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PETA President’s Response to Sarah Palin’s Book

Written by PETA | November 17, 2009
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Sarah Palin

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin‘s new book is hitting bookstores this week, and the advance word is that the lady who never saw a wolf, polar bear, or moose she wouldn’t like to see ground up into burgers doesn’t have many nice things to say about vegetarians. As was pointed out by PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk in her open letter to Palin, the only surprise is that Palin’s jibes are as yawn-inducing as a rerun of The Man Show.





One has to wonder if there is an original line in Sarah Palin’s book, given her remarks in it about vegetarians. (She seems to believe that we only eat salad, but if she’s keeping an eye on the New York Times bestseller list, she will spot two vegan cookbooks in the top five with barely a salad recipe in either of them.) The long-brandished rebuttal to Ms. Palin’s filched quote “If God had not intended for us to eat animals, how come He made them out of meat?” is “I guess God also intended for humans to be cannibals then because we are also made out of ‘meat.'” And as for the amazingly glib “I love animals—right next to the mashed potatoes,” the first time I saw that slogan was a few decades before America was graced with Ms. Palin’s public presence, when it was used interchangeably with “I love spotted owls: baked or fried.”

Ms. Palin reportedly finds evolution a bit hard to swallow. Judging from her book, that applies to the evolution of ideas and attitudes as well.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • greybyrd says:

    Let’s all just DROP the Palin comments it’s discussion and even bad press that keep people on blogs and ‘in the news’ and this is what they want! She got a real chunk of cash for that book upfront and she didn’t even write the book herself! So unless you want to help her promote the darn thing… Sara who?

  • Emma says:

    Please some try to educate the idiot or put back into a cave.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I saw her on tv a while back and she said “we eat therefore we hunt”. What? I eat and everyone I know eats and I have never hunted in my life and everyone I know who eats does not hunt. This is 2009 not 1809! We do not need to hunt in order to eat. What a stupid thing for her to say!

  • christina says:

    Okay i am absolutely opposed to Pailin’s hunting methods and the very fact that she hunts. I have been a vegetarian for almost four years now and an animal lover for my entire life. But I am also Republican and I find the remarks from some of the posters here very offensive. To say that every republican is a meateating animal killing cretin is stereotypical and crass. I could easily make democratic or liberal remarks but I won’t do that here. People it IS possible to be a conservative conservationalist. SMART people have learned to ignore the two party system knowing that the only way for this country to grow and succeed is to take the best of BOTH groups. I’m also insulted that the Peta Files people would post some of these remarks like “the b is a republican” when they have absolutely no bearing on vegetarianism or animal cruelty. Every time I post i am told that my message has been submitted for review. You should be reviewing them very closely and not posting what is just hate mail. Please think before you post.

  • Donn says:

    It’s true that everyone has a right to their opinions like Sarah Palin has. At the same time everyone has a right to respond to her views some very strong and juvenile and some are a bit more ‘mature’… whatever that means. Personally I don’t get conservatives I don’t get creationists prolife folksI see them everyday just a block from where I live atmore power to you. If there’s anything positive to ever come out of this whole issue it’s the fact that people will see just how big of a fool Sarah is. There no such thing as bad publicity by the way so vegetarians win too while Sarah laughs all the way to the bank. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody! Let’s thank Sarah for proving once again that compassion rules!

  • Carla* says:

    Maxx you hit the head of the nail right smack in the middle!! Way to go!! Palin needs to go away.

  • drew says:

    To me I see an arogant ignorant form of great self pride beaming from her and others like her like Hannity and somehow the people who like these people can’t see that as a bad thing. Pride in one’s self due to species is the core problem pride over other beings to the extent of doing horrible things to them and even being amused at it. This is not caring nor humble nor reasonable. These people did not make themselves human. If anyone believes in God then how about the truth that God made all the beings and if you got made as a human rather than with the body and parameters of a cat of moose or whatever you just got the luck of the draw and have absolutely no reason to have such pride over those other beings and over their suffering at your hands. There is no way to reason with these people because they reject the very golden rule Jesus used and replace it with a very vile pride identity in the body they got. It is the same as people born in one race and having slaves of another and haughtily and bemusedly looking upon how those others are treated and behind it is the pride of “I am this and they are that” which fails in the face of reason and certainly in the face of God.

