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PETA Pals in Peru

Written by PETA | August 15, 2008

When some people go on vacation, they send postcards of landmark buildings or landscapes with the message “Having a great time! Wish you were here!” Longtime PETA booster Maru Vigo, however, sends postcards of animals—like silly-looking llamas—with a different message: “Having a great time—saving the animals!”

When Maru goes to Peru, she doesn’t just get off the plane, see the sights, and hop back on. Instead, she takes the time to organize volunteers, who go out onto the streets to promote spaying and neutering in Lima and throughout the country. Check out Maru’s great team of volunteers in their PETA T-shirts:


Volunteers in Peru


Maru is a great example of a committed activist who makes a difference for animals no matter where she goes. We all look out for stray dogs and cats in our hometowns, so why not in another city or country—or continent? The next time you’re on vacation, pay attention to the skinny mama dog outside the hotel or the sad cat foraging at the ruins—you could help save their lives. Wouldn’t that make for a much better vacation story than the time you got sunburned at the theme park?

To see how PETA has helped dogs and cats around the world and to learn how you can help, too, check out

Written by Amanda Schinke

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