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PETA Offers to Help KFC With Rat Problem?

Written by PETA | February 26, 2007

Rats in KFC.jpgProving once again that the folks in our Factory-Farming Campaigns Department are just brimming with so much compassion it could make you sick, they’ve just extended an offer to help our archenemy, KFC, deal with its apparent rodent problem. After video footage of a KFC in Greenwich Village that was overrun by rats on Friday went just about everywhere on the Internet, PETA sent a letter to the eatery’s owner, offering to help him implement a humane rodent-control program at his restaurant. Here’s what PETA VP Bruce Friedrich had to say about the incident:

“This store’s lethal attempt to deal with rodents has failed miserably. Although KFC refuses to work with us toward minimizing the suffering of the hundreds of millions of birds killed for its restaurants every year, we hope that this store owner will work with us on a safe, effective, and humane solution to the rat infestation.”

Honestly, all this turning the other cheek and being nice to our enemies has me reeling. I’d go over to the other side of the office right now and congratulate our Factory-Farming Campaigns Department, but I’m worried that I’d be bowled over by all the excess compassion floating around. Here’s PETA’s letter to the store.

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  • Ola JohanzdÃ¥oth says:

    Please help the poor little ratsand give them homes for rats. Rats are homeless!! I love rats very muchAll rats I love!

  • Elizabeth Robbins says:

    Seriously have you ever noticed how cute rats really are? I have them in my barn. They are well fed and cared for just as all my critters are. The timing of this infestation is sooo perfect! The rats in KFC are smarter than those knuckle heads. They will NEVER be able to completely eliminate them as hard as they may try. Patrons will stop eating there and they will have to close and good luck trying to sell the place. It’s perfect!!!!

  • Phyllis says:

    I think Matt’s letter is right on target and the compassion he offers on behalf of PETA and it’s members is for the rats not for KFC. I don’t see this as turning the other cheek but as a continuation of PETA’s empathy for all animals. I love that about PETA and hope it never changes. If talking nicely will save lives why not?