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PETA Poll: Rename SeaWorld’s Baby Whale

Written by PETA | January 7, 2011

Officials at SeeJailed—oops, I mean SeaWorld—have announced the results of their Facebook poll asking what the marine abusement park should name its newest inmate, a baby killer whale. The winning name is Makaio, from Hawaiian words meaning “gift of God.”

Since PETA’s quick survey reveals that five out of five gods do not approve of imprisoning animals or forcing them to do often dangerous tricks, let’s have a redo: Cast your vote in our poll below to help select a more appropriate name for the baby orca:

What should be the name for SeaWorld’s new baby killer whale?online surveys

Cast your vote now! Then take action on SeaWorld!

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  • Jamie says:

    @clintblackx You should really lay off Toby. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian so I do believe in God. But, you have to remember not everyone does and they are entitled to their opinion. Plus, he doesn’t have to be a Christian because the Bible says that people from other religions will go to heaven too.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Clintblackx. Sadly, SeaWorld’s abuse to orcas is far more grave than keeping them in captivity. To learn more about SeaWorld’s cruelty, please visit:

  • clintblackx says:

    So you guys are claiming abuse based on the fact that they are in captivity? Help me to understand this because you appear to have no argument and are ignoring my question.

  • clintblackx says:

    eddy, I was just pointing out the fallacies. in what people were saying about Christianity. Aside from that, I have no problem with Sea World. Are they abusing the animals?

  • elena says:

    y would they abuse the poor whale, his name

  • eddy says:

    for all those who are bickering about `faith`….it doesn´t matter what or who you believe in….this gorgeous, precious, little creature is born in captivity…it doesn´t get any worse then that. So put your petty differences about `who is the best God` aside and fight for this life that may be imprissonned for life…….. And, oh yes….btw….I am atheist….but do care PASSIONATELY about life……..

  • clintblackx says:

    fish zen, where does the Bible say that?

  • clintblackx says:

    By the way, Toby, God IS real.  Maybe you should try expanding your horizons and go to a Christian church (I recommend a Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Westlyan, or Reformed).  Ask questions of the pastor and the staff people.  Read and study the Bible.  Once you do that, THEN make your statements.

  • clintblackx says:

    Toby, why don’t you do research before you post such nonsense about something that you don’t understand. Here is what I see wrong with your post: 1. Jesus did not kill the swine. They were killed by demons. Since animals (unlike humans) have no souls and Jesus was God (who created man to rule over all living things), this was perfectly acceptable. 2. In regards to Yahweh recommending slitting throats, you need to get a few things straight: a. This was man’s way of gaining forgiveness of past sins (all of which changed once Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice for all sins). b. In regards to the slitting of throats, that was not God’s commandment. It was an old law that was in place by the government at that time. You need to study Hermeneutics and learn how to read the Bible properly. There have been many changes to the cultures of the world since the books of the Bible were written. By the way, I am a Christian. I will not speak for other religions that I am not a part of.

  • fish zen says:

    the bible always says that a wise man provides for the needs of his animals.

  • Elizabeth-O says:

    That poor baby. She/he should definitely be named: Mi’go’naio (Hawaiian for “get me the hell out of here”)

  • Matt says:

    Jesus never killed pigs, demons killed the pigs. Jesus just let them go into the pigs and frankly, I sure don’t blame the pigs.

    Animal sacrifice was for humans sakes, not to appease a cruel Yahweh’s blood-lust.

  • Hannes says:

    Rename it Mickey. Or Raymond. Or Everyone-obsess-over-naming-a-whale III.

  • Toby says:

    Actually, most mythologies describe gods as being very disrespectful towards non-human animals… I mean, no god is real, but according to the holy books non-human animals deserve little. Remember how Jesus killed those pigs? How Yahweh recommends treating individuals as sacrements (including humans)? How the Jewish form of Yahweh recommends slitting throats? How Allah recommends the same? I’m less familiar with non-Abrahamic religions, but sacrificial murder is very godly regarding the history of religion. ANYWAY, abusement park indeed. Orcas are conscious like, what, I don’t know, five year old humans?