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PETA Offers Aretha $19K to Ditch the Fur

Written by PETA | March 26, 2008

After TMZ posted documents last week showing that Aretha Franklin is facing foreclosure, the story has been reported everywhere. Well, despite the fact that we’ve had the occasional run-in with the Queen of Soul, we’re willing to bury the hatchet and even help her out of her recent financial troubles by paying her $19,000 … provided that she agrees to stop wearing fur and donate her unwanted furs to PETA as Mariah Carey and Kim Cattrall have done.

You can read PETA’s letter to Aretha below, and, as always, those lightning-quick reporters over at TMZ are first on the scene with the full story.


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  • Kristen Staggs says:

    You know what’s funny she is not going to be able to afford to wear fur now anyway she will most likely have to sell her furs if she is in dire straights. Not only that she is an older celebrity. I would focus on the rap stars and the moviemusic stars that have a major influence over the up and coming generations. This is where we need to be focusing. I understand the publicity that this “could” bring IF she decides to go public with this generous offfer. But there is a real posibility that she will be too embarrassed. There are soooo many other things that we could have done with the money. But don’t worry everyone someday I will be working at PETA in their marketing and PR departments so I will help them stop the foolish spending of our donations.

  • Susannah says:

    Aretha has brought many people joy with her music and I’m glad PETA is offering to help her out but PETA I hope you’re sending along a few videos with the check and encouraging her to be a spokeswoman for animals now. Maybe she’ll be more disposed to helping animals out because PETA helped her out?

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I just have to ask what publicity campaign would come out of this? From what I can see it might end up as a blip on Entertainment Tonght but it’s not as though Aretha had to agree to do a PSA or anything. People already know who PETA is. And you’d have to be living in a cave to not know about the fur issue. The real challenge would be giving furwearers a reason to stop. Bribing Aretha does not sound like much motivation for other folks to stop unless they think PETA is going to pay all of them too.

  • Kelley says:

    Craig you forgot the dry white toast!

  • Judi says:

    Guys I agree that it’s a waste giving Aretha Franklin the money but I think we’ve got to realise that PETA is a publicity campaign that they work more on getting the message out to the public rather than making animal shelters.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Kelly I totally agree! LOL. She’d probably just spend it on factory farmed meat and leather shoes anyway.

  • EllaC says:

    and what per se.. AF tentatively accepts the $$$ and after a lot of ‘hoohah..’ then simply can’t bear the temptation to drape her form agian with ‘secretly held and kept’ dead skins and furs and lord forbids.. even momentarily forgets when she’s got them on she’s out in public.. what doeswould PeTA do then? sue???? it has to be a GENUINE heartfelt ACT of the perosn’s choice.. out of kindness.. sympathy and compassion.. anything is just literally AFranklin in ‘sheep’s clothing’ pretending to be somehting she’s evidently not!.. and still has a stoney unsypathetic and uncompassionate soul.. it will be shortlived publicity ..that is all.. but..we shall see..

  • HannaBanana says:

    It annoys the crap outta me when people tell us animalfriendly types that we don’t care about people…..Uhhh….ok….if I didn’t care I wouldn’t urge my entire family and all my friends to move to a Vegan diet….seriously…since when is compassion limited? I didn’t realize that just because I loved animals that that means I don’t love humans?…ok. Great comeback Aretha. I loved your music…now it just annoys me because I’m reminded of how ignorant you just sounded.

  • VonGiese80 says:

    I love Aretha…but it broke my heart and my music collection when I read of her furwearing…ARGH. I’m curious to see if she accepts the offer…

  • Coleen says:

    I think Ms. Newkirk is right on the mark. After the negative comments Aretha threw back at Petasomething about not caring about people it’s pretty well a given that she won’t accept the money. Great publicity and a nice gesture to boot.

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks Jack for giving us the rationale behind this gesture from PeTA. I’ve learned from experience that PeTA tactics that seemed to me wrongheaded have had dramatic positive results.

  • cheryl bertram says:

    iam also alittle surprised with the offer of money. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER IS CALLED KARMA LET IT GO

  • pam says:

    I don’t think that PETA should “bail” her out. Maybe point out that her money woes come from “torture” money she has spent over the years and that she could auction off the furs for animal charities. I doubt that she would go for that. Fur wearers are cruel selfish people. I think PETA should use that money for something else..maybe this could be a publicity ploy to bring attention to Aretha and her cruel ways.Let it be a message to other furwearing loserscelebrities. Real fur is NOT attractive!

  • Margarita says:

    I don’t agree either with Peta wanting to help this woman with her troubles. I think she should do it out of her own conscience.

  • Kelly says:

    I’m certain that Aretha could do a show or two at the nearest casino and make the money she needs. She most likely already has it stashed somewhere. This is ridiculous. This money could go directly to the animals not that pig Aretha! We all know what kind of person she is just by the fact that she wears fur in the first place. If she takes this money from Peta she is really a heartless $$. Get a job Aretha and stop whining!!

