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Should PETA Neuter You?

Written by PETA | March 30, 2011

Are you the kind of guy who does everything with his dog? Are you a team player? If you’re considering getting your cat or dog “snipped” and have thought about getting “fixed” yourself, PETA wants to reward you for helping to end human and animal overpopulation by picking up the tab for your vasectomy. We give out thousands of spay and neuter surgeries every year, but never before like this! Visit our “Win a Vasectomy From PETA” page to see how to get your free “snip” in a snap.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • laura says:

    I have always said I would do to a animal only if I would have it done to me. I’m fixed and love it, and I have fix lots of animals it is the right thing to do.

  • Mel says:

    This is the funniest, best thing I have heard in a long time! Keep up the great ideas and I agree that it should be opened up to women!!! Maybe we could get a mobile spay/neuter clinic for people!!!

  • eddie says:

    yessss alllll the irresponsible humasssss, they pop more human creatures they cannot afford they endup using the system bringing up more poverty, overcrowed schools, and then they all cry and protest and blame the goberment for not having enough schools for their kids not enough police to watch their kids,,this so insane,,,no jobs,,and the with doggies,humans are so irresponsible when it comes with doggies, please be more responsible humans god gave us brains to take care of our selves and this planet t00.

  • Running Elk says:

    PETA usually really gets under my skin for many reasons. However…this is the best contest I have seen in a long time. Humans are overpopulated, and if you want a kid, you can always adopt a kid who needs a home instead of having yet another. I know that idea frightens people (You might end up with a kid that has…*le gasp*…different colored skin? Grow up, people.) It’s the right choice…a kid you adopt is just as special as your own “flesh and blood”. PETA, why only a vasectomy? What about sterilization for women? I’d totally enter to win that, even if it is a PETA event. C’mon, don’t be sexist, share the love.

  • Foglifter says:

    There is nothing appalling about overpopulation. Why do families in the developed world need 8 kids like Kate Gosselin and that dead beat ex of hers? See how your grand kids feel when there isn’t enough clean water for everyone to drink because we have overpopulated the planet, and destroyed the resources and habitat of third world countries. Human greed is the root of the cause, but overpopulation is its result.

  • Andy says:

    That is absolutely appalling! Human overpopulation is a myth to begin with. God made the world and told us to go forth and multiply. I have not been able to find anything in the Bible that would indicate God wants us to stop. The world is able to support the people God puts in it.

  • Matt says:

    Human overpopulation is not the issue, human greed is. 50% of our resources belong to what, 2% of the people on earth.