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PETA Offers a Plan to Remodel ‘Tiny Zoo’

Written by PETA | September 14, 2011

PETA loves gaming as much as anyone, but Tiny Zoo, which glorifies keeping animals in cages, doesn’t make us LOL. Although no actual animals in Tiny Zoo suffer as a result of being bought, bred, and sold, some players may get the idea that captivity is cool, and that’s far from reality

We’ve suggested a better version: Big Sanctuary, in which players would become heroes by rescuing animals from bad situations, relocating them to a sanctuary, and overseeing their rehabilitation.

PETA has already scored for pit bulls in the popular Mafia Wars Facebook game, and we schooled Cooking Mama on the wonders of vegan cooking and Super Meat Boy on why tofu always wins out.

Please e-mail the makers of Tiny Zoo and tell them that Big Sanctuary is one game that you’d be eager to score.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Dazz says:

    You are joking me? It’s a game not a real zoo.

  • zarry says:

    If you’re going to pick nits, you might notice that the fences in TinyZoo are minuscule compared to the scale of the animals. Just about any of the animals available could step over in a heartbeat and have the whole space to themselves, perhaps even wreak havoc on the hapless visitors – it just takes an ounce of imagination. Then again, it is just a iphone game. I s’pose Angry Birds is alright to play though, or does that advocate putting birds into slingshots and killing pigs?

  • billy williams says:

    that would be a way better game,bot fun wise & animal wise.

  • Sasha Grey says:


  • Erin says:

    Zoos are nothing but prisons for animals. Please consider making the next version “Big Sanctuary.” I think your players would really love this opportunity, and it would garner a lot of positive press to further popularize your company, its games, and image. Thanks for thinking it through!