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PETA on MySpace

Written by PETA | October 29, 2007

Ah, MySpace. It can be so tacky, so infuriating, so unutterably ugly. But there’s no denying that it’s also completely addictive. And the good news is that it’s turned out to be a really powerful tool for activism—helping to encourage a sense of community among activists, and keeping people up to date on breaking news and campaigns. Which is why we’re very excited to announce the launch of the official PETA MySpace page. (Yeah, I know—those trendsetting hipsters over at peta2 have had their MySpace page since it was in Beta. We just took our time with this one.)

So for my fellow MySpace junkies out there, you don’t have to admit that you sometimes spend your Friday nights sending out bulletins about, like, what you ate for dinner, but please do take a moment to check out PETA’s MySpace page, and maybe even add us as your friend. Kthxbye.


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  • carriss says:

    Ok so I have admit I do like meat and I still eat it if that’s what they really put in those whoppers at burger king. Anyway I used to be all about leather this and leather that until I watched a PeTA vido and omg I will never wear it again. I do have some things that are leather but I do try very hard to avoid it. The meat thing I’m not so great at when I get hungry I want meat. I usually only gravitate toward chicken or turkey though I’m not big on beef. So I am making an effort and anything is better than nothing. I believe people should be able to eat meat and wear fur but perhaps we can find a more humane way of getting it.

  • Cat says:

    Hi Darling Huge Fan! Wishing You Continued Success Happiness! Sending You Blessings Cat

  • "Mr. Drake egg" says:

    PETA has inspired me with new ideas for video games since I’m kind of a video game fanatic. I’m already working on a bottomscroller game a game that has the camera looking down from the top for PETA.

  • peta lee says:

    omg my name is peta two hehe how old are u i am 16 hehe kk well bi

  • Gary says:

    Animals dont have rites they never have and they never will so why do people keep trying to give them to them thats seems kinda absurd to try to do such a thing. i love animals myself but i really dont care how kfc kills there chickens they all end up dead anyways and they sure are good when they get fried. so personaly i think they need to mind there own buisness and leave kfc alone and any other buisness they are trying to destroy.

  • Caboose says:

    AR is irrelevant. Rights that equal ours in the shithole U.S anyway

  • Caboose says:

    KFS? Is it KFC

  • Nichole says:

    I love u guys!! Keep up w the good work spreading animal rights!!! PETA ROCKS!!!

  • courtney says:

    add mine http://www.myspace.comrawrrrpanda im vegan. kfs is shit. and my favourite animal is a cat.

  • Caboose says:

    I hate Myspace. Digg is better.

  • Katherine says:

    U Rock guys! Thnx 4 all u do.3

  • liliana says:

    It’s nice! I want everybody knows what PETA is doing for the animals’s sake. Thank you PETA