  • Kurt K says:

    Since my last post didn’t get posted I guess I will try again. I agree with Katja. Disagreeing with a person based on their point of view is healthy and good for conversation. But once you start the name calling and hatred for a person that you don’t know except from what you have learned from the media is not only shallow and narrow minded but polarizing as well. Basically what I have read on this post is nothing more than talking points from the liberal media. You say she is ignorant and not quilified yet Alaska showed prosperity over the past decade. Furthermore we as a nation elected a President who had less experience than she. When the media cover Palin they seem to focus on the irrelevant instead of the relevant. Issues like Levi Johnston and her prenant daughter have nothing to do with her politics or her ability to lead. But if you people want to vicously attack a person where all the info you know about that person is force feed to you by a biased media by my guest. Meanwhile she will continue to become more and more popular and she will laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Patrice says:

    Just because she chooses to eat meat is not a reason to condemn her I am not a fan of Palin but why are you just condemning her and not all the other meat eaters?

  • Margaret Lovick says:

    I have to admit that Sarah does not know her Bible she would find that getting to know our God woudl enlighten her to the truth about eating animals. God tells us in Daniel and Levitius as well as Genesis He has given us all we need with fruits and grain. We have seen the results of eating meat look at cancers remember how those animals are killed and wat is really a part of the ugly death that you consume if you eat meat. It is absurd that she discusses any animals with truth!


    It’s amazing how a person with selfish and chauvinist thoughts not to say STUPID like her was once a gobernor and a vice presidential candidate!! I wouldn’t trust her not even to pick up the trash!!

  • Katja Von Oktober says:

    Okay first off I am shocked that Palin would say that being that she is pro life and everything. I am veg but I just wanted to say that I dont think its nice of us vegs to bash on Palin. I mean doesent that just shove us down the steriotypical tube of vegans? Everyone thats not veg hates us because they say we are so judgemental and I dont think thats fair to some of us who try our best not to fit into that category of vegetarians and vegans. I dont like what Palin said about vegetarians but I really dont like what other vegs have said about her. The last thing this world needs is hatred. TO ALL FELLOW VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS Lets show the world what amazing kind hearted selfless people we are instead of what nonvegs say we are. Lets show people like Al Gore and Sarah Palin that the world can be a better place if they only open up their minds. Lets try to bring love not lame excusses.

  • Janet Macri says:

    Sarah Palin the republicans deserve her. Match made in heaven. 2012Obama’s a shoe in if she runs.. Americans can’t be that stupid to follow her she don’t even know where she is going.much less her poor children She is a monster animals are smarter then her and much nicer.

  • Shelly Norton says:

    Sarah only humiliates herself with her uneducated backwater comments. She to is made of meat but alas I’m sure no animal would lower itself to dine on her.

  • Shelley Reese says:

    What most don’t realize about Wasilla AK from where Sarah Palin comes forth…and Alaska in general…the population is quite small…so it doesn’t require alot of intelligence to be elected in Alaska…so far her looks is all she has going for her and I semi question that.

  • Soliel says:

    I have noticed so much vitriol for people like Palin just for being conservative. I am so not like that. I think it’s OK to be Christian to be prolife she has a right to her views and those views aren’t detrimental in themselves. They are just more traditional views. I am not threated or annoyed by this. But hearing her put downs about being veg is a disappointment. She is indeed narrow minded on the subject. Not “vile” as some would say or not “hateful” just simply ignorant and narrow I save the stronger words for individuals who are truly vile and dangerous. It’s too bad she is so close minded on this. I think I’ll write her and tell her it would be wise for her to be more open minded and to listen to the other side.

