so yummy!

  • MrsK says:

    Honestly? These people are not in the “making sense” business. A good number of “pro-life” individuals would choose for babies to live in foster care than be adopted by same-sex couples. And many people who would vote pro-life would also vote against health coverage and nutrition services for low-income pregnant women and for babies. It’s about getting their way-not about the babies or children. Funny signs, though.

  • JFree_xxx says:

    Agree with PenPMe. Unborn humans don’t get a choice either.

  • kathy says:

    I love the ‘Pork Chop stops a beating heart’ sign.

  • OhGoddess says:

    WELL SAID and total TRUTH!!

  • PenPMe says:

    It does make sense…. life is life, just because they are human is their life any less valuable? Truly Pro-life would/should include ALL life!