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PETA Prez to New Prime Minister: End Mulesing Now

Written by PETA | July 7, 2010


If you haven’t been keeping up with world events, you may be surprised to learn that change has come to the land down under. Julia Gillard recently made history by becoming Australia’s first female prime minister. Now PETA is asking this precedent-setting PM to implement another big change: Help end the barbaric mulesing mutilation that’s needlessly inflicted on millions of lambs every year.

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk has dashed off a letter to Gillard asking her to spearhead government action on this issue.

Says Ingrid: “Carving hunks of flesh from lambs’ rumps is a crude way to attempt (often unsuccessfully) to prevent flystrike. I have seen dead mulesed sheep with my own eyes, and everyone knows that there are humane options that should replace this barbaric act.”

Experts estimate that mulesing could be phased out in just two years if Australian wool farmers would simply stop breeding overly woolly merino sheep—whose wrinkly skin makes them more susceptible to flystrike—and switch to “bare-breech” sheep (i.e., ones with smooth bottoms) instead. So far, greedy sheep farmers have refused to make the switch, so it’s up to us to push hard—and we are doing just that with our campaign to get retailers and consumers around the world to reject merino wool.

If you’ve contacted decision-makers about this issue before, please do so again. If you haven’t, now’s the time. We’d like everyone to please take a minute to congratulate Prime Minister Gillard and ask her to fast-track the transition away from mulesing.

Written by Paula Moore

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  • tiny says:

    Mulesing is cruel in one way but it helps the sheep in the long run. when they cut the skin of the bottem of the lambs they use an antiseptic spray which numbs the area and helps stop the bleeding. the lambs feel the pain for a couple of days then their over it. the sheep dont get as bad flystrike as what they would have done if they didn’t get mulesed

  • Fay says:

    I will not buy any clothes from now on from outlets who are not banning this abhorent and cruel business so roll on NEXT JOHN LEWIS MATALAN AND GAP they are against this barbaric prehistoric form of fly strike prevention!!!

  • Mary says:

    And those poor flies who are killed by the chemicals on fly blown sheep. Oh dear!!

  • Nick says:

    For all those that stamp their feet and demand smooth skinned sheep for all their lambmutton requirements who I assume don’t have any Merino wool based products in their possession stop to consider the value of the Merino wool trade. How will you substitute the loss in financial turnover from the wool industry if you change the breed of sheep across Australia? A single Merino ewe sold in 2008 for AUD$14000. I agree that mulesing is a primitive barbaric solution and one that is employed by farmers because its easier and cheaper than other solutions but we would be better to research and recommend alternative solutions rather than exercising outrage at this one.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    beth robbins Mulesing creates a flat scarred surface along sheeps backsides that flies are less attracted to hence why many farmers utilize this barbaric practice. This procedure is not only cruel it is also unnecessarysome Australian wool farmers already use techniques other than mulesing to avoid flystrike and farmers in New Zealand stopped mulesing nearly a decade ago. Although the threat of flystrike is very real there are many alternatives to mulesing including selection for less susceptible breeds increased monitoring and treatment insecticides vaccinations topical applications baited traps and improved farmmanagement practices.

  • phil says:

    Congrats on your position please show some compassion and do something about this if not as a potential vote winner then as a moral issue I’m sure there are valid alternatives. This opinion even defies family members although they are too entrenched in tradition.

  • Sue Korb says:

    Congratulations on your new job. Now it’s time to show the men how to do it… Show your compassion and end this evil practice. The raw skin only draws more flies and makes the sheep more miserable. Please help them!!!

  • Michelle Oxenham says:

    Congratulations on your appointment to Prime Minister. Please do all you can to end the unimaginable suffering that the barbaric practice of mulesing inflicts on so many sheep. Try to imagine the skin being ripped off your bottom with no anaesthetic and the practice is so unecessary! I beg you Prime Minister to end this practice now. Sincerely Michelle NZ

  • Mark Whitehand says:

    congrats do the right thing and end the cruelty its easier than you think. Best of luck with your new job.

  • alex gerry says:


  • Mary Chabast says:

    Congratulations on becoming Prime Minister. Please end the barbaric mulesing mutilation that’s needlessly inflicted on millions of lambs every year.

  • Mirna Adriano says:

    Ms. Julia Gillard Congratulations for being the first female prime minister y Australia. It’s a great step!!! I am part of a group worried about the wool sheep mulesing. I hope with your voice your country can fasttrack the transition away from it. I wish you a delightful day and career as a prime minister. Sincerely Mirna Adriano

  • mason alexandra says:

    please have some respect for life wether it’s in a cat or a dog or a manlife is life the difference that man instaured is only for its own advantage.Animals feels pain and stress!!!put yourself in their positionwhat would you feel?