  • Leah says:

    Oh my gosh! She is such an idiot! I am a vegetarian and I barely eat any salad. I agree with Kat why can’t she just disappear???????????

  • Janet says:

    While it’s not fair at all to blame HER for her dumb daughter’s pregnancy she is…ignorant. It’s just distasteful.

  • Maria Mooney says:

    I live here in Alaska and I think Palin is a shame for the State!!!She is just a “Barby Doll” with no brain that is not even capable of taking care of her own family…I do not think her teen daughter planed her pregnancy…she should keep her mouth shout before say something about vegetarianism she is just living in her little world!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Sarah Palin is synonymous with cruelty to animals. A complete moral idiot too !

  • sharon davis says:

    its always a shame when someone uses their platform as a politician or celebrity to make stupid and ignorant statements and of course there is a market for the book ecause there are millions of stupid and ignorant people. another shame. From where i sit down here in australia barack obama is the best thing to happen to america in a long time and i hope he is never replaced by someone as thoughtless and small minded as ms palin.

  • Cathy says:

    Well what can you expect. The bh is a Republican! Enough said.

  • Mac says:

    You know I might not agree with her tactics I do get the blame game alot as to why she left the office of governor in Alaska but what I find funny is that here you are doing what she’s doing judging. Tell me WHY is it NOT OK for her to make these comments yet it’s OK for YOU to say such things? It’s time you PETA members not vegetarians there are those who choose to be because of health or just like them more than meat grow up and realize we ALL have opinions not just you.

  • Brandon Joule says:

    When she said “If God had not intended for us to eat animals how come He made them out of meat?” I couldn’t help laughing. You can buy shirts and magnets that say that because it is such a stupid thing! It is supposed to be humerous but a FORMER GOVENER AND POTENTIAL VICE PREZ took it seriously????

  • Maria Dorr says:

    SHE IS THE QUEEN of gun shootting animals from the airplanes$$$ Remember the paid for each wolf dead Before she had a presidential ticket we know her a lot!!!!! we were trying to stop her from the Alaskan Wolves massacre gun shootting from the airplanes still now we are. What do you expect from this type of medieval or cavern woman

  • Ava says:

    Its really funny actually because she said one of the reasons to eat animalos is cos their made out of meat…isn’t everything feeling and sentient? isn’t she herself?. An incredibly stupid and ignorant woman shes in my prayers what a loser.

  • Tadeo Kosma M. says:

    People like Sarah Palin is virus to the planet … retrograde disease dangerous and very sad.

  • hayley says:

    Dont consider her comments or views credible. Her comments about animal hunting while Governor were bad enough but she thankfully is not now. Do I care what she thinks? No. Not a serious candidate in politics in fact. a joke You betcha!

  • Sheena says:

    HAH! I don’t even know why Ingrid Newkirk bothered with this one. Palin is SUCH a joke. She doesn’t need anyone’s help to make her look like an uneducated ignorant fool. She does one heckuva job by herself.

  • Kat says:

    sarah palin GIANT LOSER! Can she just disappear from the earth in some way or another?

  • Robert Langham says:

    She seems OK to me. Certainly has the life experience that many contemporary politicians lack.

  • Miro says:

    The statement is just one of a not well educated person which is quite common nowadays. When one writes a book they should at least do some research on topics they’re not well informed on.

  • Gabby says:

    I really do not understand how a woman who is so prolife to a point where she doesn’t believe rape and incest victims should be allowed abortions that she would have the nerve to say these things and take away the lives of other sentient creatures. That has to be the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen.

  • Sarah says:

    Let’s not forget how much of a religious FREAK she is as well! Oh but wait didn’t her daughter have premaritial sex and have a baby?? Isn’t that a sin!? Oh wait it’s Sarah Palin. God will forgive her. Let’s hope all of the innocent animals will eventually forgive her too. Or not.

  • Maxx says:

    “If God had not intended for us to eat animals how come He made them out of meat?” If you believe in god a better statement is If god had intended for us to eat animals he wouldn’t have given them the capacity to feel pain or suffer.