  • Bill says:

    aretha franlkin is not worth that much. Hell give ME the 19k I’ll start buying furs and then stop.

  • Nia says:

    I believe its her business to wear what she wants and she will suffer the consequences later…There are MANY things that can be done with that money like feeding children or AIDS or paying for someones home who is foreclosing and help them…get a life

  • Skylar says:

    Even if she had to be bribed does it really matter? She may stop wearing the fur and get to keep her house. Like the letter says everyone wins. I dont think anyone should down this letter.

  • Holly says:

    I see the word getting out in the news We have all heard that fur is murder httpwww.prinside.competaoffersarethar505369.htm please give animals the RESPECT that they deserve by giving up fur.” httpwww.allheadlinenews.comarticles7010458018 Its all over the news and it is bring the attention to the suffering of animals. Way to go Peta

  • KalgaryKaren says:

    Okay before everyone gets bent out of shape over this deal let’s just stop and think about this for a minute. Yes there’s the letter and the offer all over the ‘net. So perhaps it’s more about embarrassing Ms. Franklin than it is about actually giving her money. Here’s a former superstar still wearing fur who is now so poor that she needs an AR org to bail her out. I think there’s a bigger message here in Peta’s offer. Don’t judge them too quickly.

  • LC says:

    if God forbid AF accepts this grt huge wad of amt for frankly ‘doing nothing’ but just to make sure that she’s not seen in public wearing her furs.. and no ‘grt publicity ensues’.. ie. I take it the point is that people will be PUT OFF buying fur.. educated into why and reasons NOT to buy fur.. beucaes if there is not much publicity generated..and well. it all goes ‘belly flop’.. after a few newpapaper columsn.. something tells me.. a lot PeTA members will be thikning twice if not THRICE about donating to PeTA further if this is how wasteful they make use of the funds kindly generated to them.. for a selfish. hasbeen FUR wearing woman.. me.. something doesn’t seem v. palable about this whole affairstunt.. something.. ‘immoral’ about it.. not right.. ie. going to the WRONG PERSON? or wrong ‘thing’..?

  • Craig says:

    If Peta gives this celeb $19000 for taxes they will not get another dollar from me. It should be going to help animals not a short lived publicity stunt.

  • Yunef says:

    re.Jacks’commetn.. the publicity.. ‘well worth the 19K’.. I say it’s publicity well worth not having.. it will be AWFUL.. “AF accepts 19K Bribery money to ditch fur”.. ps. seh still think it’s okay for the animals to suffer a whole lifetime for their skins and fur.. and face even more horrendous death but the money was too irresistable for her own SELFISH needs.. in anycase.. she would have been homeless.. so she had no choice.. sounds terrible !! to me! PeTA has definitely lost track on this one.. or lost the plot.. think of all those homeless animals you could housefeed.. frankly I think taht kind of moeny spent on huge advertising eg.on the Metro on billboards etc.educating people about the horrors of the fur trade would be FARRRR more beneficial and worthwhile.. and yess.. duhhhh! there are still a lot of people in hte dark about the cruel background and suffeirng that goes on in the fur trade .. 19K to that selfish and heartless woman .. you may as well through that money into the ocean.. wasteful and misallocation of PeTA funds .. madness..!

  • Jack says:

    It’s a good point Dean Wean but to continue my analogy with a traditional advertising campaign The goal of for instance a Chevy ad is to reach as wide an audience as possible with a brief memorable positive message about Chevy. Chevy also hopes that some people in the audience will be interested enough to visit Chevy’s websites or stop by their dealership. Similarly a big media story about Aretha Franklin being taken to task for wearing fur will plant a simple impression in each readers’ mind that fur is an ethical issue and that fur wearers are being singled out for being unethical. A smaller percentage of those readers will be encouraged to look more deeply into what it’s all about watch the videos of fur footage read the information on sites like and tell their friends about what they’ve learned. Jack

  • Dean Ween says:

    Sadly the news stories I’ve seen on this letter have yet to incorporate any significant part of its information on how animals live and die before ending up a coat. The basic story in the media is far more about PETA and Franklin than it is about the animals. And that’s a shamethe stunt should be a vehicle by which the media covers the animals’ plight not the story itself right?

  • Barbara says:

    It’s just so predictable a certain type of person who feels the need to oppress the most oppressed. I’m bored with it all. People need to move on stop taking alleged historical grievances out upon innocent animals. Really it just makes people like Franklin et al appear exceptionally ignorant and cruel. Seems like all IGNORANT SLAGS ooh sorry misogynisticsp NOT and yes I’m a woman who hate animals wear fur. Oh and they’re usually of course there are exceptions oft. drug addicts FAT slobs as well all that chicken beef etc.

  • Holly says:

    I partied with Aretha back in 1967 in Ocean City Md. She loves to eat fried chicken dripping with grease. When she sang “Respect” she said never thought about what the words met she sang it cus the song was offered to her and it sold and people liked it. I think that says a lot about who she really is sort of mindless with a wonderful voice.