  • Mitzi Rothman says:

    Congratulaions Prime Minister Gillard and please fasttrack the transition away from mulesing. Experts estimate that mulesing could be phased out in just two years if Australian wool farmers would simply stop breeding overly woolly merino sheepwhose wrinkly skin makes them more susceptible to flystrikeand switch to “barebreech” sheep i.e. ones with smooth bottoms instead. Carving hunks of flesh from lambs’ rumps is a crude way to attempt often unsuccessfully to prevent flystrike.

  • RJAD07 says:

    As a proud Aussie I completely agree mulesing is absolutely unnecessary and horrible to inflict this kind of treatment on these beautiful animals. It must be stopped. I am 100 with you on this and you have my full support D Also for fantastic cruelty free makeup tutorials check out my YouTube channel youtube.comRJAD07 Thanks PETA! Rosie xoxox

  • Amy Whitaker says:

    Congratulations on your election it’s wonderful to see yet another woman in such a great position! Please lead the way in compassion towards animals by fast tracking the end of mulesing. Thank you and best of luck! Women the world over applaud!

  • Fran Hoef-Bouchard says:

    I guess every country has its own sadistic practices. Here in the US its the farm industry that is so appalling. Crude and intentionally cruel to suit the killing impulses of the men that work in these industries. Asking these subhumans to do anything humanely is useless because they like what they do to animals. Take out their macho manhood on poor defenseless animals. That is a big problem here in the US and from the sound of this article is the same for Australia. Lets hope that a woman in office can change this. Will shall see. She may just be a front for more men and their barbaric ways.

  • cyndi mario says:

    Congratulations on becoming the first female prime minister of australia. That’s an awesome accomplishment that really shouldn’t be in 2010. Hopefully women gaining in politics will help end animal cruelty. Please do everything in your power to end animal suffering.

  • jessica stoddart says:

    Ms Gillard please do what you can to end this barbaric practice!

  • Caroline says:

    In the past the Federal Government has unquestionably backed the wool industry. It’s time for the Australian government and the wool industry to wake up to the fact that Australians and the international public alike will not tolerate animal cruelty. Ban Mulesing Prime Minister Gillard!

  • Jason Stefanko says:

    First off congratulations on being the first female primeminister of Australia. The world needs more female leaders! I wish we had a female such as yourself leading our Country! Please please stop this barbaric Act inflicted on your sheep mulesed. You have the power to do alot of good. Please start here. All the best and Sincerely yours Jason Stefanko Vancouver Bc.

  • Naomi Figas says:

    Dear Ms Gillard congrats on being our 1st female PM. Will you please consider banning the barbaric act of sheep mulesing? Please this is a cruel practice and needs to stop now! Thank you Naomi

  • Jennifer Delaney says:

    First off congrats to the new Prime Minister. I am so glad to hear that a strong female influence is upon us and able to share her compassion and intelligence with the masses. I do so hope that it begins with the immediate end of mulesing a barbaric cruel and completely avoidable practice that has been allowed to continue for far to long. I also hope that Julia Gillard will not only be the first female Prime Minister but also the first voice of defenseless animals throughout Australia.

  • Mollet Jean Richard says:

    I congratulate Prime Minister Julia Gillard for becoming Australia’s first female prime minister and ask her to fasttrack the transition away from mulesing. Thanks a lot

  • Charline says:

    Congratulations Prime Minister Gillard for becoming Australia’s first female prime minister. One thing you can do to celebrate this monumental change in history is to ban the practice of mulesing. Mulesing is a horrific and extremely painful and deadly act and these poor innocent animals should not have to go through. There are other ways to get the wool needed by these farmers. Please research this practice and see what suffering it causes. Please do what you can to make mulesing illegal and unlawful. Thank you so much.

  • Jennifer Cassell says:

    Congratulations!!! As a female I’m happy to hear of your nomination. I hope you use your superior capabilities of compassion and empathy gifts I feel men are mostly devoid of to take this issue into consideration. As HUMANE beings we need to go forward with our true purpose on this Earth and that is to be its custodians not its abusers. This would be a step toward that goal. Please ban mulesing we are smart enough to figure out ways so not to hurt our fellow friends on this planet.

  • Candice Johnson says:

    This has to endits sickening what they do to those poor animals….I will never buy merino wool!Ever!!

  • beth robbins says:

    I consider myself reasonably intelligent. I am just not understanding how cutting away the skin and coat around the buttock of a merino sheep keeps flys from striking! Can anyone please explain in simple understandable terms?