  • Judith says:

    Poor Sarah Palin just keeps getting picked on. She must be tired too from reading every newspaper a claim she made during the weeks leading up to the election. She is clearly not the smartest weather girl to make it out of Alaska. So maybe we should give her a break. Let’s not all go confusing her with science and facts. So let’s see what the Bible says about all this 1. Humans are the gardeners and the protectors of the Earth. 2. Don’t eat animals with cloven hooves. 3. Christians do not have the right to judge others…only God does. 4. No sex before marriage…including her teenage daughter. By the way how about the way that Sarah Palin paraded Bristol around and acted like it was okay? I am sure she would have had some nasty things to say if it had been anyone else in the campaign. Sarah Palin is an ignorant devious selfserving woman who should run into the nearest cave and beg her family for forgiveness after exposing them to the shame of having everyone learn what an a she is. She is so stupid and power hungry. How can anyone take her serious? A foot note If anyone finds Todd Palin’s manhood laying around I am she he has been missing it for a while.

  • Cindy Eldredge says:

    She calls herself part of an average American family. She is not. People ate animals when there was nothing else to eat. I am not a vegatarian but try to stay away from most meats. We are losing species so quickly people do not seem to get it. If we lose species beside losing them man will disappear. Every time a species is eliminated nature is skewed. Shooting innocent wolves from the air is not sports like to begin with. Palin does not represent me or most of my friends.

  • Charles Coburn says:

    Crass. Tasteless. Insensitive. Childish. Rude. Typical of Sarah “The Moosiah” Palin. May she fall out of her helicopter and be subject to a “fair fight” with the wolves she slaughters.

  • Crystal says:

    She is an Idiot.

  • Iskra Daniela says:

    She is so stupid and nonsense I can not believe she wanted to be a vice president. Go veggies Good vibes!

  • Jade S. says:

    Ugh I hate that woman. I am so glad she didn’t become our vice president. I’m hoping that she doesn’t become our president in 2012 though. People think Barack is bad but Sarah is even worse than Barack. So before you start bashing Barack and rooting for Palin… do some research. Just saying… for people who like Palin and hate Obama

  • Rebekah says:

    The only people who take her seriously are the ones who are as dumb as she is. Also in the bible there are restrictions on the types of meat that are acceptable to eat. Since she would likely claim the bible to be her favorite book it would make sense that she wouldn’t eat things like oh pork or shellfish right? Of course it isn’t likely this is the case. Not to mention she loves moneywhich is just one more thing about her that conflicts with her supposed religious beliefs.

  • Celeste Pike says:

    Thanks Sarah for being you and for your new book. It is clear to me now why you did not help or hurt McCain during the presidential elections. You really just can’t pass for smart. P.S. great comment on vegetarians again it is clear you lack knowledge in just about every subject. Good luck in life and at the rate you are going I wonder how much longer you can just get by in life…

  • Allison says:

    What a moron! Although I almost feel sorry for the woman being stuck in that single minded thought box of hers. Oh and if she is going to make “jabs” at people who have compassion for animals could she at least come up with something a little more original? I mean that was about as pathetic as those bumber stickers that say ” I love cats they taste like chicken”!

  • Lulu says:

    Two years ago I never would have imagined a politician who could rile me up as much as Bush did. Then along came Sarah. She is truly vile.

  • C.wallace says:

    Even us Brits cant stand her and we dont even know who she is.

  • emma says:

    oh my god!! what a narrow minded idiot!!. “i’m alright jack sod the rest of them” what a cracking attitude…………fool.

  • pam says:

    she was a major mistake waiting to happen

  • Christina says:

    While I find her comments rude it’s hard for me to feel insulted by Palin. She’s such a lowlife scumbag loser I can’t really feel offended by her. I’ll keep eating my “salads” and when she dies from a cholestrol problem she can take that attitude to her grave

  • Aneliese says:

    Good letter. Sarah Palin is probably one of the most indecent and heartless people in the world and has no idea of it.