  • Holly says:

    I think Jack is right. Either way take the money or not its going to make the news and PETA makes the point.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Imagine the headlines if she was to take the offer. There goes her pride her status… She’s never going to accept it and Peta is aware of that. This is just a way to bring her hideous fur wearing to her face.

  • Jack says:

    It’s worth keeping in mind that if Aretha accepts this offer the resulting national publicity the multiple media stories that will discuss the fur issue and the example that it will set for other furwearing celebrities and their fans will be well worth $19K which is a fraction of the amount that a big company would pay for an ad campaign targeted at a smaller audience. And if she doesn’t accept the offer she still gets the message loud and clear. Jack

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    Please stop being tiresome people. She isn’t going to accept the money and the fur issue will get lots of free publicity. Try using your brains every now and then before you start throwing stones at PETA.

  • Woah. says:

    I don’t wear fur ever and no one’s every given me $19k for it.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    On the surface it may seem that $19000 is TOO much but PETA knows fully well how far name recognition goes in helping animals with a population that is very selfish and indifferent. I think it is worth the money.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This woman deserves to be homeless. She allows this torture to go on and doesn’t care about the pain and suffering of others as long as she thinks she looks good. I say let her starve on the streets and use the $19000 to help those who deserve it. Anyone who buys sells or wears fur is heartless and there is no way around that.

  • Karen says:

    That is the dumbest thing I have heard in awhile.I will be really disappointed if Peta wastes so much money on on that woman.What were you all thinking?

  • Ana says:

    There are campaigns animals suffering and shelters both for domestic and freeliving animals that could use the money. Franklin does need a change of mind about the cruelty of fur. Bribery is not ethical.

  • karla says:

    that woman has enough money and now that it has come down to her being paid to not wear fur is sick! if she had a heart in that large bady of hers maybe shed care enough not to wear it instead now she is going to make 19000 out of it. She makes me sick!

  • DeadTomato says:

    I’m sorry but that is ridiculous. What about every other person that wears fur? Are you going to pay them too? That money could have gone to actively saving animals rather than preventing something that has already been done.

  • Elyse says:

    I get that the money could go to other things but you have to realize PETA isn’t heartless you guys. They are helping someone who is obviously in need of some financial assistance. If she takes the offer I think it would be a good thing to grow from for both parties involved.

  • lynda downie says:

    I have to agree with the other posters. I’d rather that money not be given to Aretha. I’m not sure how animals will benefit from it in the long run.

  • Russell says:

    Maya can you get the fck off our website thanks

  • ray smith says:

    i use to buy every album aretha franklin put out .but i wouldnt put a dime in anything she had to sell.put her on the street at least she gets to keep her life and the animals she is wearing on her fat a didnt ray smith

  • Beth says:

    I’m pretty certain this is not what people had in mind for every dollar or cent they kindly donated to PETA.. to help animals but in this case.. the possibility to be used to pay back tax of some ‘celebrity who just happens to have a nasty habit of wearing real animal fur.. it’s stunts like this that gives PeTA a bad name.. her financial woes.. those are her problems.. why pity and bribe this woman when she was so pitiless to all the animals killed for her to wear and consistently parade their dead pelts?? and I’ll bet she has never donated even as much as a dime to ANY animal charity..

  • YF says:

    I’m surprised at Peta. I really am.. so she accepts the offer.. I mean the money.. then tries to ‘wean’ herself off her horrible habit of draping herself in dead animals skins and furs.. but it won’t be a genuine act something that she would have done out of her own accord out of compassion for the poor animals.. but merely out of financial greed.. it would be a most INSINCERE act .. well we shall see.. ps.. bribery is not the way to go about thing and AFrnaklin the avid fur wearer of all people!.. I’d rather bribe someone else far more worthy than her!

  • maeghan says:

    I have to say I’m not very impressed with this offer. That 19000 can be spent on wayyyyy better things. if shes in foreclosure she wont be able to afford any more fur coats. can’t you buy a piece of land to make a retirement home for circus animals etc. I dont think aretha has an impact on a lot of people.

  • Craig says:

    Not only that but she needs to be reminded that the Jake Blues diet of “four whole fried chickens and a Coke” are certainly NOT doing her figure any good.

  • Andrew says:

    I don’t think PETA should be gloating that around They could be spending that money to HELP animals on fur farms not bribing an outdated singer out of foreclosure.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Sigh. There are so many other better things that could be done with this money.

  • Pamela Oates says:

    She should jump on this deal. Peta is being extremely generous.

  • gemmaC says:

    she shoudl have stopped her fur obsession out of the compassion ofher own heart and through her conscience.. not out of being ‘bribed’or financially assisted out to do so.. she has proved herself to be selfish selfcentered heartless and compassionless.. me..I woulnd’t help out with a singel dime!!! shame on Peta.. that money should have gone to shelters for all those homeless animals feed etc. rather that on this so selfish selfobsessed selfabsorbed only cares about herself and nothing else a horrid specimen of a woman..